Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


5. Alone.

She felt alone.

"Thats how i feel. And i feel hopeless. And i've felt this way all my life, becuase i was 'diffrent' i was 'weird', i was not right, my hair a little to the left, i wasn't rich, i was a tomboy. I like video games, i like doing parkour and sports. I love being unsociable. I love being a introvert, i love reading and to write." Alice said calmly, moving a piece of hair behind her ear. "I didn't know" Came out of Sherlock and Johns mouth's. "Well i will be going now" Alice said, walking down the stairs, out the door, walking along the path, longer down trying to pull in a cab, not being any kind of successful. As rain started to drop she looked up tears rolling down her face. "You know what rain. I am sick and tired of your piss!" She yelled. Walking home to her flat, trying not to show her crying. She made it look like some kind of allergy. Her phone made that one noise she missed the most. Her messaging tone. She quickly stopped up and looked at it. 'Desmond here. Wanna meet up' a smile spread across her face, she quikly sent him an adress. As she finally reached her flat, she quickly got up to her door and unlocked it. Walking in to be assaulted by her pets. She closed the door and greeted them all. She took of her shoes and walked out to the kitchen, filling up all the food bowls. A smile greeted her lips as she walked into the bathroom, taking a shower. All her doubts washing away for the rest of the day. As she stepped out she quickly dried her purple hair and put it up in a bun. Quickly she jogged into her room, over to her wardrobe. She pulled out a tank top, a hoodie, some LA LAKERS basket shorts and a pair of socks. She went out in the kicthen, looking at the time, 5:30 pm. "Oka. 30 minutes to make food" Alice said to her self, she looked at the fridge in confusion. "Wait who bought in for me? Well i do not care"
 She started to boil some water, and ready up to make some pasta sauce. Meanwhile that was doing it's buisness she put plates up at the coffee table in the living room, together with forks and knifes and lastly two glasses. She quickly finished the dinner when Desmonds texted her. She smiled and looked outside her window to see a Desmonds. She walked over to a panel thingie and pushed down a button. "Come right up!" She said and pressed another button. Desmond ran up the stairs, his hoodie was replaced with a shirt, his jeans replaced with some slacks. He looked formal and handsome. He knocked on the door to her flat and a smile was creeping up her lips. "Just come right it's open!" Alice yelled. Desmond walked through the flat door and closed it after he entered, taking his shoes off. As he walked into the living room food was on the coffee table and a Alice greeted him. "Good evening" she said. As she lead him to the couch and sat down, a smile came up his lips.  He sat down next to her, "So how was your day?" He started out a smile standing proud on his lips. "Tragic and confusing. But i am not in the mood to talk about that. How was yours?" She asked eating some of her spaghetti. "Good, worked on the bar and such. Talked to my father" He said smiling eating some spaghetti too.


-Later on the night and many drinks of wine-


"Do you remember Zelda?" Alice asked, her hoodie was off now, her words sligtly slurred. "Yea, she was so helpless" Desmonds answered, a chuckle escaping his lips. A moment of silence fell and they looked at eachother. Her heart beating was all over the place, his right hans moving it's way up her arm, the feeling of his rough hand on her arm was fantastic. Her eyes closed as he put his rough lips on her cracked, small ones. The old sound of kissing was made, filling the room, her heart beating with 100 kilometers an hour, his heart active as the mother bird. Both never wanting it to let go, the warm air from their noses hitting eachothers cheeks, their tounges meeting. Desmond exploring her mouth, gentle and nice. Sweat started to form as the air got hotter and hotter. And a moan escaped Alice's lips. The moment so perfect and picture perfect too.

(French kisses)

And it stopped. "Sorry i can see you're busy Alice, and friend, but national importance." Mycroft said. "So you walk into my flat and stop my date?" Alice asked, annoyance filling her voice. "Yes." Mycroft answered. "And my friend is Desmond-" "Miles" Desmond finished. "I know about you." Mycroft stated, a small smirk spreading across his lips. "What is so fucking important that you have to go here?" Alice said, getting closer to Desmond to calm down. "You know Alice, there are anger mangement in this world. But the thing of so great importance is a bomb threat. Here in London" Mycroft said, his voice was serious and rang out through the room. "Can it not wait for tommorow?" Alice asked. "Fine, but if London is gone tommorow you are to blame" Mycroft said and left again. "Well, Desmond i am off to bed, you can stay here or go home" Alice said, stretching her arms and a long yawn escaping her lips. As she stood up and walked to the bedroom a loud noise was heard, a sound of Desmond landing in the floor after her dog took her space. A chuckle escaped her lips, she opened the bedroom door, taking off her socks and jumped down into the bed. She pulled out the elastics and dounought from her hair, laying them on a nightstand. As the pulled the douvet over her two of her cats joined her. A smile got up on her face. And she fell asleep.


Another kick was delivered from Alice, hitting the person who had hurt her so much in the chest. A kick became two and two kicks became fists to the stomach. Another fight was done. As people looked at her shocked she fled. More people hated her. She finally had climbed up to the roof of the school. Tears streaming down her face, all alone. Why was it always her? Why was it always the way she acted? Why was it always for who she was? As these thoughts was in her head another person climbed up to the roof, she was fleeing from teachers. "I've done shit, she started it. She called me a psychotic bitch." Her rather deep voice said. "Try and catch me" She yelled teasingly, she smiled as the teachers walked away. Then she finally saw Alice's crying form. As she ran and jumped over pipes and what not she finally reached Alice. "Hey, whats not wrong?" she asked Alice's crying form. "I am not fake." Those words came out silent and weak. "What words would you describe your self with?" the girl asked again. "Strong, smart, clever, wise, hot headed, sly and silent. And diffrent and weird." She finished. "Oka remember that. Now tell me whats wrong" the girl asked a third time. "I got into a fight becuase i made a clever remark" Alice said. "And then i was told i was too dumb to do such things and then i just couldn't hold it anymore" Alice told her, finally looking into her eyes. As Alice looked down her eyes she felt like the girl knew everything just by a look in her eyes, but all Alice could see was a piece of the girls soul. "Don't feel alone, you always have somekind of company" the girl stated. "Well i am off. I got a principal to talk to." She said and she was off.

-End of flashback-

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