Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


4. Chapter 3

The days were too long. Similar things happened all the time: hanging out with friends, hanging out on social media, listening to music, talking(at least messaging) with Harry(which was my favorite part)…

Today is 24th June 2014 which means I’ll be with Harry in USA after a week.

I got acceptance letter from University of Oxford which means everything goes right. Upon my return from USA I’ll go to Oxford and I’ll buy a house because my parents don’t want me to stay in “a terrible dorm room” with a stranger.

I really want my calender to Show me the date of 1st July as soon as possible. I’ll be on holiday in USA with myself, moreover I didn’t tell my friends that I’ll be alone, because if I’d tell them they’d want to come with me too and I may not see Harry because of them. I can’t take this risk.

I started to think about “my house” which will be in Oxford. It’ll be enough if it’s got only two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Additionally, I don’t want any housemates. I’ll live there alone, it’s my certain decision.

I looked at the clock, it was ten to nine PM and I haven’t talked or messaged Harry today. He was usually calls or messages first but it would be meaningless if I’d continue wait him for his call nor his text and he’s probably in their Amsterdam concert. I didn’t care anyway and I called him but he didn’t answer so I decided to text him “I missed you so much.please answer my calls”. He’d probably answer me after he sees the text but I may be sleeping when he answered.


I’d get worried if he’ll not answer because he answered me until now. While I was thinking these, my phone rang. I took it excitedly and yes, it was Harry.

Harry: Hey Melissa, sorry for not answering but I’m very busy right now.

Me: I know and I think your concert is going to start in…*checks the clock* in five minutes.

Harry: Yeah.

Me: OK then, I’ll talk to you later. Only five minutes Harry! You’ve to do your final preparations but thanks a lot for not making me anxious.

Harry: You’re welcome and thanks to being understanding. By the way, you’ll come to Düsseldorf first, right?

Me: Yeah, and after your Europe tour, you and I going to visit USA. Oh my God, Harry! It’s really exciting.

Harry: I think so but I’ve to talk to you later as you said so bye sweetheart.

Me: Goodbye and good luck Harry.


I at least “talked” with him thus I didn’t keep worrying about him. His voice relaxes me. Oh my God! I’ll be with Harry in Germany only 6 days later. My dad didn’t realize I bought my plane ticket to Germany not USA. Today, I have a little more sleep than usual so I read book for 30 minutes and I laid on my bed. My eyelids started to closing slowly and I started to sleeping…


I woke up at about 10:30 in the morning. I couldn’t believe how much I slept because I’m not that kind of person who sleeps too much. While I was walking towards the bathroom for washing my face Harry came into my mind. If we’ll count today too, I’ll be with him after two days. Yes, todya’s June 29th 2014.

I took my phone and checked my messages. There weren’t any. It was weird because I usually have texts from anyone. I know I’ve just woke up but I slept slightly more.

I went into the kitchen and ate my toast which’s made by my mother. After that I went for a walk because I got too bored at home.

While I was getting out of the house I saw the postman who brings our bills and something like that. He said I’ve got a letter and I laughed at him because no one corresponds in 21st century. The people who knows me call when they need to communicate or at least they send e-mails. I took the letter. It was from one of my friends in Istanbul. Me? I live in Ankara, not Istanbul. My friend was there in my hard times. Her name? Penny. I thought how much I miss her. I went to the park and started to read the letter.

“ 25 June 2014

My lovely friend Melissa;

I missed you so much. I know University of Oxford has been accepted you. I’ll come to Ankara and I’ll study college in there. Why? I can’t stand home anymore. You know my parents are always argue,  mean fight. How I wish they make it up. But they don’t seem like they will :( I escaped from home yesterday. But I unfortunately forgot my phone at home but the MP3 player that you gave me as a gift is with me :) I want to meet with you as soon as I can. I’m at my old friend’s house now. I’m planning to being in Ankara at the latest 28th of June, can you come to Ankamall(a mall in Ankara) in 29th June? I’ll be at the place where movie theaters are, at about 11:00 AM. I’ll go if you won’t come. Don’t worry I’ve somewhere to stay so I won’t stay at your home but I want you to know that I need you so much.



My eyes got watery. I know how much she had troubles with people, especially with her parents. Today’s 29 June it’s eleven after 30 minutes. If I’d go with underground I could meet with her so I went to Ankamall with underground. I hope I’ll be there until she’s gone.


