Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


1. Introduction

A/N: Guys; English isn't my mother tongue so I'm very sorry for every grammar/writing mistakes in this book. :/ Enjoy your reading :) By the way, can you guys design a cover for me? I am completely awful at photo-shopping :( so I need your help! I'll upload first chapter if someone starts to read my book :)


Nothing can make me feel like he does. Both love and suffer… Both being happy and being sad… Loving him always makes me feel opposite. Living in a World without him is can’t be thought for me. He doesn’t know my name, my physical appearance, my cit, even my country… Shortly, my love is platonic but I love him a lot after all. He’s my everything. He doesn’t know these thoughts.


My parents are aware of my platonic love but they think those teenage celebrity loves are temporary. They are mistaken…


I was switching over music channels. I mean on TV. “Oh, I wanna watch a 1D video.” I thought myself. When I opened a channel called “ Trace URBAN” there was “Story Of My Life”.Of course i screamed when I saw them. My mother got angry with me as usual. “Don’t scream like you’re so meaningful fort them. They may be meaningful for you but you’re not the same for them. Don’t you know you’ll never meet with them? Even if they'll come to Turkey.” She shouted. I acted like I didn’t care what she said but  she was right. I’ll never have an opportunity to meet them. I wonder how many of my tweets did they read that I sent fort hem. Maybe every single one of them or maybe none of them. How I wish I could get in touch with them…

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