Elizabeth Barron: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


7. The next step

Rain was pouring straight down, dripping off the roofs and onto the sidewalk. Covering the streets with a sheen glare with the reflection of lights coming across the streets like lightning in the sky. Making my way down the street with my shoes clicking along. One hand over top of all the cups that I was carrying and one hand underneath the holder. Four coffees, expertly made by my favourite coffee house, one for each of us and I knew they would love it. My coat was getting pretty wet and my shoes soaked. I could sense someone following me, so I turned the corner down a little street to an old friends place and I knew that the person following me turned too. To a little corner restaurant with a blue door and a bell when you open it. 

"Hey Elizabeth." I looked for the excited voice.

"Hey Jack. How are you?"

"Good, good. Grab a seat."


"Same as usual?"

"Yes please." I put the cups down and sat at a booth by the window. The person following me didn't come in after. He just stayed outside, like I thought he would, but he was close enough to keep an eye on me.

Jack sat down across from me, he put a white box with a red ribbon down on the table beside the coffee. 

"So what's the news." he locked his fingers together and leaned forward. I pulled out a picture from my pocket. A bright, golden watch with rhinestones.  No numbers, but you knew what time it was.

"Two million dollars." I said. He looked at the picture.

"Two million dollars?" he kept looking at the picture.

"Yeah, two million dollars."

"So why are you showing me this?" he looked at me this time and we both leaned back in our seats.

"A man was killed. American. He was part of the American government and was coming here for the meeting. You know.," I pulled out the newspaper clipping that I took from the paper. "He was taking the watch to someone very important. Someone went to his flat, shot him and took the watch. This watch is for a very important person, now I need your help."

"Oh yeah, with what?"

"I need to get in to this meeting. I think I know who did it and I need to get into find them."

"Can't Abigail help you?"

"No, she doesn't go into those things. Please Jack, I need to get into the meeting. I know who did it." his eyebrows went up in question.

"Really? Who?"

"A woman."

"A woman?"

"Yeah, now there are only a certain number of women going to the meeting and I need to find her. I'll need to get in and I'll need a second ticket for someone else."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. One question though," he paused and leaned forward again. "Who's the watch for?"

I smiled and took the coffee and the box with the ribbon. I came up behind his chair and whispered in his ear. 

"Mycroft Holmes." And I walked out, back into the rain.


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