Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


2. Safety at it's best.

"I am safe. And you already saw how good i can handle myself" she said. "Well that's not going to last" John shot in "Well. I do not care" She spat. "No need to get angry." "Yes. You believe i can't handle my sel- Is that a police car? You got to be kidding me!" She yelled. "I AM NOT A DAMNED WITNESS!" She yelled. Putting down her cat. As a man knocked on the door she immediately opened it. "Welcome in. Living room that way" She said and closed the door. "I really hate this. Who even let you in?" She asked not looking at the man. "Good day Moriarty. Seems like you've come to gather your information" Sherlock said. "Who's Moriarty?" Alice asked looking at the man who just entered. Staring into his brown eyes, "That would be me" the man known as Moriarty said in his irish accent. "Hello" Alice answered calmly knowing who he was. From what they told her earlier. "I am no witness. Moriarty" She said drinking more of her coffee. "Oh, but you are. Alice" Moriarty said. "No i am not. But if i was one. Tell me what i witnessed" she said. Her voice was lightly coated in poison. "I cannot tell you, birdie" Moriarty said, smirking. "Well then you have no evidence." She said. Going over towards the door. Opening it. "The door is open, and i say goodbye. Good time knowing you. Now, please go out before i hospitalize you." She said. "Oh, how I feel afraid." He said for fun. "Out now!" She said, angry, poison covering them. "If that will make you happy. Then okay. Birdie" Moriarty said, walking out. Grabbing her and covering her mouth. Walking outside her flat with her. Into a car. Black as the night.


"What are they doing, Sherlock?" John asked. "Let me go check" Sherlock said, standing up and walked towards the closed flat door. "John, She's gone. He took her" Sherlock yelled for John to hear.


"What the fuck are you doing?!" Alice yelled after biting Moriarty's hand. "Oh, poppet. You have witnessed a robbery. One that ended in murder" Moriarty said popping the p's in poppet. "She didn't look dead to me. Didn't need medical attention" Alice said. "well she did. Just not knowing it" Moriarty said. His smirk becam bigger. She looked into those brown eyes again. Slowly drifting away in them. "You know. It is weird how brown eyes can make people fall. Hard. Falling is the same as flying just diffrent." Moriarty said.  She came to her self again. "Yes it is weird. Just as weird as a person with purple hair. Couldn't be hard to find me. Was it?" She asked looking into his eyes again, waiting for a answer. But none came. Realising she answered it her self. She kept looking into them with her grey ones. About to get more and more brown. All she wanted to know was why he did this, just becuase of the robbery. All running through her head. All blank."Why would it ruin you?" She asked. Fully knowing the answer. "We both know the answer" "Indeed. But tell me anyway" "It would ruin me. Finally catch me" Moriarty answered. She looked outside the darkend window to discover a large villa almost. "Pretty. Is that where you keep all of your maids n' slaves" She asked in her cockney accent almost slipping into a french one. "We got one from France or Italy. Or could be from Spain, Italy and France. You my dear. Are full of surprises. I like surprises." Moriarty. "And yes it is" he added on. "If you do not go in there willingly i will kill you and make you into shoes." "d'accord" She answered stepping out of the car with Moriarty right behind her. As the gates opened they slowly walked through the gate opening. As they made their way up to the door Moriarty cleared his throat. "When we get in there. Pretend like you're my girlfriend. If not. I will skin you" He said singing the last part, smirking.
"Fine" she said regretting her words. As they entered the door they were greeted with smiles and sweat. "Do you smoke by any chance. Moriarty?" She asked him. "I do. In need of a cigarrete?" Moriarty asked. "Yes." As soon as she spoke those words a lighter and a cigarrete was given to her. As soon as she lighted  the cigarrete and inhaled from it, she immediately relaxed. The cigarette found its way into her fingers again as she breathed out, smoke coming from her lips. "Sir Moriarty i see you found your self a girl. She is lucky" a little girl said. "She is. She is my princess" He said and smirked. Just as he said those words. Alice choked on the smoke in her throat. Moriarty quickly lead her to a bedroom, the walls black. A king sized bed was in the middle of the room. Red covers, black duvet. Very few paintings and a few flowers here and there just to liven up the room. Details only to make him seem more humane. A wardrobe was in the corner of the room. White painted, illuminating the room. As she made her way around taking in the sorrounding, she felt a pair of lips on her neck. "No." She simply said stepping away. "Something wrong, princess?" He asked. "I am just not safe at the thought, that i am in this room, with you, kissing my neck. Trying to ge me aroused. Trying to fuck me. Well. I know that you're a criminal. And that you're a person who kills. And would not hesitate to rape. So no thank you really. I will contact you if i want to" she said casually. Sitting down into a chair. "I am just not the person who is quick about such stuff" she said easily. Moriarty quickly walking out the room.

As the day went on and Alice got more tired. A maid walked in with some sleep wear to Alice. Most of it was skimpy. No doubt. As she found some shorts that wouldn't reveal too much and a tank top with it, she changed. Just as she was finished, Moriarty walked in. Alice ignored it and went to the bed and took the douvet over her. Laying on her side. Not that long after, Moriarty joined, pulling her closer. His breath touching her neck. And slowly Alice fell to sleep


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