Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


7. Broken Indeed

"From what we can see from the pictures your leg is broken" The Doctor annouced. "That's bull" Alice said her tone angry and threatning. "How the hell am i going to survive living on the second floor?" She yelled, almost breaking the pencil she was sitting with. "Well first of take the lift and second of you need to study" He said giving her a grin. "I know that Dr. Smartypants" Her tone almost too sarcastic.

Later that day

"So how was it?" John asked already knowing the answer. Alice sended him a deathstare. "Boring, time consuming and painful" Alice said, a sigh leaving her mouth. "And i have to sit in this dreaded chair" she pointed out, her voice annoyed by how uncomfortable it was. As they finally made it outside, the fresh air hitting Alices face, she took a deep breath, the busy city hitting her ears. At a instant they stepped out a black car pulled up to them. "Great, just what i needed, a person to ruin this day more" Alice said, making John send out a short laugh. Her phone said the famous 'BONK' sound and she looked at the message
'Step in -MH'

"Well ain't that swell" Alice said, "How are we even going to get that dreaded thing with us" She asked as she went from the wheelchair into the car. She saw Sherlock sitting right next to her, and John next to Sherlock and the wheelchair in the trunk. The car finally moved. Alice giving a sigh of relief. "Ba da da dum" Alice said bored making John and Sherlock look at her. She just looked back at them, her eyes sending a death glare. After that she quickly looked out side the window, a habbit she have gotten after her years in Italy. The long trips to cities in Italy, Firenze, Roma, Venezia and Napoli was beautiful but long. But she remember them clearly. The car stopped right in front of 221B Baker Street. "Your brother cares way too much" her voice coming out sarcastic. "My pets!" Alice exclaimed forgetting about them. "Your friend is taking care of that" John said entering the flat. Sherlock had the wheelchair ready and lifted Alice in it. "John some damned help!" Alice yelled almost threatning him. He rushed down the stairs and saw the situation. "So i have to lift you?" "No the Wheelchair. Last time you held her you dropped her." Sherlock pointed out he lifted up Alice, again bridal style. He lifted her up the stairs and layed her down into the couch. A light thump was heard and dust filled the air. John quickly joined them, "Hello" he said his voice out of breath. "Was is really that heavy" "Yes" "Just be happy i didn't sit on it. 55 kg. Thats alot" Alice teased, making a short laugh escape her lips. John went over to his chair with his laptop on his lap, Sherlock reading some papers and Alice doing nothing at all. She just looked at Sherlock and admired what he did. And her phone broke the silence. "Surprised that thing still works." John said. Alice answered it immediately reconizing the voice. "Hello" She answered coldly

"Ciao, Valentina. Or should i say Alice" the male voice said. (BEWARE ALL ITALIAN IS MACHINE TRANSLATED!) "Che cosa volete?" Alice asked her voice fiery and threatning. "Qualcuno è contento di vedere me" "No, non del tutto. Che cosa volete?" She repeated. Her voice almost yelling drawing attention from John and Sherlock. "Italian?" John asked. His voice confused. "Yes. Very annoyed italian" Sherlock answered, the fact that both of them knew close to none italian didn't help at all. "Il vostro amore, denaro, potere cose simili. Soprattutto voi." The man said again. "IO sono stanco di il tuo fottuto stupido stupidi giochi Antonio!" She yelled into the phone and hung up. Almost throwing the phone away, that was in her eyes broken and dumb. "Stupido idiota, figlio di puttana, prostituta, idiota, dickhead, dick, piccolo pezzo di merda." she swore and just sighed loudly. "Who were you talking to?" John asked trying to make sense of what was going on. "A stupid person called. Thats all" "Alice. Italian has some words similar to English. And the fact you said dickhead and dick don't help." Sherlock stated with no tone what so ever. "Well just an old mafia person i used to be friends with" Alice told or Valentina. If someone was listening to their call she might as well kill her self. Her secret getting out to the state of England. Hell no. "I need a cab right now. " Alice said rolling out of the couch and crawling towards the door to be stopped by Sherlocks slender legs. "Move" she spat out. "No" Sherlock said coldly. "What do you need a cab for?" He asked his voice curious and cold. "I need to talk with someone, in private, face to face. Something you wouldn't know" Alice yelled out, comming out threatning, fierce and angry. "No." Sherlock said cold again. Alice had enough she bit Sherlocks leg and a silent cry came from his mouth and he quickly moved. Alice started to crawl again. She finally made it to the stairs when she felt some hands lift her up. "LET ME GO YOU ANNOYING IDIOTA! I WILL HIT YOU!" "Calm down" "COME SEMPRE!" She yelled as she was carried down stairs. "Wait what are you doing" She finally asked Sherlock. "Getting you a cab." He said pulling one in. "Where to?" The driver said, Alice handed him a piece of paper. Sherlock immediately noticed the roads and the route. "Why do you want to talk to My-" "Personal matters Sherlock" Alice said silencing him. "But wh-" "Silenzio" she said and silenced him. They stopped outside a place you can only describe with royal looking. Sherlock quickly walked out of the car and went over to Alice and picked her up. Walking into the building and saw a young lady sit in behind a desk. "Good day, you are here for?" She asked her voice sweet and deep. "Mr. Holmes" Alice said and got pointed towards a elevator. "Just that way, 3rd floor" the lady said. Sherlock quickly walked over to the elevator and pressed the button that sends the elevator down. The doors opended and he walked in. He pressed 3rd, the door closing and the elevator going up. Silence. The doors opended and they were greeted by Mycroft. "Good day Alice and Brother." He said. He turned around and walked through a door, Sherlock following right after. He place Alice down in a chair and walked out. "So Alice. You obviously wants to talk. But about what?" Mycroft asked. "Safety, yours, Sherlocks, Johns, Ms. Hudsons and the states." Alice said. A loud sigh comming from her lips. "I suppose i need to start by telling you my real name. It's Valentina Jacqueline Aiala Jeanette Vienna Auditore Da Venezia. Second of you probably know that name. Very well." Alice said. Or now just discovered Valentina. "I do. Had something to do with the Italian Mafia, murders, scam and more" Mycroft noted. "Indeed. One of my buisness partners is after me. Willing to do anything t0 get me back. Even killing people in the govourment, the royal family. Anything" Valentina noted. "And you seek protection?" Mycroft asked his voice serious as he took a sip from a coffee mug. "Yes." Valentina answered simply.

"Will be done"

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