Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


13. Well. Someone didn't believe him.

Valentina smiled and turned around. "Well why are you here Shaun?" Valentina asked. Her voice wasn't in any tone it was her normal one. Her fruity, warm voice. "Well I got contacted about a piece of eden. But honestly I didn't expect to find Desmond here" he said and looked as Desmond hugged Valentina from behind. "Why?" She asked him. Her voice was a bit curious now. "Long story" Desmond answered. He tried to hide something from her. Already there she knew something was off. "Well I am off to the toilet!" She exclaimed and ran away. "I thought you were dead Desmond!" Shaun yelled almost hitting Desmond in his face. "Sorry" Desmond said, his voice shameful. He looked down on the floor. Finding all the small creaks in it. "We thought you were dead!" Shaun yelled again, anger filling his voice. "WE SAW YOU DEAD!" Shaun yelled loud enough for the people outside to hear. "Heeeeeey" a female voice said. Valentina. She quickly walked over to Desmond and pecked him on the lips again. "If you continue with that imma punish you later" Desmond said making Valentina giggle. "You guys. Just marry eachother" Shaun said, his voice annoyed. "If you don't like it just turn away" Monique said, a small smirk was on her lips. Shaun rolled with his eyes and instantly started to go over to Marquis. Clearly talking about something about Ludwig the 14th. "Well i am bored" Valentina said and walked out side the building, down the set of stairs and then reached the frontdoor. The fresh air hit her face as she breathed in. Taking in the small of the city. She walked a bit forward and procceded to pull in a cab. She told the cab driver the adress and the cab started to drive. She looked outside the slightly blackned windows.

Valentina plugged the keys into the keyhole and turned the key, the door gave a 'click' and she opened the door. Only to be met with Sherlock and John. "How the hell?" Valentina asked with a questioned look and closed the door and walked into the living room.  "Hello Valentina" Sherlock greeted. "Oh and we wanted to come visit you. You were gone for two days. No sign of you, how weird." Sherlock said in that voice he always talks in when he deduce someone. "It's none of your damned buisness." Valentina defended. Coldly bumping her shoulder into Sherlocks, hard. Almost making him stumble. "It is. We've been told that someone has been looking for you" John said worried. "I. Said. It's. None. Of. Your. Buisness." Valentina spat. Finally arriving to her 'ONLY IN SERIOUS CASES OF ANGER, SADNESS, CRYINESS AND HEARTBREAK!' Jar. AKA. A jar filled with candy and the key to her icecream freezer. She took one piece of chocolate and put it inside her mouth and slowly swallowing it. She then took the key that was wrapped with paper. She slowly unwrapped the key. The key had a very provocative design. "Valentina! You will answer us. You dissapear with out a damned trail and then you say it's none of our buisness" Sherlock yells. All she answers with is a eyeroll. "It's best that you answer him a third disembodied voice said. She quickly turned around to see Mycroft. "Really? You're in this too?" Valentina asks and walks over to the freezer and unlocks the lock with the key. She finds a chocolate icecream and then locks the freezer again. She quickly grabbed a spoon and sat down on her couch. Slowly waiting for her icecream to melt a bit. "Yes." Mycroft answered. "Well thats the first time i've seen you two agree on something" Valentina said staring deadeyed at Mycroft. There was something about her eyes that could make anyone feel uncomfortable. "Well i can't tell you. Or i or someone else will have to kill you all" Valentina said. She turned on the Teli and switched to some Italian channel. She slowly (Or thats how it felt for the three men in her flat) moved her hair over to her left shoulder revealing a part of her neck with a tattoo on. "And you couldn't deduce that" John mumbled. The logo was somewhere faintly placed in both Mycroft's and Sherlock's memory. Tho they couldn't see the whole logo they could both guess what logo it was. "Intresting tattoo. Can i just see it for a second" Sherlock asked curiousity was deep in his voice, almost dripping with it. "Why?" Was Valentina's sassy response. "Just curious" Sherlock answered. She only moved her hair back. "I don't know if i can trust you. You three are all suspicious to me. More than the people i have met." Valentina said.


Valentina woke up in a flash. She remembered the past 3 years of her life. All the things she knew about John and Sherlock. Even Mycroft. This was unusual. But she was unusual. Impossible and cunning. Those words would only describe 10% of her personality. She noticed she was in a new room. "Good morning miss Auditore" A familiar male voice said, finally things weren't blurry for Valentina. She saw the face that belonged to Mycroft. "What am i doing here?" She asked. "To tell us everything" Mycroft replied softly. It straight out scared her. "Why should i? Mycroft Holmes.. Becuase i am just another goldfish" Valentina said and made Mycroft give a little shocked expression. "Yes i remember" she says. "But i believe you have much more wisdom that what you show and tell. And a deeper patience than what you allow to show" Mycroft answered. "And you're going to tell becuase that symbol is no where to be found in any database" Mycroft added on. "So you did look. Not clever enough. But you''re going to force it out" Valentina said deadly. Soon after two men walked inside the room and stood next to her, cracking their fists. "What does the symbol mean?" Mycroft asked. His voice tame. "Why would i tell you?" Valentina asked. A fist headed her way, unable to dodge it she got hit. Her head moving with the blow. "I am going to ask again. What does the symbol mean" he asked again. No response. Another blow came her way. This continued until blood came from her mouth, wounds and blue spots all over her face. "Assassins" she finally said. And they stopped hitting her. "What?" Mycroft asked, surprised. She quicky swallowed some of the little saliva back in her mouth, mixed with blood. "Assassins" she repeated. To be honest she looked like was a dead body with how many wounds she had. "Tell me about these Assassins" Mycroft asked. "We live after the creed." She answered. She knew she was not getting out until she told everything. Might as well tell it all. "The Assassin's Creed" "It all starts so far back that we might as well put up some candles and sit in some blankets. Templars is the other order. They seek "Peace. Stability. A world where men live without fear. People desire the truth, yes, but even when they have it, they refuse to look. How do we fight this kind of ignorance?" But seek disciplin with slavery of sorts. We seek Peace and freedom. A world where every man is free and equal. We try to make the world more free and equal as they try to make more rules to follow. Both sides filed with irony.

The Assassins seek to promote peace, but commit murder. The Assassins seek to open the minds of men, but require obedience to rules. The Assassins seek to reveal the danger of blind faith, yet practice it themselves.

And we follow the three tennets no matter what. Even if we risk our own life.

Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent Hide in plain sight Never compromise the Brotherhood

We have always been here. We have helped with any big history thing you know. French revolution. Helped. American independence. Helped. Been partners with Leonardo Da Vinci even. And fought for the Holy land. Where three religions meet. We will always be friends with the shadows. And go unoticed. But always have weapons on us." Valentina said and flicked her wrist to reveal her hidden blade. Whilst doing so showing her missing middle finger. "Why are you missing a finger?" Mycroft asked. "To show commitment. Before the renaissance we would cut the middel finger or fingers to show commitment. I choose to get my fingers chopped off. And now a burnmark." Valentina said. "Now i want to sleep" Valentina said and layed her hands up on the table infront of her and layed her head on her arms. Falling into a deep sleep.

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