Strange is my middle name. But that's okay. Maybe it's for the best. Because as far as I'm aware, being strange has helped me survive. Welcome to the world of the dead, who roam the blood painted streets. Those freaks have taken from me. Taken everything. And they have tried to take me. I don't think so.


3. Kids

Carl's pov

I was talking with Patrick. Lizzie and Mika were near us, just listening. I heard footsteps. Corey was walking our way along with her group. Her whole group was our age. How? How did they all survive?

She stopped and they all did the same, like robots. It's freaky. She turned around ro them slowly. "You know you guys don't have to follow me, right?" She chuckled. They all simply smiled. Some of them stayed close. Some walked off. Some began to talk to Lizzie and Mika. And Corey began talking to me... ugh.

"Hey so is Rick like... the leader?" She asks. I faced her and stepped forward a little, noticing growling. Two dogs warned me with their deep voices rumbling. "Sorry, they don't do well around others." She smiles, with a hint of a smirk. I nod. 

"Yeah, he's the leader. My dad." I respond.

"Who are you?" She asks.

"Carl. Carl Grimes. I'm not much around here." I mumble.

"Just another kid huh?" She chuckles, looking at the ground, then back up to me.

"I'm not a kid! I'm just... not seen as an adult." I say frustrated. Her bright eyes reflect my own as she smirks, and something fills them. I know that look. That look of understanding. And the look of a daring fire. It's burning right through me. "You wouldn't understand." I mumble.

She raises her chin. "Oh, but I do, Carl. You were obce that helpless little kid." She laughs. I clench my teeth, and my hands become fists. "You were so innocent. And one day... you lost it. You lost it running. Hiding. KILLING. You lost the ones you loved. You lost the ecense of life." She laughs, circling me. I feel anger building up. I just met her and already hate her. "I get it. We all do. Those of us who are your age." She says seriously. Her feet travel a few feet back as her hand taps her hips. The dogs sit at her side. She snaps her fingers and they lay down. Her hand gestures to the other kids that she has lead. "And one day..." she crossed her arms. "I became something more. And yet less." She whispered. I narrowed my eyes, as she turned on her heel, her brown hair twisting to follow her and her dogs gracefully prancing behind her. 

I turned to Patrick who had a starstruck expression on his face. I sigh, frowning at him. His eyes blink and focus on me. "Wha?"

"Patrick. Don't go falling in love with ridiculous girl. She's not worth it. She thinks she's better than us." I growl. He half smiles, looking down.

"Well... she kinda is, if she really has created a group and taken care of them, I mean what have we done? Sit around here a-"

"Patrick!" I yell, and he seems a little frightened. "Never mind." I sigh, turning to the garden. My dad is probably there. He always is. Instead of being a leader. He just never understands. I smile as I see him, but then I realize he is getting help from Corey. She laughed as she picked a few green beans. I begin to turn around when her voice stops me. 

"Hey sheriff boy! Come here and help us!" She says in a childish way.

"I have a name, Corey." I hiss.

"Oh, sorry... CARL. Didn't know you were such a serious person." She frowns. I roll my eyes and walk to my dad, and help them. I didn't wanna talk to her though. I think she is strange. Like she's hiding something. "So where do you two come from, huh?" her voice softly asks. I look up at my dad. 

"We lived over by Atlanta." My dad gives a little hint of happiness.

"Really? Am I in Georgia?" She asks. I furrow my brows. Wow she's stupid. I nod. "Oh well I'm from South Carolina." She laughs. "I miss the beach." Her soft voice sighs. My dad laughs. 

"It must be nice." 

"What?" Corey asks. I roll my eyes an stand straight. 

"Being rich enough to live by the beach. Have whatever you want. I mean it is expensive to live there."

She glares at me and goes back to work without a word. "Oh so now you won't talk." I huff. My dad looks at me.

"Coral, just go back to the other kids."

"I'm not a kid, dad! And I wanna know why she's suddenly quiet!" 

She stands up and throws dirt at my shirt. I step back and look at her. Rage filled me. 

"CARL SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO THE KIDS!" her voice drummed. I was tajen by surprise.  She stormed off into the building as my dad scowled at me. I shrugged and walked around trying to figure out what Corey is hiding.

And why I was a "kid". She acts like I'm so much younger than her but I'm not! I wish her and her group would just leave...

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