Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


11. Training once again.

"Wake up Arno. The birds started to sing two hours ago and you are going to miss breakfast" Secilia said and immiedately. Thus with these words he woke up. He rolled out of bed and quickly stood up. He rushed with his clothes and ran out the door, only to be stopped by said door. "A bit too fast there, Lad" Secilia said. She opened up the door and lead the way. She had a small grin on her face. Arno followed after her and held his hand to his forehead out of pain. They reached the dinner room. She sat down and grabbed out after an apple. A hand took the said red apple faster than her. "Michel! Give me that apple!" Secilia yelled and looked behind her. "No, m'lady i took it first" the man Michel said. He had a croaky voice just like the Mentor. "Well i saw it first" She argued. She looked behind her again and the apple was given to her. She nodded in approval and quickly messed up Michel's shoulder long hair. She took a bite from the sweet red apple and saw that Arno was socializing. Arno looked back at her. Hinting at her to walk over to him. She nodded at a response. But it was a nod that signalised 'No'. Michel noticed this and pulled her out of the chair and pushed towards Arno. "Michel. No. Stop. Michel please stop" She pleaded to no avail. He kept pushing her with a grip that was impossible to escape. She was finally pushed near Arno, and Michel walked away laughing. "Bonjour Secilia" Arno greeted. No turning back now. "Ciao. Bonjour. Hola" She greeted back to the other brothers and sisters that were talking to Arno. They gave her a nod full of respect. "You can talk to me. I am just. Me Secilia" She explained. "So when are you going out for a mission again?" A female sweet voice said. She had long red hair. It was a bit curly but still straight. "I do not know. No dove or bird have come with a plead of help. Until then i am training Arno here" She said and messed up Arno's hair. "How is it going with you and Michel? I heard you got wounded" Secilia said and nodded towards Michel. "Well i got minor wounds. But no stitches were needed." the female answered. "Cathrine!" A male voice said. Obviously Michel's. Cathrine quickly walked towards him and there for left the conversation. Now Secilia only knew Arno. Three other people she knew nothing about. "Was it hard?" A male voice said. His voice was monotone. It didn't annoy her in anyway. "Wha-at? Wha-t was hard?" She asked stammering of nervousness. She tried to keep eye contact but she was unsure of her self. She was used to talk with clients and the person she was out to kill. She knew she would never see those people again. But if she messed up here. Everyone would know. "Becoming a master Assassin?" He asked again. "Kind-a. Ye-es it was hard. But. But ehm. Easy enough when i was close. Ehm. To become one" She stammered again. A small chuckle escaped Arno's lips. A death glare was sent his way. "Well Arno and i have to train now" She excused to the man. She dragged Arno after her and was not pleased with anything at the moment. "I am not the social person. You will never see me at a party nor speaking with more than two people. I will always be discussing something serious. Small talk is not my forté." She said angrily and still dragged Arno after her. They reached the training ground from yesterday again. She stood in her elegant stance again. She drew out her small daggers. One parrying dagger made of steel. It was shining form the sun and the other a colichemarde dagger. It shined too in the sun. Arno quickly saw that two extra sheathes was on his belt, two daggers. Both the same. Looked like khanjar daggers. He stood in the same stance as yesterday. He was still confused as of why she was so angry. All of a sudden she swung out after him, anger was her motivation. He quickly dodged the dagger. In an instant he swung both daggers in diffrent sides, both to be parried. Her elegant stance was gone, rage was filled in his veins. She made a spin, still having both daggers blocked and parried. She moved her own two daggers with incredible speed. Making Arno caught off guard and when he saw them he fell backwards. Stranddling him. She had both dagger on each side of his throat. She threw the daggers away and started to punch him everywhere she could. "SECILIA!" a voice yelled. She did not reconise it until she was dragged away from Arno. "What have made you like this!?" Valetine now yelled. Silence. "Great. Do you want me to get your Mentor?" Valetine asked, his voice annoyed with her childish behaviour. "No. The reason was humiliation" She said, her voice slowly calming down. Arno stood up. No damage was done to him. Atleast not wounds. Only some marks. "Humiliation?!" Arno yelled in anger. "What did i do!?" He yelled again, walking towards her. "Go figure" she said. She ran away from Valentine's grip and scaled the building's walls. She stopped outside her window and opened it up. She was gone from sight. "What did i do?" Arno asked again. "Well. Could be a few things. Socialising, mentioning of some certain people or teasing with telling her Mentor something bad about her. When she was 18. 6th rank. Someone told something bad about her. She lost three ranks." Valentine explained to Arno. They heard aloud groan and scream from the room. Both rushed inside. They walked inside the bedroom only to see a bunch of other assassin's. She had lost it. Valentine quickly pushed his way past them with Arno and kicked the door in. "Leave now or you will get in trouble" Valentine said threatning. All Assassins hurried away. The business was gone. They could see a confused and crying Secilia in the far end of the room. "Leave me now!" She said almost sobbing. Her tone demanding. "I know you do not like to be social. I know you feel humiliated when you talk to strangers. But people in this creed will show respect to you no matter what. You're a Master Assassin. Please just ignore it. You can train Arno again. And i can stand by your side. Help you" Valentine offered, his voice comforting to her. She sobbed and stood up. She nodded and climbed out the window. "Argh. You need to learn how to damned climb" Valentine said to Arno.



