Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.



They finally reached the spot she was trained five years ago. "This is it. Ready to train?" Secilia asked in a curious voice. "Oui" Arno said. They walked a few steps away from the huge wall. It was like every other important building in the city. Decorated from the bottom to the top. But didn't have the fine colours of the nobles. No it was black, white and red. Assassin colours. Arno took out the short sword he was given out of it's black leather sheathe. She drew out her short sword as well. But the look on it was diffrent. It was formed as a long sword, only the length of the sword was as long as every other short sword. The hilt of it was silver, the handle were her hand found comfort was wrapped in brown dark leather. The pieces of cloth was found again. The leather had Golden linings. It had a regal touch to it. "Find your stance that will resist every hit. And not move you at the same time" Secilia mentioned, she stood in a elegant stance. Very much like most noble women would stand in for the first time. "I can say to you. Your stance is weak" Arno commented on her elegant stance, she stood with her sword in her right hand. Her right hand and arm was a bit behind her back, still forward enough to be seen by the sun's streaks. It shined powerfully of the suns light. Arno had found a classic northern position. It was strong and powerful. If a person would have seen the way they both stood. It would have looked like Arno would win. Arno hit after her with his normal steel shortsword, only to get parried by the silver one. She blocked in a elegant way, the sword moved without effort to her. She hit after him with some effort but not enough to show it. He jumped back to parry it. He quickly took advantage of her position. He swung out after her legs only for her to jump over the sword. She quickly swung upwards, trying to disarm him. "You know your way with a sword, Novice" She commented on Arno. "You do too. But that is to be expected?" He answered with a question. "Sì, Señor" She said with a huge smile. He took advantage of her not paying attention. He swung out after her throat and stopped when he was one centimeter away from it. "Good fight" Secilia congratulated him. "First one to do that. Of the many novices." She added. A smirk crept up on his lips. "Well good to know. Anything else?" "Well we need to do this in three to four hours more." She said to Arno. They stood in their stances again. "It's incredible you look so vulnerable and weak in that stance, yet you are powerful, cunning, stealthy and strong." Arno commented on her stance. "And you are still fast in that slow stance" Secilia commented on his. She struck out again with a grin on her face.


"Secilia! It's midnight! Time to end training!" A male voice said, her Mentor. "Fine!" She said and checkmated Arno with a swing after his throat and stopped in mid air only to push him on the ground. They both walked inside the huge building. "How come you still have the traditional robes of the Assassin's?" Arno asked his appealing voice was gone into a hoarse one. "Well. My family reach that far back. My Grandfather was an Assassin. And his father and so on. Same with my mother. But none reached Master Assassin. I am the only one in my family that has reached that." She explained and finally reached her room. "I was told you were to share room with me. I tried to resist as my room is messy. Books everywhere and scrolls" She said and opened up the door. The sound of books, clothes, weapons and scrolls moving was heard. She quickly walked in and placed the books she was reading on her night stand. The other scrolls and books on bookshelves. The weapons on weaponracks. And the clothes in a basket. The room had a noble, regal and royal look. Two rather large beds in the huge room. Dressing room too. The doors in this room was made out of birch, the pure white tree complimented the rest of the room. The windows was not coloured. Maybe a bit. The top of all the windows in this room had the Assassin logo on it. The red glass with grey around it. The moon light shined down onto the windows and the light was coloured red. The walls of the room had brown walls made of mohogany. One window of them all was diffrent and eyecatching. The window still was built outwards. A place to lay and sit. Looked like her reading place. "I am going to bet that you read quite a lot. Also are very wise of your age." Arno said in awe. He coughed and made way over to his bed and took off his boots, jacket and trousers. He was in undergarments. He didn't look affected by his nakedness. Secilia immediately looked away. "Theres a shirt in the wardrobe. Also a duvet, pillows and more." She said and pointed towards the dressing room. Whilst he was gone in there she took off her Assassin robes, weapons. And the last weapon she took off was not the hiddenblades. No. It was her ebony bow. Her belowed mix of recurve and shortbow. She showed respect towards her bow. She put it on the mannequin she had for her weapons. She placed it elegantly on it. The quiver with arrows was done the exact opposite. It was pulled off and thrown across the ground. She had a white shirt on, and what we in modern days would describe with shorts. She layed down on the bed, pulled the summer duvet over her and took one special book. 'The Hamlet'. Almost at the last page she read the words inside of her head. She shifted to the last page and got disturbed by Arno's voice. "The Hamlet. Does that book mean anything important to you?" He asked tiredly. He layed down onto the bed and layed the blanket he had found over him and put two pillows under his head. "Well it's about Denmark. And Denmark have always facinated me. Just the way that as soon as they heard the war against catolism and so much more they fought. It facinates me. Economics is not their strong point at the moment with their dumb crazy king. Obviously he is mentally ill. Christian the 7th. But the fleet they have is strong and facinating." Secilia said and read the last page, Arno was struck by awe and surprise over her knowledge of Politics, kings and more. Soon after a lough sigh was heard, Arno looked at Secilia's sleeping form. After that he, him self went to sleep.

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