I reached Ankamall at the end and I went where movie theaters are with fast steps. Yeah, she was there as she has written. We ran to each other and we hugged. She was crying and her eyes were inflated.

Me: Do you want something to drink? I’ll pay it.

Penny: No thanks… Actually, I want ice-tea.

Me: OK then, come on.


We went to the café and drank our ice-tea but we didn’t say any single word. We just stared at each other. I looked at her with aspiration but she looked with pain. It was  time for end the silence.

Me: Stop being upset, it’s not worth it.

Penny: But I can’t. This situation makes me mad.

Me: Look they’re not here right now, no fights are happening. Come on!

Penny: *laughs* What would I do if you’re not here with me?

Me: *smiles* Do you wanna go?

Penny: No, it’s better to sit in the café. Actually… *checks her watch* I gotta go in ten minutes. I bought this useless phone with my last money. *shows her phone*

Me: No way! What’s it’s trademark?

Penny: *laughs* I don’t know but I’m sure it’s historical. *we both laugh*

Me: I’ll go abroad after two days.

Penny: Do you mean I’ll lose you, again?

Me:No, of curse not. There’re phones, internet… Did you forget? *we both laughed*

Penny: I’ve to go baby.

Me: OK honey. See you soon.


We hugged each other again then she left but I wanted to keep sitting alone in the café. My mom called at the moment but I didn’t answer.  Instead I sent a text: "I met with a fried at Ankamall”.

Penny is a nice girl but we weren’t so close that I wasn’t telling everything about me which means I didn’t tell her about Harry too. Ugh, I missed his voice so much. I don’t care if he’s tired or not, I want to talk with him and he’s probably awake right now which means he may answer my call so I decided to call him and he answered too.


Me: Hey Harry! It’s Melissa.

Harry: I know hahaha.

Me: I missed your voice so I called you and now we’re talking hahahaha but I want you to talk, not me.


Me: Just missed your voice, that’s all.

A Deep Voice Comes From Phone: Who are you talking with Harry? Is it Melissa?

Harry: *whispers* Yeah Liam. Now let us talk.

Me: Harry what did you say again, I couln’t hear your voice.

Harry: Just Liam. He asked “Who are you talking with Harry? Is it Melissa?”

Me: What? Does he know me?

Harry: Of course he does. All of the boys know you because you’ll stay with us in our tour bu for a few days.

Me: Oh, right. I don’t know why I’m surprised that much, but wait! Am I going to stay at your tour bus?

Harry: Yes, does it matter? *with shocked voice*

Me: Of course not. I just got excited and it’s normal because I’m a Directioner you know.

Harry: Yeah but you’re not like the other ones. I mean I love our Directioners so much but you’re completely different. You’re not fangirling or you didn’t screamed at my ear when I called you at the very first time.

Me: Actually, I did.

Harry: But we can’t call it as “scream”. You don’t know what Directioners do when they get in M&G or see us.

Me: Well, they do because they’re excited. *trying to defend my sisters :)*

Harry: I know but you were excited too, weren’t you?

Me: I still am but… Wait Harry! What do you want to do? *with mad voice*

Harry: *calmly* Just trying to make you see that you’re different from all of the other girls and that’s what makes you… *I interrupt his sentence*

Me: Beautiful? Hahaha

Harry: No, special.

Me: Aw, Harry! You’re too kind and sweet.

Harry: Thank you.

Me: Don’t say “thank you” for me. I did nothing. Maybe a few things but I’m sure they’re not as big as you’ve done for me.

Harry: C’mon! You’re too modest.

Me: No, I’m not. Maybe I am, hahaha but all I’ve said is true.

Harry: OK, whatever you say.

Me: That’s what I need to hear. *we both laughed*

Harry: So, are you ready for your holiday with me?

Me: Yes, of course I am. Do you even have to ask? I don’t think you have to because you get excited if you’ll meet with a person that you completely in love with. Oops!

Harry: Hahaha, you’re right.

Me: Of course I am. Haha

Harry: Melissa, I don’t want to end the call but you know we’re too busy these days.

Me: Oh, OK.  Never mind. It doesn’t matter really. See you soon or talk to you soon.

Harry: Bye sweetheart.



Talking with him makes me feel very relaxed. That’s why I don’t wanna live a life without him. Oh, Harry... If only you could understand me or at least you feel the same things with me, about me…

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