Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


3. Chapter 2

I woke up with TV’s high voice in the morning. I checked the clock; it was almost 9 AM. I hate waking up with TV’s (or something like TV) voice but I can’t control it, right?

I remember our trip with my father. “Why don’t we go there with travel agent?” I thought myself. The best idea was searching for travel agents after I have my breakfast. So I went to kitchen because I wanted to finish eating quickly. I took a bowl and I put some cornflakes and added some milk then I ate it.

I took my phone, connected to Wi-Fi and started to searching travel agents. I kept searching for at least two hours and I found a nice agent with good price and enough opportunities. I noted it’s name down and started to waiting my father with agog but it was only 11:30 AM.

I remembered what happened yesterday or I just thought it happened. I mean those things with Harry. I opened WhatsApp for control if it’s happened or not and I checked my messages. I saw every single one of our messages and I understood it wasn’t a dream. While I was thinking if I should text Harry or not, Ella came and said “what are you looking at sis?”. I locked my screen quickly when she asked it.


Me: Nothing.

Ella: OK then, why don’t we watch a movie?

Me: Good idea but what are we going to watch? Is “This Is Us” OK?

Ella: No, absolutely not. Nothing about 1D anymore hahaha.

Me: OK then. You’ll choose it but it should be nice.

Ella: OK.*thinks a bit* What about “ Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”?

Me: OK.


We put the DVD into the DVD player and started to watch it. When the movie ended it was almost 3:00 PM. I put on my headphones in order to listen to music.

While I was listening to music I realized a message from one of my best friend Zara.

Zara: I’ve missed you so much because we’ve not meet in a month. Why don’t we meet at the mall today? At 3:30 PM?

Me: OK, I’ll be there at about 3:45 PM.

Zara: OK, come to Star Bucks.

Me: OK.


I told my grandmother that I’ll meet with Zara and I got out of the home. I was at Star Bucks at the exact same time that I told Zara. When we saw each other  we hugged too tightly.


Me: Didn’t see you for a long time.

Zara: Yeah, unfortunately.

Me: Sis, did you see that Harry followed me on Twitter in the end. I’m very happy. *I smiled*

Zara: You’re so lucky. Justin will never follow me. *She’s a Belieber*

Me: Don’t be silly  and remember; all you have to do is chasing your dreams and never giving up.

Zara: You’re right. *smiling*


We chatted at least for an hour but I got a text from my dad so I went back to home. When I was back it was almost 5:00PM. My dad gets angry when I go back at home after him and my mom are back from their works. So I had to account for where I was. Ugh!

When we finished settling I talked about the travel agent for our USA holiday and he searched for more information. Then we asked Ella if she wants the travel agent that we selected and she agreed. My dad said he’s gong to start requisite transactions.

I was excited enough and I got more excited when I saw Harry was calling me. I went my room quickly and locked the door then answered him.

Me: Hello.

Harry: Hi babe. I missed you.

Me: Me too. I’ve always missed you.

Harry: *laughs*

Me: What?

Harry: Nothing.

Me: OK then.

Harry: What did you decided about USA trip?

Me: We’ll go there with a travel agent.

Harry: Hey, why don’t you ask your parents to travel with me? I mean you and me.

Me: I’d love to but they won’t allow me to do that. They don’t know you and USA.

Harry: You’re right but I want you to think about it.

Me: OK.

Dad: *shouts* Melissa, dinner is ready dear.

Me: *shouts: OK dad* Harry I’ve to leave now. I love you so much.

Harry: See you.


I went to the kitchen and sat down on the chair. I didn’t talk much and I ate as quick as I could. Then I went my room. I looked at my phone to checked the time. It was 7:00 PM. At the moment I remembered the admission letter which’s I’ve waited from University of Oxford’s English Language and Literature faculty. I guessed it will be at our home tomorrow. This thought made me more excited. If they’ll reject me I’d continue my education in Turkey but it’s not a good idea for me. I heard someone was knocking my door. “You can come.” I said and my dad came in. He was looking a bit –I mean too- worried.


Dad: Melissa, you may get angry with me but I must tell you this…

Me: What happened?

Dad: I got a call from your uncle. He’s got an interview on July and… I’ve to be with him too. Don’t ask “Why?”. It has to be like that so I can’t come to USA and your sister told me she doesn’t want to go this trip without me but I promised you to go to USA so you’ll travel there yourself but if you don’t want to, then we’ll delay it for next year.

Me: Aw, it will be great. I mean I got sad because you’ll not come but going on holiday on my own will be good.

Dad: I’m glad you’re thinking like that. I thought you’ll be very upset. By the way, I’ve to tell you something else too.

Me: What’s it?

Dad: I’ll give you the money that you need and you’ll do the requisite transactions on your own because I’ve a lot to do for the interview but if you think you can’t do it then I’ll do it.

Me: *I thought a bit then remembered what Harry told me* Give me some time to think about it. I’ll tell you tomorrow. I’m not sure if I can do it or not.

Dad: OK then.*gets out of my room*


I thought I should tell Harry what just happened so I called him. He answered.

Harry: Hello Melissa.

Me: Hi Harry. Sorry for annoying you but I wondered if you’re still asking me to travel USA with you.

Harry: Of course I am, why?

Me: Well, it’s because of my father’s and my uncle’s work interview which is on July. My sister doesn’t like to go somewhere without my parents even if she’s seventeen hahaha so she’ll not come. But because of my dad’s promise, I’ll travel USA myself. He also gonna give me some Money to contract with one of the travel agent that I liked. All in all I want to go to USA with you.

Harry: *with shocked voice* Really? I’m very happy to hear this.

Me: *with low voice* This can’t be real.

Harry: Sorry, I couldn’t hear your voice.

Me: Never mind.

Harry: OK.

Me: By the way I think I’ll have a letter tomorrow about my very first college which may be University of Oxford. If they’ll accept me we may see each other. Isn’t it great for me?

Harry: Well, it’s great to hear for me too. By the way, when will you be in USA?

Me: On the first of July but I don’t know what time will the flight end.

Harry: OK, all I want you to do is keeping in touch with me, OK?

Me: Sure. Never worry about that. Well, I love talking with you but I’ve to end the call, OK?

Harry: OK. Take care of yourself.

Me: You too. *ends the call*



These things couldn’t be real or can it be? Yeah, everything was real. All I’ve done was never stop chasing my dreams. I’ll never going to forget the date of today: June 23rd 2014 Monday…

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