Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


5. Chapter 4

I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning. I woke up that early because Germany flight will begin at 9 AM.

I had a shower because I don’t like having shower in public places but I knew I'll have to have a shower again. When I got out of the bathroom my mother has already prepared the breakfast so I ate as much as I could because I don’tlike eating food in the plane.


I hugged my sisters and my parents to say good-bye. I heard an announcement: “Our dear passenger; numbered 183THY Ankara-Germany travel passengers are needed to get in their planes from the C43 Gate, thanks”. I got too excited that I started to shake. I said “good-bye” one more time to my family then I lift them and started to run towards the passengers’ entrance, I showed my ticket and exited from the “Gate C43”.


We've made an agreement with Harry that he’ll be in Düsseldorf Airport 10 minutes before I’ll be in the air-dorm. The flight ended and I got out of the plane and went inside I saw Harry is running towards me.

He knew how do I look owing to my photos on Twitter. When I saw him I got really excited. I opened my arms hug him and when I reached him my heard beats got faster.


Harry: Welcome, Melissa. Oh my God, you’re cuter than how you look in those pictures.

Me: Hahaha, you’re  more handsome than how you look in a 3D movie and thanks. *smiles*

Harry: So… what do you wanna do?

Me: I think I can do whatever we want because I’m not that tired.

Harry: OK, everyone wants to meet you so let’s go to our lovely but a bit small tour bus.

Me: Really? Do they wanna meet me?

Harry: Sure, let’s go.

Me: OK, I can’t wait to see them!


I was surprised because Harry didn’t came here with any bodyguard but I didn’t ask him why.


The door of the bus opened and Harry and I got in. Niall saw us first.

Niall: Wow, you must be Melissa, the girl who made Harry more weird.

Me: *laughs* Hey Niall, nice to meet you too. *hugs him*

Niall: Everyone waits for you, come on!


I followed Niall and Harry then we went somewhere with a big couch and Zayn, Louis and Liam were there. They all smiled when they saw us.

Harry: Everyone; here’s Melissa.

Zayn: Welcome Melissa, no way! She’s not crying or screaming.

Me: Hahaha, I’m sure if I’d never talked with Harry, I’d be crying right now. *hugs Zayn, Louis and Liam*

Liam: I know you’re Turkish but which city are you from?

Me: Well, I live in Ankara but I was born in Antalya and I’m from Izmir so it’s a bit complicated.

Louis: Harry told us that you’re going to study English Language & Literature in Oxford.

Me: Yes, I will. I got very happy when I got the acceptance letter.


I was too surprised that none of the boys asked me to stay in a hotel. I thought Harry told and made up their minds to allow me to stay in the bus with them.


Harry: What are you thinking about sweetheart?

Me: I just got surprised that none of you guys asked me to not stay here with you.

Louis: Why would we?

Me: I don’t know. Honestly, I thought you’re not going to like me.

Liam: Come on! Why would we think like that?

Me: I don’t know… well, ther’s no problem if you liked me.

Niall: Of course we did. *Liam, Louis&Zayn agrees*

Me: Oh, thanks God! Don’t think I’m shy because I’m not. I just don’t want to be unloved person by the people you who are my world.

Zayn: So, what are you planning to do after collage?

Me: I don’t know really but I sometimes think it would be great if I can get my master’s degree and be a professor in the collage.

Louis: Where are you and Harry going to visit after Porto concert?

Me: Didn’t Harry told you? *with shaking voice* *looks at Harry*

Liam: No.

Me: *whispers to Harry* Does it matter if I’ll tell them?

Harry: *whispers to me* Of course not. I don’t even know why I didn’t tell them.

Me: *giggles* Well, we’ll go to London for four days then wel’ll go to LA and NY. I know they’re far from each other but we don’t mind.

Niall: Why don’t you come to Ireland too?

Me: I don’t know but I promise I’ll come to your house if you want and you know I can come in anytime because I’ll be in Oxford.

Niall: Right.

Harry: Do you wanna see the other parts of the bus?

Me: Well, I saw some of the places in This Is Us or in pictures but fine, let’s go.


I waved my hands to the boys then we left with Harry. Harry showed me every inch of the bus. It was small but useful. I knew it wasn’t the place of asking this question but I couldn’t stop myself.

Me: *with serious voice* Harry, please answer honestly. Have you ever fall in love, not asking have you ever had a crush on someone, I’m asking if you are in love  with someone. Taylor Swift counts.

Harry: Well…*laughs*


Oh, how childish am I. But I wanted to know the answer for ages.

Harry:I have fall in love with someone and I’m sure she likes me too but I’m not sure if she’s in love with me or not.

Me: Can I get her name?

Harry: Why are you too curious about that?


Oh, damn it! Should I tell him that I love him, right now? The words escaped from my mouth.

