Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


2. Chapter 1

It left a week since the summer holiday startedad I was usually spending my time with my friends on social media or meet with them at anywhere. Yeah, exactly a week ago I graduated from high school.


Today is 21st June, Saturday. I and my mother were planing to go to shopping. According to our plan, we’ll go at 1:00 PM and we are eating our lunch right now and the time is 12:28 PM. I finished my meal, I left the table and I prepared myself to go to mall. When my mother got ready too, we left the home.

When we reached the mall, we went to Tommy Hilfiger as I wanted. After that we went Lacoste, U.S. Polo, etc… when we checked out all of the that I want we bought clothes, accessories and shoes that I loved. When we finished shopping it was 4 o’clock PM. Everything was going on.

When we came back home it was 4:30 PM. I logged in my Twitter account that I’ve never logged in before(for today). I read some tweets, especially 1D’s tweets. After that I listened my heart which means I  sent another tweet to Harry Styles for make him follow me. I should wait for tomorrow to know if he read my tweet or not.

I planned what I’m going to do tomorrow:

1.     Wake up at 9:00 AM at latest

2.     Have your breakfast until 9:30 AM

3.     Read book for an hour

4.     You can go on a walk while you’re listening your favourite songs until 12:00PM

5.     You’ve to stay at home between 12-2 PM because it’s too hot outside.

6.     You’ve to be on social media between 2-3 PM. Don’tlet your friends miss you =)

7.     You’re free after 3:00 PM. Do whatever you want =)


I wrote my plans and after that I listened some music. Moreover it was almost 11:00 PM until I finished these. When I felt sleepy I set an alarm to wake and I slept.


It was 8:45AM when I woke up with my phones alarm. I stood up. I washed my face and I wore my casual clothes and applied some lip gloss and eyeliner(my daily make up style). I was the first one who woke up. “Note:At home; I live with my parents(unfortunately), my two younger sisters(Ella&Fatima) and my grandmother.” I went to kitchen and cooked a toasted sandwich only for me. I pour some fruit juice into a cup to drink. It was one of my best breakfast.

I was punctual as usual. Because I read a book until 10:30 AM. Reading book is really important and I read book at least for half an hour everyday.

It was exactly 10:32 AM and my mother has just awaken. I thought I’ve got an opportunity to ask my mother to go out. I told her that I’ll go out right now and she told I should check my phone regularly and shouldn’t go too far from home. I took my MP3 player and I got out of the home. I took it because listening to music makes me feel relaxed.

I love put my headphones and walk for no reason. I usually started to daydreaming about anything and I like it. Meanwhile, I wonder if Harry saw my tweet. If he didn’t it doesn’t matter. If he saw and he didn’t care I’d feel very bad. If he saw and he followed me, at least he replied I’d be really happy.

I startled with a horn’s voice. “When I got out of the home and started to walk on the road?” I thought of myself when I felt my phone’s vibration. It vibrated because my mother sent me a message. She has written “From now on you gotta come back home.” In the message. I checked the clock, it was 12:12 PM, so weird. I didn’t walk too far from home, at the most 10 minutes later, I’d be at home. I changed my way to go back home.

I found myself in my room almost 10 minutes later. I scrutinized my program. I only wrote “You’ve to stay at home between 12- PM because it’s too hot outside.” Well, what am I going to do all two hours long?

“The best idea is having a shower.” I thought and I got inside of the bathroom. 30 minutes later I finished having a shower. After that I put “1D3D” into the DVD player. Yes, I was going to watch “This Is Us” and I watched it. I tried to don’t scream in concert scenes but I was always smiling and also I wasn’t know why.

When the movie ended I looked at the clock. It was exactly 2:00 PM. I took my phone, turned on Wi-Fi and logged in my Facebook account. I and some of my friend chatted on it. Especially I, Zara and Luna who are the only people I can call as “my sisters”.

I logged out of Facebook and logged in Twitter. The first thing I did was checking “Notifications” section because I wondered if Harry started to follow me or not. Internet was quite slow or I thought it, because I was too excited. After a when the web page opened, I saw a writing: “Harry Styles followed you.”. I cried because of happiness. OK, I was excited but I was not expecting to cry. When I stopped my crying I sent an appreciation message to Harry. He made me happy all in all.

While I was thinking “Is he online or not?” he replied my message: “You’re welcome. I’m glad to made you happy.”. Harry made me smile, again.


We continued messaging.

Me: You’re the only one who makes me happy except some other people. Actually, 1D is like my second family.

Harry: Wow, do you really think like that?

Me: Yes of course J(like other Directioners)

Harry: :) well, may I ask you a few questions only in order to know about you more?

Me: Sure, go on.

Harry: First, “Melissa Malik” is your real name, right?

Me: True.

Harry: OK, well…How old are you exactly?

Me: I’m in my 19 since 12th June :)

Harry: I know it’s quite late but happy birthday.

Me: Thank you:)

Harry: You’re welcome beautiful :)

Me: Do you really think I’m beautiful?

Harry: Sure :)

Me: Thanks a lot, for everything.

Harry: Well, I did nothing.

Me: Well, you’ve done a lot really. If I’d never met with you, I mean 1D :), I’m sure I'd commit suicide.

Harry: Don’t even think something like that. You’re too young to do this.

Me: Well, I don’t wanna be rude but you don’t know me exactly and you don’t know my past either nor my present.

Harry: You’re right but I’ll be here for you whenever you’d like to talk with someone OK?

Me: OK, and thanks J. Well, I’ve to leave now. See you, I mean talk to you soon.

