Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


7. Chapter 6

It has been two days when Harry and I went to a romantic date. We’re in Turin(Italy) right now and he’s at the concert and Eleanor went to concert with Louis so I was alone in the tour bus. After a week later we’ll go to England and I’ll meet with his mother.


While I was thinking those, my mom called me and I answered.

Me: Hello mom.

Mom: Hey Melissa. How are you? We haven’t talked much since you’ve gone. *giggles*

Me: Oh, uhm… I’ve to tell you something.

Mom: Oh my God! What happened? Did you injured or some… *I interrupted her because she was too anxious*

Me: No, no! Calm down! All I have to tell you is, I’m not in the USA, I’m in Italy. I chose to travel some countries in Europe and then I’ll go to USA but don’t worry, I’ll come back in August.

Mom: Ugh! Who are you with right now? *too angry voice*

Me: You’ll never believe me.

Mom: No, I’ll believe you. Just tell me.* tries to be calm*

Me: *tells the all story with almost all of the details*

Mom: Ugh! God! Why didn’t you tell me before?

Me: Because I thought you’ll get very angry and sad.

Mom: But I’m angry right now.*angrily*

Me: Oh…

Mom: whatever, I mean not whatever but you have just done it and I don’t know what to tell.

Me: Are we still the same? I mean, am I still your lovely daughter?

Mom: Of course you are but… never mind. I’ve got a lot to do so bye.

Me: I love you so much mother.


I hung up the phone. Ugh, I got very nervous and I don’t know what to do… but I’m not regretful about what I did and I’m doing and I’ll keep doing.

I checked the clock and it was 9:16 PM. Boys and Eleanor will come in about one and a half hours. I could go with them but I didn’t go because I would be too bored in backstage. I chose to watch “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” which’s one of my favourite movie. Actually, I get bored easily when I watch action movies nor science-fiction movies but this is different for me.


The movie hadn’t end but I got bored and turned my laptop off (I was watching it on the internet) and I chose to listen some music. While I was listening “I Love You by Avril Lavigne” (which’s my favourite song by her), the boys came back. I got very happy because I missed them, especially my cutey, Harry.

I stood up and hugged him, then gave him a kiss on his cheek. He wrapped his right arm around my waist and we walked towards the couch, then we sat.


Zayn: Oh my God! I’m too tired, I wasn’t expecting today would be this tiresome.

Louis: Yeah, I’m a bit tired too. What is the time?

Niall: 9:48.

Louis: Oh…

Eleanor: But it was successful. You could come with us too Melissa.

Me: I know but I chose to get bored, like my old high school days.

Eleanor: But you’re a collage student now.

Me: Well, not yet but yeah, that’s true.

Eleanor: Whatever. I’m planning to go shopping in Spain with you, Melissa. Would you come?

Me: Yeah, I would *with surprised voice*. By the way, what about going to England with you after Spain, Eleanor?

Eleanor: But why?

Me: I want to go shopping in England and especially in London because some of my friends told me the clothes were very cheap compared to Turkey. Well, they went London in a school trip.

Harry: You?

Me: My parents told me the prices are too expensive. It was for 15 days and coasted about 3000 pounds.

Harry: Oh!

Me: What do you think Eleanor?

Eleanor: I don’t know. Portugal might be a nice place but shopping with you in England and being a guide sounds better so yeah, I’ll come.

Me: Thanks, I wouldn’t go unless you’ll come.

Harry: I’ll buy both of your tickets.

Me: No, we’ll do it.

Harry: No, I said I will. I mean, I don’t want to sound bossy but come on babe! Let me do a favour for you.

Me: Aw, Harry! OK, whatever you say.

Eleanor: Louis’ going to buy mine.

Louis: Harry’ll do it.

Me: *loughs out loud* 

Louis: What? Harry told us right now.

Eleanor: *glares at Louis* Thanks Harry.

