Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


12. Rtyrth

The door into their room slowly opened only to make Valentine stand in shock. The sight of them naked together made him shut the door loudly. Making both wake up startled. Arno quickly realised what happend last night and a huge smirk came across his lips. Secilias face was filled with shame and embarresment. Arno quickly got dressed as Secilia said something in Latin. Sounded like a plead. But the whispered it into a necklace. When Arno finally left the room Secilia got dressed. Meanwhile downstairs. Arno joined Valentine for some food. He found the wooden corner where Valentine sat. The inn had a rustic feel. Wooden walls and supports. He sat down next to him with a smile. "How was it?" Valentine asked breaking the silence. Normally people would take it rudely and slap those who asked that. "Great. Fun. Pleasurable." Arno explained. His smirk met his lips once again. "So what did you order?" Arno asked. "Bread. Butter and water." Valentine answered. His tone was abit untrust worthy. They heard heavy footsteps coming from the stairs expecting to find a fat boasty man. No. They saw a grumpy Secilia. She stamped her way over to them. She finally sat down just when the food arrived. "Why are you so grumpy?" Valentine asked, his voice was hoarse when he finally cleared it. "I broke a promise" She answered. Her tone was full of shame and sadness. She took the bread with butter on and ate it. She ate it like a sad child. Everynow and then she would drink from the water she had. Valentine and Arno was another thing. They both sended each other questionable glares. "What promise?" Valentine finally found the guts to ask. He was afraid of her. When she lost her temper hell would be near. "To not make love with an Assassin" she mumbled. They both heard it as she took another bite. "And you broke that with Arn-" Valentine quickly shut his mouth when a death glare was sent. Almost in an instant she stared into the table again, she stood up and walked out of the inn. She needed air. Arno and Valentine broke into laughter when she left the inn. Both finishing up with the food. No one worrying about her. She is an Master Assassin after all. They both walked outside expecting Secilia to be there. No. How were they going to find her. The only wat to notice her was in the light. But darkness was her friend.


~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~


"Look what we got here boys. A confused woman." A man boasted. A guard. Secilia turned around to face them. "Look what we got here. A guard that is about to get hurt" Secilia said back, her voice childish. The guard pushed Secilia up against a wall and attacked her neck, not knowing what was next. She glided her hand down to his stomach and flicked her wrist, making the hidden blade activate with no sound. The only sound heard was his last breath. "ASSASSIN!" Another guard yelled and ran head first towards her only to get stopped by a throwing knife. A sword was swung her way. Almost got hit but managed to dodge downwards. She ran toward the guards tackling two of them, stabbing them both in the throat. More guards arrived. She was trapped and the wall was unclimable. No holes, no ridges, no scrapes, no windows and the ledge was atleast 10 meters up into the air. The guards walked toward her with swords in hand. She took out two of her guns. One in each hand. Pulling back the piece of flint and then pulling the trigger, killing two guards. And if it couldn't get anyworse guards came from both sides of her. "I yield" she said with regret in her voice. Looking up at the Templar Master. "Repeat those words."He said in a husky but hoarse voice. "I... Yield" she said outloud, regret and sadness filling her voice. She knew she could take him right here right now. But that would only cause her own death. "Good" He said and whistled out into the air. Two more guards came out. Probably templars. They took one arm each and dragged her along the streets.


                                                                                                     ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~


A gunshot was heard on the streets of Paris. In an instant Valentine and Arno ran towards the bang. Only to see a big group of guards and Templars. And Secilia. She wasn't badly wounded meaning she surendered. They both knew if the followed they would get caught. But their target was in that group. The Guard Captain. Split in their actions they lost eachother. Arno followed them and Valentine returned to the inn. Gathering information about the Captain. Arno was more stealthy than Valentine but not as experienced. "ARGH!!" a scream was heard. Another commoner with out his head. Executed by the nobles and guards. He followed them to a mansion. It was close to Paris but not that far. With the speed the Templars walked in it only took half a day.

Arno finally saw the Templars walk inside the mansion. He sneaked up to the mansion and close to a wall. He scaled the wall with ease, trying to find a way in. He waited for night time. When he would be almost invisible. He now only heard faint whispers from inside. He took out his lockpicking set from a pocket and lockpicked the doors lock. He walked inside and closed the door silently. They surely would have locked her inside a room. A bed room or a prison was unknown.


Secilia finally stopped hitting the door. It wasn't going to open any time soon. She jumped into the bed and started to flick her wrist over and over again. Hearing the silent noise of the blade being pushed out. And not long after she fell asleep. All senses leaving her once again this night. Arno looked inside the keyhole to the room she was locked inside and tried to pick the lock. "HALT!" A yell sounded. Arno started to panic and stood up and took out his sword. He quickly thrusted the sword into the mans stomach. Making him fall to the ground. Whilst he got the rapier out he was grabbed from behind and was hit hard on his head.


London, Assassin's Head Quarters. 2014


"Welcome back" Monique greeted. A smile on her lips. "Hey." Valentina said and stood up. "Well.. That was weird. Arno and Secilia. But i thought it was Elise and Arno." A new voice said. His accent was british. That was for sure. But had a hint of American. "Shaun!" Desmond exclaimed with a hint of happiness in his tone. "Good to see you Desmond" the man named Shaun said. "You must be Valentina. I am Shaun Hastings and i work for the Assassins. I pretty much run the archives and write documents down." He said and smiled shortly. "Wheres the tea?" Valentina. asked, making half a smirk. She walked towards the smell and smiled. "You drink tea!" Valentina exclaimed happily. "None but me drinks tea here. They hate it." Valentina explained. She turned around to be greeted with Desmonds face. Desmond whispered something into her ear. She giggled shortly and pecked him on the lips. "Oh no. You got love birds" Shaun said ironically. Making Valentina chuckle. "Yes" Valentina said and kissed Desmond again. She still loved the feelings of his rough lips on her smooth ones. She pulled away and smiled.

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