Don't Count The Miles

Evie struggles to make friends in real life. Her escape from reality is the strangers she talks to online. Claire is pretty, intelligent and fairly well-liked. But deep-down, the stress of being so 'perfect' is killing her. Evie is hurting. Claire is hurting too. And then their paths cross and a seemingly unbreakable bond is created. Can Evie and Claire save each other, with nothing but a few social networking sites? *This story is told from both Claire and Evie's POVs. Please look at the chapter title to see who is speaking :3* (Credit for the cover goes to one of my internet friends, the beautiful Em Payne ^_^ <3)


1. 1:Evie


It's 2:54pm. I just have to get through six minutes of Hell until finally school is over for another day and I can go home and sit in my room without having to interact with people! English has always been my worst class. I find it so hard and difficult to have to talk in front of people and have discussions. I don't understand how some people find it so easy. I prefer classes like maths- you get given the work, told how to do things, and you can sit in silence and get on with it, with no obligatory communication.

I'm Evie, by the way. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I only say that because I can't actually see you, which makes things a whole lot easier. If you were actually here, in front of me, making conversation, it would be a nightmare. I'm fifteen, in year ten at the Bencham Green School in Brighton. I hate it here. It's so loud. I don't fit in here at all, I never have done. You know the quiet,shy girl who has no friends and always sits at the back of the class not talking to anyone or contributing? The one everyone hates? Yeah, that's me. Evie Cambridge. I wish I were popular and extroverted and loud and happy and smiley. It's not my fault that I'm not. I have social anxiety, and it sucks.

I do have friends, to be honest. I've just never met them in person. I met them on Facebook. There's about a thousand of us in a big group, Fanpeople United. It was originally created for us to all talk about our Fandoms, I joined because of my love for The Hunger Games, but after a year, when the group was created, it's so much more than that. We just post in the group about our lives and we help each other and ask for advice, and it's a really lovely community feel. I feel like I belong somewhere for once and I love everyone in there so, so much. I find it easy to talk to them, because on the internet, I can be who I want. Not in the Catfish way of course! I mean, I don't have to be shy and awkward, I can think before I type things; it's difficult to explain. I feel more comfortable with these people. They're not judgemental, and they are the kindest people I know. They're the ones keeping me alive.

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