Elizabeth Barron: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


1. The email

Dear Elizabeth Barron,

We are sending you this email to ask for your help. There has been an number of important cases here in Scotland and the Yard cannot handle them all. We understand that you are currently not in London, but any expenses that you will make be ensured that you may bill it to Scotland Yard after. We implore that you come and see what is going on. 

We know that you will find it entertaining.

Our gratitude,

Scotland Yard


"Hello lieutenant? Yes, I have just received an email from Scotland Yard, saying that you wish to have me come over and have a look at your cases. Hmh? I see, yes, well it's right here in front of me. No I'm not lying to you! Why on earth would I do that? Ridiculous. I can forward it to you- of course, yes it's sent. I just sent it to you. Yes right now! Oh my god." I put a hand over the speaker. "I swear Abbs, one day someone is going to kill this man, out of love. Yes sir I'm still here. Well if you insist, yes, yes of course. Give me two days. Two! Fine, one. No, I will get there when I get there and right now I'm not getting anywhere. Yes, alright. See you soon." I hung up the phone. "Pack your bags Abbs, we're leaving in one hour."

"One hour?"

I walked into the kitchen. "Yes, one hour. Now do hurry up, I don't want to be late." I grabbed an apple and left the kitchen into my room to pack my own bags.

"I thought you told him one day?"

"There are no flights heading out tomorrow or the next. But there is one heading in approximately one hour. So if you wish to come I implore that you start packing or if you wish to stay here and chit-chat by all means stay." I looked up at her. "But I can assure you, that I will not be here to enjoy that conversation." I closed my bag. 

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