Me: Louis, you’re just so… ugh, so mean. *rolls my eyes*

Louis: Am I mean?

Me: Yeah… *waits for awhile and laugh* just kidding.

Louis: Oh, but you sounded serious.

Me: *smiles* No, I wasn’t.

Louis: Ok…


I put my hand on Harry’s shoulder and he hugged me tightly.

Harry: *whispers* Do you love me baby?

Me: *whispers* I love you, Harry.

Harry: *kisses my forehead*

Liam: *clears throat fakely* Should we go or is it not private?

Me: *loughs hard* We didn't do anything, Liam!

Liam: Mm hmm...

Me: *laughs harder*

Liam: I’ll get water for you, Melissa.

Me: *laughs even harder.*

Harry: Calm down babe… Ugh, c’mon!


Liam seriously brought me water and I drunk it and got calm.

Liam: See? I knew it will work.

Me: *stares at Liam* Thanks honey.

Liam: It was my plesure.

Me: *giggles*

Liam: No, not again. *jogs*

Zayn: Good night. I wanna sleep early today.

Harry: I think we’ll sleep with Melissa too, won’t we? *winks and smirks at me*

Me: Oh, well… Night, Harry.

Harry: What?*shocked voice*

Me: I’ll come in 10 minutes.

Harry: OK, then.


Harry left and I smiled after him.

Niall: So… What’re we going to do right now?

Liam: Let’s watch a movie?

Louis: Agree.

Eleanor: So… What are we going to do watch, then?

Me: This Is Us? *everyone glare at me* Oh OK. Jut kidding.

Niall? Paranormal Activity?

Me: What about watching TV? I know we’re in Italy but there’re some channels which are broadcast in English with Turkish subtitle in Turkey. Maybe there are some channels like them in here too. C’mon, haven’t you ever watched TV in abroad?

Eleanor: Right, let’s try to find something in English then.

Me: Good luck, I’m going to sleep.

Eleanor: Good night, Melissa.


Louis & Liam & Niall waved their hands and I left. I wore my pyjamas and laid next to Harry in his bed. He opened his eyes.

Me: Oh, sorry. Were you sleeping?

Harry: No, I was waiting for you to come. So we could sleep together.

Me: How can you be so cute?

Harry: I don’t know.

Me: *smiles* So, do you feel sleepy because I don’t and I came here because you wanted me to.

Harry: Well, I feel sleepy but I want to talk with you for a few minutes. Then we’ll sleep together?

Me: Together!

Harry: What’s your favourite book?

Me: I don’t think you know the book.

Harry: OK, but tell me?

Me: OK. It’s “The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak”.

Harry: I think I know this book but I didn’t read it. Which city is the best in Turkey?

Me: I think Izmir. Istanbul is brilliant but it’s too crowded to live but Izmir is very beautiful for living and traveling.

Harry: We’ll go Izmir sometime then.

Me: Alright.

Harry: How many boyfriends did you have?

Me: Only two and one of them doesn’t count as boyfriend. I was only twelve and we didn’t date really.

Harry: Oh, OK. What’s your favourite movie?

Me: “17 Again”.

Harry: Let’s watch it sometime.

Me: OK.

Harry: Do you wanna sleep or not?

Me: It doesn’t matter but I think you’ve to sleep and I’ll fall asleep while watching you.

Harry: I liked the idea.

Me: Me too. *giggles*


I put my head on Harry’s shoulder and we hugged each other. Harry closed his eyes but I wasn’t know if he slept or not. I was staring at Harry for awhile but I chose to close my eyes just like him and tried to sleep in peace while hugging him.

This was our first night. I mean we haven’t slept together before. It feels very weird. I was feeling very happy, relaxed, excited and peaceful. I love the way he hugs me, kisses me and sleeps with me…


I woke up in Harry’s arms. He relaxes me when he touches me. I looked at his face and saw his beautiful green eyes were looking at me. I smiled and he hugged me tightly. I hugged him back.