Me: Because I’m in love with you, OK? And it’s my right to know if that cute boy is in love with someone or not! *I said with high voice but not angrily*

Harry: *waits a few seconds* You’re in your 19 and you act like a child but I loved it*smiles*. Well, I used to act like child when I was 19 and I still act like a child *laughs*.

 Me: Any answers? And you’re 20, nothing might be changed since you were 19. Whatever, I wanna hear your answer, is that clear enough?

Harry: Yeah, it is clear enough. Do you really want the answer? Then here’s the answer; I love you so much. I shocked when you asked if I love Taylor more than a friend. She just brought me trouble after we broke up. I know, I thought I was in love with her but no! She’s not the true person. Why do we talk about her instead of you?

Me: I don’t know but c’mon, how can you be in love with a person that you don’t know who she is exactly and you didn’t see me, except in the photos.


I understood why Niall said “the girl who made Harry more weird”. I laughed.

Harry: What’s so funny? *not angrily*

Me: *keeps laughing* Nothing… Actually, there’s something. Can it be real? I mean all of these things, especially the part that you said you love me more than a fan.

Harry: Will you be my girlfriend? Sorry for I couldn’t choose a better place to ask but… * I interrupted his sentence*

Me: Who cares about the place? Of course I want you to be my boyfriend.

Harry: *hugs me tightly and I hugged him back* You are more weird than I thought but it’s a good weird.

Me: No one can be more weird than you Harry, that’s one of the reason that I love you.

Liam: *walks towards us* Hey, Why did it take this long? Oh no! What did you two tried to do? *laughs*

Me: *looks into his beautiful Brown eyes* What do you expect us to do?

Liam: Don’t know. And Harry, she’s as weird as are you. I’m not sure if it’s a good weird or a bad weird.

I&Harry:  *laughs*

Me: Harry just told me how weird am I.

Liam: Harry? Hahaha. Don’t tell this to Niall, he’ll laugh at this forever.

Me: C’mon! Don’t say this for him, he’s the cutest Irish in the world and… Oh, sorry. Not gonna fangirling.

Liam: It doesn’t matter honey.

Me: Disagree. I can tell you who you are. I remember my parents told me to stay in my room and talk about 1D in front of the mirror. And once, my father got jealous of you guys and he told me to select you or him. Hahaha. Whatever, don’t let me to start to talk abut how much I love you as a Directioner or you’ll never know what will happen.

Harry: C’mon guys, let’s go back.


I and Liam followed Harry and we went where the others are.


Today is July 2nd and I’m going to go to concert with One Direction. Can it be real? It’s going to be my first concert of 1D. Who would ever think I’ll stay with them and go to their concert without paying, who would ever think Harry would fall in love with me?


“We’ll be late if we won’t go to the stadium right now” Harry said.

Me: But I’m hungry.

Harry: Don’t worry babe, we’ll eat lunch in there but we have to prepare our last things you know.

Me: Yeah, alright. *smiles and Harry smiles back*


Niall&Louis came.

Louis: C’mon guys, we gotta go.

Me: OK, I’m ready to go. There’s nothing I need to take with me but my phone.


The stadium was huge and it was looking awesome. I checked the clock as usual, it was 11:49 AM.

Zayn: Let.’s eat our meal then we’ll change our clothes and we’ll be ready.


We all accepted and we went into a room which has got small table. Everyone was there.

Harry: Hello everyone, here’s my girlfriend; Melissa. She’ll be with us for this month.

Lou Teasdale: Aw how sweet. * holds my hand and shakes it*


I smirked at Harry’s face that I wasn’t expecting him to declare it right now.


Even if I said to boys that I’ll watch them not the front-most place, they didn’t accepted and I still don’t know why. I’m gonna see them again anyway but I was very close to stage.

The concert has just started and I started to hear Directoners' screams. I couldn’t stop myself and I screamed too as the way I’ve always wanted to. I screamed until they started to sing “Kiss You”(3rd song in the set list) and I realized it was really funny because I was Harry’s girlfriend but I screamed anyway. Oh, c’mon Melissa, being his girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t scream in their concerts, oh what am I thinking about?! Act like and adult not as a child. You’ve to be more mature then then you had before. “Age’s a number, maturity’s a choice-Harry Styles” my mind reminded me. Ugh! He’s so sweet.


What if we break up with Harry? “Girls leaves Harry, not Harry leaves girls, remember?” my mind reminded me again. Oh thanks a lot. I love my brain.


I realized Zayn winked at me than looked at Harry while singing first lines of “Little Things”. Aw, Zayn.


When the concert ended with the fireworks’ show, I got into the backstage to meet the guys. I was quite tired because I never sat onto my seat during the concert. I thought how tired Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry are, right now. I heard someone’s voice behind me.


Louis: Hey Melissa! We all think we should go to our bus right now because we’re all tired.

Me: So am  I but I don’t think I’m as tired as you guys. By the way, you had a good job. *smiles*

Louis: I know. *we both laughed*

Me: Let’s go then.

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