Harry: Bye beautiful :)


I couldn’t construe all of the things that happened soon. I really talked with him and it was incredible. I wanted to ask one more question to Harry before I logged out of my account.

Me: May I ask you only a question?

Harry: of course.

Me: Well, I’m planning to go to USA Tour on July. I wondered if there’s anymore VIP tickets for your concert. I know you’ve sold out all of them but I hope so…

Harry: well…

Me: well…?

Harry: :)

Me: Come on! Answer it please?

Harry: I don’t know if I’ll do anything wrong if I’ll tell you…

Me: If yoou’ll tell me?

Harry: I can let you in to the concert hall.


Harry:Calm down J I’ll give you my phone number so we can message from here. And we’ll find a place to meet before concert day.

Me: Thank you so much but how do you know that? I mean I may write your phone number on the internet or something like that, can’t I?

Harry: I don’t think you can because I’ve trusted you and if you’ll do this I’d know it’s you.

Me: right :) Don’t worry, I’ll never do this for anyone :)

Harry: OK then, my number is +44…*writes his number*

Me: OMG :D Thank you a lot  and here’s mine +90…*give my number* and see you there J

Harry:See you.


I’ve never deemed likely to these all would happen. But it happened. I understood that you’ve to dog your dreams. You get what you want when you chase your dreams. I wonder if my platonic love will reciprocal.


While I was thinking all of those things my father knocked the door and entered my room.

Dad: You’ve wanted to travel USA right?

Me: yes.

Dad: I and your mom decided to you,me and Ella will go to that trip together. Fatima and your nanny and your mom are going to stay at home.

Me: Yippee! I’m sure all of us will have a lot of fun J (But I wanted to travel here with my friends)

Dad: Well, I'll search hotels’ and plane tickets’ prices on tomorrow. We’ll travel USA for 1st July to 1st August. What do you think?

Me: Magnificent but what does Ella think?

Dad: She said it’s alright so there’s no problem.

Me: OK then, I can’t wait to go to New York City.*After I talked, my father left*


The news that my father told me made me so happy. First Harry, then my father have been successful to make me happy. While I was thinking these I heard my mother’s voice: “It’s time for dinner!” and I went to the kitchen. Everyone was in the kitchen except me.

Ella: Melissa! We’re going to…

Me: I know, I know and this is great.

Ella: I think so.

Me: Aw, very exciting.

Dad: I see that you’re too excited young ladies.

Me: yes and it’s completely natural.


After this short conversation I ate my food, and went back my room. I wanted to ask Harry about nice hotels on WahtsApp. Harry was online so I quickly sent a message.

Me: I don’t wanna be annoying because I’m keeping you busy but I’ve got good news. Actually it’s good news for me but anyway. My father, Ella(my sis) and I are definitely going to go to USA for 1st July to 1st August. I just wondered if you now any good hotels to stay. And it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Harry: well, it’s a good news for me too because we’ll probably meet in there. And you’re not annoying. And about hotels, I’ll send you some links right now. They’re some of the hotels that you probably would like to stay. You can search anything you want to know about them: www….*sent the links*

Me: thank you again for a billion times.

Harry: You’re so kind.

Me: just like you B)

Harry: :)

Me: I really wanna hear your voice.

Harry: I can call you on Viber if you want so I’ll hear your beautiful voice.

Me: How can you be sure about my voice?

Harry: Because every girl has a beautiful voice.

Me: don’t write something like that. You’re blushing me :s

Harry: don’t be ashamed beautiful. I’m calling you OK?

Me: OK.


“Why these things are happening? Why does Harry talk with me so sweetly?” I was thinking when my phone rang. It was a call on Viber. I answered it of course.

Harry: Hello beautiful.

Me: Hello Harry. Oh my God, I’m talking with you right now! I’m too excited but not because I’m talking with a famous person on the phone. It’s just because I’m talking with a person who I like a lot. Maybe you’ll make fun of me because of what am I saying but I really don’t care.

Harry: C’mon! How can you think something like that?

Me: Sorry if I’m wrong and if I broke your heart.

Harry: Don’t worry, you didn’t.

Me: Oh, OK then. But I’m really sorry.

Harry:Let’s talk about other things.

Me: OK, I’ll answer all of your questions.

Harry: will you?

Me: sure.

Harry: Have you got a crush on  someone or have you got a boyfriend?

Me: I used to have a boyfriend but I’ve already broken up and my eyes are on someone else and he doesn’t know.

Harry: Then he’s missing a lot…

Me: WHAT???

Harry: Never mind… Why don’t you talk with him?

Me: Well, I’m talking with him. Before, now and I’ll keep try to make him notice that I like him.

Harry: Good idea. If you’ll not mind, may I just get his name?

Me: Why are you so curious about it?

Harry: Just wondering…

Me: Well, I don’t think you know him.

Harry: But I don’t care. I only want his name. At least his nickname?

Me: I think we should talk about it later, which means I don’t wanna answer your question.

Harry: OK then. By the way, your vice is really incredible

Me: Thanks but I’ve to end the call OK? See you soon.

Harry: Bye beautiful.


I looked at the clock it was 10:11 PM. Why did he wonder who do I like? Wasn’t me an ordinary fan? Furthermore I couldn’t say that I love him to his face.



A lot of things have been came to my mind. Tomorrow is Monday so my dad is going to go to his work. It means I’ve to wait until 4 o’clock PM for talking about USA. I’ve to choose what am I going to do until 4 o’clock but I didn’t care, I’m going to do whatever will come to my mind until 4o’clock. For now, all I’ve to do is sleep. I layed on my bed, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep…

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