Elizabeth Barron: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


5. Tea, hot cocoa and coffee

I woke up before anyone else. Watson had gone home and Abbs had taken a cab to the hotel we were staying at. I however, never left the flat. So really the only person that I had woken up before, was Sherlock and possibly Mrs. Hudson but I was sure that she was up already. I walked sleepily over to the kitchen, my tank top and shorts that I found in a neglected chest in a corner. So he didn't get rid of my stuff after all. 

No lights were on in the flat and I planned to keep it that way, I didn't want to wake Sherlock. Besides, the light on the hot water maker was enough light for the whole street. 

"What are you doing?" I turned around and wasn't surprised that Sherlock was up. He usually didn't get up much after me. 

"I'm making some cocoa. Do you want some tea?" 

"Uh, yes, yes thank you." he scratched his head and looked around, not making eye contact with me as if he was looking for something. 

"What are you looking for?" I tilted my head to see if I could make eye contact with him, but to no success. 

He didn't respond. So I went back to making my cocoa. When I finished with mine I took another cup from the cupboard, and started making his tea. I could tell that he didn't leave the room but I didn't know what he was doing until I felt him behind me. I swear this man is so quiet that he could scare a cat. His breathe was calm and comforting, like and old memory. Our heads barely touching and his hand was inches from mine. 

"I'm surprised that you remember where everything is." he said quietly.

My head tilted slightly to be able to see his face from the corner of my eye but still be able to see the two mugs. I smiled. His hair was tangled, slightly flat on the side that he sleeps on, covering the tops of his eyes, just touching his lashes and coming over the tops of his ears. His nose lightly touching my forehead. A hand pressed delicately on the small of my back, I leaned back slowly until my head was gently nestled into his neck. The smell of sleep, tea and cologne floated in the air. I closed my eyes, remembering the last time we did this. 

I was his only friend, only companion. We were a team, undefeated and unwanted by anyone else except for the other. I was the first person he fell in love with and it scared him. It scared him knowing that if I got hurt, he would be too. He didn't want to let me go or let me out of his sight, but he wasn't controlling, he loved me and he just wanted me safe. But then I got an offer in London, to go and work with the Investigative Bureau there. So I left. No letters, no calls, nothing. But I knew that somewhere, deep down in his long, cold palace, that he still loved me and he still remembered me. 

"Sherlock! Sherlock, Watson and Elizabeth's friend are here." Mrs. Hudson was coming and with her two other pairs of shoes. Their feet lost in the sounds of her trying to call out to us. I handed him his cup before he could blink. Thrust in his hands with a look of surprise on his face. I winked at him and walked out of the kitchen. I was too fast for him. In and out of his arms in mere seconds. 

"Ah Watson, Abbs. I'm sorry I didn't make any tea for either of you, I had no idea that you would be by at this early hour. Sherlock would you please put more water in the kettle." I turned my head to the kitchen where he was still standing and smiled. He put his cup down and did as I asked. 

"Well, you four have fun." Mrs. Hudson turned and walked down that stairs. "Four! Goodness, I remember when I was still just saying two." she laughed to herself and I laughed too. She wasn't talking about the pair from two days ago. She was talking about the pair from six years ago.

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