Me: Good morning sweetie.

Harry: Good morning babe.

Me: I love it, I mean when you call me “babe”.

Harry: *smirks* so what do you wanna do today?

Me: I don’t know really. When will we start our journey to Barcelona.

Harry: I don’t know but we’ll go there as late as we can but not after 9 PM.

Me: Oh, OK. Why 9?

Harry: I’m not sure… Just tell me what you wanna do.

Me: Hmm. What’s your idea? If you don’t have any, then we can think it together.

Harry: Well, we can go somewhere to walk together or we can go for lunch.

Me: First one sounds nice. What about going to a park together after breakfast and then we can go to a restaurant and we'll eat our lunch.

Harry: Nice.


I put my lips onto his and kissed him, he kissed me back. His lips were soothing. While we were kissing, we heard Liam’s voice.

Liam: C’mon Harry and Melissa! It’s almost 10 and you two are still sleeping.

Harry: *pulls away* God! Liam! We’re coming!

Me: *laughs* Don’t shout at him!

Harry: But he ruined our moment. *smirks then laughs*

Me: OK, let’s go. I’m starving.


We jumped out of the bed. I picked a pink jumper and my black Jean to wear. I wore them in the bathroom after washing my face, then I went to the mini kitchen.

Me: Bon apétit!*smiles -with French accent*

Harry: Merci*with Frenchaccent*. Par ailleurs, pouvez-vous parler français? *It means:By the way, can you speak French? sorry if I translated the French sentece wrong :/*

Me: Just a little bit.

Louis: Harry can teach you. *smiles*

Me: Yeah. May I join you?

Zayn: Do you even have to ask?

Me: No, but I just wanted to be kind. *smiles and sits at the table*

Harry: The modest person of the day*with mocking voice*. *points me and smiles*

Me: I can be modest if I try.

Harry: Yeah, yeah. We’re sure. *winks at me*

Me: You have to be. *fake glares*

Harry: You shouldn’t be an actress.

Me: Why did you said that? Don’t worry anyway because I’ll be a writer. Actually I am a writer but people don’t know my books.

Harry: Really? I wasn’t know this.

Me: I’ve got lots of fanfics too.

Louis: Can I see them?

Me: Well, you can’t because I write  them on my notebook and it’s at home.

Louis: OK but I wanna read at least one of them.

Me: Why?

Louis: I don’t know really.

Me: OK, now just let me eat my cornflakes.

Harry: You can’t eat.

Me: Why?

Harry: Because I want to eat them.

Me: Ugh! Harry wht’s your goal now? Do you wanna annoy me because you’ve already done.

Harry: No but annoyed you looks very pretty.

Me: Whatever.


I ate my cornflakes quickly.

Harry: Did you finished?

Me: Yeah, let’s go.

Zayn: Wait, where do you wanna go?

Me: We’ll go out for a walk.

Zayn: OK, hope you two will have fun.

I & Harry: Thanks Zayn.


We got out of the tour bus and a bodyguard was waiting for us with the driver next to a limo that we’ve gotten into it before. We all got in. When we reached at the park lot the limo stopped and the bodyguard got out of the car.

Me: I think we can walk a bit until we find somewhere available to sit.

Harry: Babe, I’m sorry if I broke your heart.

Me: Well, I annoyed but it doeasn’t matter.

Harry: OK then.


We kept walking until we find an available bank to sit which was under a Judas tree.

Me: A romantic place.*sits at the bank and puts my head onto Harry’s shoulder.*

Harry: Yeah, it is. It’s just like people left this bank for us. *hugs me*

.Me: I love being with you babe. You’re my everything, you really are!

Harry: And you’re my world. You’re the girl who lightened my darkness.

Me: *smiles* I wanna meet with your mother and I want you to meet with my family too.

Harry: It would be very nice. Do your parents know you’re my girlfriend?

