Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


8. What? Please to repeat.

"Wait, what? Please to repeat" Valentina said, a small laugh escaping both lips. "It will be done" Mycroft repeated with a grin on his face. "But that was easy, i thought this would be hard or dangerous. I thought you would be hard to convince-" "Valentina. I have kept a eye on you for a while becuase i knew who you were. So do not panic. And what made you do those things were old tradition. Born into the Brotherhood. And after you graduate you were planning on moving to America to work for them. And i understand if you wanna hide your past. But mark these words Valentina, if you kill anyone of importance or any famous person. I cannot help you in any way." Mycroft said after interupting her. "Marked" She said, a quick yawn escaping her full lips. "But do i need to-" "No. Not like last time. Just be happy that we can protect you without changing your name unlike other nations." He interupted her. "Oka. By other nations do you mean Ru-" "Yes. Now quiet child" he said rudely. "Fine." She said. Another yawn escaping her lips. "I think we're done talking. "Sherlock!" Valentina yelled. And in an instant Sherlock entered the room. "Home?" He asked her not knowing any of the words that were said. "Yes." Sherlock picked her up and walked out of the building and pulled over a cab.


'Are you listening? Oka. Grass Grows, Birds flies and brotha. I hurt people.' was sounded through out 221B. Valentina quickly answered, not even looking at the number.
"Ciao bella" the man said, the buisness partner. "Che cosa volete? Il denaro perché possono essere disposti." Valentina said, her tone was threatning once again, but no poison was to be found. She put it on speaker, she knew he would not mention her name. "I want you. Beauty" the man said again and hung up. "And that is the person who called you earlier?" John questioned, he looked at Valentina with those curious eyes he has. "Sí." She answered her tone was not found. "And he wants you? Back?" John asked again. Sherlock quickly answered before Valentina did. "Yes. He wants Alice back." "But why? How does he know her" "Just a old friend of mine John, old boyfriend of mine i should rather say." She answered. "Didn't you say you grew up in France?" "Did i? When?" Valentina asked to answer John's question. She quickly turned around to ignore John's questions. "You are hiding something" Sherlock said, breaking John's questions. "And we cannot protect you if you hide yourself" Sherlock added. "So who are you really?" Sherlock asked. This make Valentina turn around and sit up. "You really wanna know?" She asked her words annoyed and obnoxious. "Yes." They both answered.

"My name is Valentina Jacqueline Aiala Jeanette Vienna Auditore Da Venezia. I am from Italy and grew up in Italy, i was forced to learn French, German, Danish, English, Spanish and Russian. I am a nerd at heart and has always been. But when i grew up, money was a problem. And the mafia in Italy is big, so well i kinda got recruited. A unsual sight for the mafias in the area i lived in. Age 14 and i was an infamous criminal. I was in the mafia until i turned 20. And i escapedthe mafia's life. The money was great. But i wanted to become something big. Not a mafia boss. So i fled to France. And stayed there for one year at a art school. Then i moved to England. And here i am. And my parents are dead. I only have Misja and my other siblings left. And i got a cover name. Alice. And the longest name ever. Becuase Valentina was a known Assassin in Europe, was a person with contacts from all over the world. Being able to kill a people in power. And i didn't know it. I was innocent on the inside, but that got taken away as i watched my parents burn and getting totured. I lost my innconce there. I went insane, i was on a killing spree. killing people with secret influence. Killing families. I assassinated multiple people. I killed so much that i became a monter. A merciless killer. And i didn't regret it. Becuase i lost the feeling regret. And i didn't stop even tho i knew it was wrong. Because i was scared. So i stopped, but the man calling me. Was my boss. Buisness partner. And i left him, and he abused me. He wanted me back and still do" Valentina explained. "And your siblings know this and your brother that is in the Mafia is trying to protect you. And you're trying to help him get out" Sherlock said, every word true. "So all that you said about us and what you told us is lies?" John asked. "No" Valentina answered.



-(A/N) When i am done with this do you want a Tomb Raider fanfic, Assassin's Creed fanfic, Hetalia fanfic or original story?

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