Strange is my middle name. But that's okay. Maybe it's for the best. Because as far as I'm aware, being strange has helped me survive. Welcome to the world of the dead, who roam the blood painted streets. Those freaks have taken from me. Taken everything. And they have tried to take me. I don't think so.


4. Patrick

I stretched, sitting up. I rubbed my eyes and my legs lifted me. I ran my fingers through my hair and slipped on my boots. My holster was on the floor. I strapped it around my waist, placing my gun inside. My two  huskeys whimper and I pet their head. I take a bag of dog food from my bag and dump some on the floor, distracting them. I close the door behind me,

 Crept from my cell to the door. "Where do you think you're going? " a voice echoed from behind me. It was Patrick. He had a box of legos by his feet. I chuckle, remembering my short childhood. 

"Out." I respind, motioning towards the window. Very little light made its way to Earth. It must be early. Patrick gave a puzzling look. "I need to get out. I'll be back.  Trust me, it's not like any of your group will miss me." I say, placing my hand on my hip. 

"Well... the- then I'm going with you." He said, firmly but stuttering.  He held out his chest a bit. I roll my eyes. 

"Fine,  but you are following MY rules. Ya got it?" I ask, poking his chest with my glove covered finger. He nods and heads to his cell. After a few minutes, he returns with a pistol and a knife. "You do know how to use those,  right?" I ask. He runs his hand across the back of his neck. I roll my eyes. "God, it's like I'm babysitting 24/7 no matter where I go." My voice mumbles turning away from him. We begin walking and reach the fence.  I scan the area trying to find a way to close it ourselves.  Nothing. I rush to the watch tower, and Patrick follows, asking questions as I try to shut him up. "We'll get caught! Shut up, you shuck face!" I say just above a whisper. 

"Maybe that won't be such a bad thing" he retorts as a glance at him with a death stare. We reach the top and I slide under the bar, dropping onto the ground outside of the fence. I was already running by the time my feet hit the ground. Patrick hesitates. I groan. He heads back for the stairs as Walkers begin to surround me. I stab the closest and dodge the rest. 

I wait at the edge of the woods but Patrick never came. So I continue walking. I don't need him anyways. I silently mosey through the trees. My fingers sometimes finding their way to the bark, playing with the groves and feeling the soft moss. There were so many trees, it was hard to see the sky.  I heard noises, like birds, and wind for a while. And a frog sometimes.   

Then footsteps. I kept walking, pretending to ignore it. My hand resting on the handle of my knife. I knew they were close, getting closer. I closed my eyes and stopped, breathing in. Then out. In a quick motion I pulled my knife out, turning and slinging it towards the sound. I opened my eyes.  There stood a large man. "Dammit. Not again." I say pulling out my gun and a knife. I had hit the cheek of the man, skinning it. He growled,  stepping closer. I chucked my knife and he leaned to the side. The knife kept going... and hit him. Hit Patrick. My eyes opened wide. The man shoved me to the ground. I brought my foot to his groin and backed away on my elbows, and standing up. I began to feel anger. I feel like I owe Patrick this. He and his group took my group in. And now I need to keep both groups alive. I swallowed and howled. It rang through the air. The birds flew away. The man rushed my way without hesitation, driving a knife into my side. I gripped his arm, pinching and clawing at the skin. Blood steadily grew into a trail down his arm. He pulled the knife out and I hit his forehead with my head. He stumbled back. I dive to Patrick. I look him in his fear filled eyes. "I'm sorry." I whisper, pulling it from his skin. 

Without looking the , man's way I slung the knife behind me. I peered over my shoulder. It hit him right between the eyes.  I pull the knife from his skull and grab my gun and the knife the man stabbed me with. Patrick wasn't , making noise. Instead, he was staring blankly my way as I hovered him. I placed , y fingers to his neck. I could feel a faint pulse.  He was loosing blood too quick. "This is gonna hurt like a Son of a Bitch." I said, hoisting him to his feet, grabbing my side. The wound was in his chest, cutting close to the heart, but I knew it didn't hit anything major. "Get on my back" I instructed. He held on loosely. He was so weak. Especially from the blood loss. I began moving, getting faster by the step. My side felt like it was melting in lava. But I owed it to Patrick,  to the group, to save him. No matter the cost. 

 I was becoming weak, dizzy, helpless. I saw the gates, but knees were shaky. I collapsed, trying to stop Patrick from falling. He crawled a bit, but fell to his side, clutching the blood soaked part of his shirt. My vision was worse than ever. I saw someone walking towards the gates. They looked my way and ran. Walkers were getting close. Too close. And then it all went black.


 My head hurt. My lips were dry and my hand was in a fist. I opened my eyes. The ceiling above me. And no one by my side. I sat up, bringing my hand to my forehead. I slung my arms to my side as I got to my slightly unstable feet. I was in my cell.  I looked out into the room and everyone was sitting, leaning up against the closest wall. I closed my curtain again. I was in my sports bra, a bandage wrapped around my waist. Where I was stabbed. I had my jeans on still. I took a deep breath. I walked out of my cell. My groups heads snapped up, looking my way with a smile. "Hey." I timidly said. They slowly stood up. "We thought you may not make it, but wanted to be here just in case." Ari said. They each honestly smiled at me. I smiled back, knowing that they trusted me. They loved me like a sibling, even thought none of them had seen my face before coming here. 

I nodded. "Thanks. But um... you can go back to whatever now. I'm fine."

Trish looked me in the eye. "So we can all go back out there? Be a group on our own again?" They look at her, then me, with the same, questioning look. And I knew they all wanted to leave. But we would be loosing shelter. A safe place. But the moment we except this place as "home", we are in a whole new situation. A whole new problem...

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