perfection doesent exist in my world

sam is a girl who is struggeling in life.
she has a story to tell,she has been trougt alot and she's only 16.


2. my dad...

easter vacation 1 year and 2 months after,


i'm so exited,my dad is is finaly coming after  of not seeing suitcase is packed i have evrything i need and now i'm waiting,waiting for my dad to come.

a blue ford is parking in the driveway and i smile i run down the stairs and nearly push him on th ground while hugging him,i missed him so mutch the things he did did'ent matter anymore...he laughs and hugs me back really hard and i squeeze even tighter.we go in together and i'm just so happy,i can't stop telling him about school and my bestfriend.he stayed an hour talking to my mom and me i noticed that evry time he came it was more akward between my parents,but i did'ent care.we got in the car and started the journey to london,but i dident care that the trip was long i was nervous of seeing my new stepmother pam and her kids she has 2 daughters and 2 sons once we got there she was actually happy to see me and hugged me,it was kinda wierd at first since she was 26 weeks pregnant and i dident knew her.

i liked her daugter kristina kiki for short she was 1 year older i admired her long black curly hair we were friends from the start. and her son chris same age as me 8 he was also ok and then there was ian,tall dark and handsome guy we all got allong we had laughs we played so it was fine, but i noticed that my dad and pam were discussing alot wich sometimes turnd in to figts,i did'ent like it.

till one night we were all in the kitchen my stepbrothers and sisterd were at their dad's house.

they were talking about something and talking started to be schouting to screaming to eatch other,my dad got sick of it and stud up and started hitting her.

a pregnant women and he started hitting her i got upset and ran to the bathroom and SHE had to apoligise to me and it wasent even her fault..

i felt so sorry for her,she was lucky that the baby was fine...

thats when i started to like my dad, not love him... it was unexeptable first my mom and now her? i felt like it was a mistake coming here... or was it?

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