Me: My dad doesn't know yet but my mom knows. I think my dad will know it too as my mother will certainly tell him.

Harry: You seem nervous.

Me: Yes, I am.

Harry:*rubs my back* Calm down then.

Me: But they’ve never met with any of my boyfriends.

Harry: Hmm but c’mon don’t worry.

Me: Don’t worry?  Just think of your daughter’s dating with a person who you absolutely don’t know and she didn’t tell you she’s got a boyfriend, her mom told you that she has. So, how do you feel now?

Harry: Well, I would love to meet with him but my daughter had better to told me before her mother.

Me: See? My father is certainly thinking like that now. He might be angry. Oh my God! Help me!

Harry: Oh, c’mon! Don’t be that stressful and live the moment. Don’t live in the past or future, live at the present.

Me: You’re right but…

Harry: No “but”s, please. *stops rubbing my back and hugs me tight*

Me:*hugs him back* I’m very lucky to have you. You’re not only my boyfriend. You’re my best friend too.

Harry: You’re always my best friend but you’d better to be my girlfriend instead of being only friends.

Me: Would you kiss me to make me feel peaceful?


Harry nodded and kissed me on my lips slowly and I kissed him back.  Oh my God! I felt that nice but weird, I mean brilliant, thing again. I just love that feeling. I hugged him as tight as I could because that impression makes me wanna hug him.

By the way, I thought about North America holiday but I felt like I don’t wanna go there. What can I do? I thought it for awhile and I found the idea. I’ll stay in the UK with Harry and we’ll travel somewhere in there. I thought a romantic holiday will be better than a cultural holiday and Harry’s definitely know where we could go to have romantic moments just like now.

Harry pulled away.

Me:*looks at him* Why did you pull me away?

Harry: Because I missed your eyes.

Me: But I love your lips’ taste.

Harry: But your eyes are better than my lips.

Me: Brown eyes? I don’t like my eyes. There’re only two people I know who are very gorgeous with Brown eyes; Liam and Zayn.

Harry: Oh, c’mon!

Me: What? I like everything about my body but I don’t like my eyes.

Harry: OK, I don’t like my hair too.

Me: God! I remember I read a rumor that you said you don’t like your hair, really? It’s the reason why girls love you, but not me. I mean it’s very attractive really but I love you because you’re you.

Harry: So, that means people don’t like their most attractive parts of their body?

Me: Maybe…*flips my hair*

Harry: *sings* The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

Me:*laughs* Why are you singing WMYB right now? Wait, don’t answer it because it’s not a question

Harry: You’re talking so much but I like it.

Me:*laughs harder* Do you know my friends say the same thing but they say they don’t like to hear my voice that much.

Harry: They should be idiot.

Me:*stops laughing* You cannot call them like this. They usually joke about my laughing and too much speaking and talking style in Turkish but this doesn’t mean they’re making fun of me.

Harry: OK, sweetheart, I just wanted to defend you.

Me: And that’s why I didn’t yelled.

Harry: You’re a loyal person.

Me: Me? I’m not. I always change my friends Daily but I never leave Zara who I called as “my sister”.

Harry: See?

Me: What? Why do we usually talk about me?

Harry: Because you're more important than me.

Me: Oh, no way! *kisses him on his cheek* Hey, why don’t we go to the cinema right now?

Harry: Nice idea but which movie will we go? We’re in Italy.

Me: “The Fault In Our Stars”? It will probably has a subtitled session.

Harry: OK let’s go but do you know what? It’s like we came to the park because we wanted to kiss each other under that tree.*smiles*

Me: Yea but it’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Harry: Sure.



The movie has already ended and we already in Barcelona and we’ve already eaten our lunch and we’re in the stadium right now. The concert will start in less then two hours. I and Eleanor will be in the back stage during the concert and we’ll go to Madrid after the concert which means today’s going to be very tiring, especially for 1D.

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