France, Paris, 1790 5th of March.


'thump'. "Bonjour Assassin" a man greeted. A bit too fat. Looked rich but not noble. Probably a tradesman. He turned around to see the three assassins. "I can see you have brought some friends with you. Master Assassin" he added. "Well safety in numbers" Arno said. A smirk on his face. "Do not get to full of your self, boy" "Do not get to angry at him" Secilia said threatning. "You wanted us" She said. "Oui. One of the guard captains. Sìlas Montenes. He stole from our shop. Said something about Templar buisness. Knew i needed to contact the brotherhood" The tradesman said again. "Merci" She said and walked across the streets of Paris. Her broken windows giving sound under her feet. "She is in pain" Valentine said. "Oui. Indeed" Arno and Secilia said on the same time. Secilia stopped up and listened to the conversation some guards were having. "Sìlas ordered this attack a month ago! Where is it!? Answer me boy!" A man said. All three of the Assassins looked at him. The templar cross on his finger. "We didn't have enough weapons!" the guard defended. The templar threw the guard down. Secilia quickly scaled the building and followed from above. He walked into the crowd and was lost. "Damnit!" Secilia exclaimed and kicked the roof. She found a haystack and breathed in. She jumped down, time stopping for a second. She had no time to move when a body landed on her. 'hmpf' came from her mouth. She looked into the eyes of Arno. "Didn't you have time to spin around in the fall?" She asked. Arno quickly jumped out the cart with her right behind him. Valentine landed in the cart and jumped out too. "It's nightfall. We should rest at an inn" Valentine said. "Oui indeed" Arno commented. They only had to walk a few steps when they stood outside an inn. "Incredible we still have working inns" Valentine said making Secilia chuckle. They walked in and Valentina ordered some rooms. He quickly returned. "We have two room. One of the rooms is a single mans. I will take that one. Secilia and Arno you can get the other one." Valentine said and walked upstairs with Arno and Secilia behind him. He walked inside a room and quickly pointed towards the room at the end. Arno and Secilia opened the door at the same time only to sigh and wanting to sleep on the floor. One big queensized bed. Secilia sighed and entered. She took off her weapons and her boots. She jumped into the bed just wanting to get over with this. Arno did the same. He took off his coat too. Secilia quickly took off her cape and upper curias. Both landing on the floor.


"Arno?" Secilia asked in the middle of the night. "What?" He asked tiredly. "I am bored" She answered and turned around to look into some hazy eyes. Arno just wanted to shut her up, she have asked questions the whole night. He leaned in and kissed her. Their lips meeting. His rough ones meeting her smooth ones tho filled with scars. The smell around them was more calming than thought. It wasn't warm nor cold. His breath touching her cheek. A muffled moan escaped her lips. Arno knew this was wrong. But continued. He moved his hands down to her hips and grabbed her hips. Before he could move her closer she straddled him. Another muffled moan escaped her lips. He quickly flipped them around making the bed sound. He moved down to her neck, kissing, sucking all over her delicate neck.

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