Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


1. A completly normal day.

She slowly started to sketch away, her small hand holding the pencil, a smile on her lips, stereo playing her favourite songs. Waiting for an answer, hours passed by and she was done with her third sketch, starting her fourth with a sigh, out of creativity. No answer and it was nearing nine p.m. She stood up and walked out of her flat, remembering her phone and took on her hoodie. Her hoodie buddie. She plugged the phone to the hoodie and started listening to Parfüme by Boogie.  As she walked slowly singing along, silently to the hungarian song. Soon to reach it's end. Next song slowly came on, The Golden Age. "I am walking through the fields.. Of gold." She sang along, as it started to rain. "In that distance, bombs can fall" she continued to walk, the rain only getting heavier. "As i am walking through the door" she sang and finally found a bar. She quickly walked in and sat down right infront of it. "What can i give this pretty lady?" a male voice said.  "Dark rum" she said looking up at him, quickly catching his brown eyes. Quickly after, he gave her a glass of her requested rum. She quickly took a swig. "So what's your name?" She broke the silence. "Desmond. And yours?" He answered. "Alice." She answered looking into his eyes. "So what do you work with, Alice" Desmond asked. Looking at her taking another sip. "Art, voice acting. Tho nothing really works for now" she answered him. "No point in asking you. You're a bartender." She said taking another sip. "Have you seen the girl over there? She would be nice. She looks fresh." Alice overheard a conversation. She kept talking with Desmond.  As she was walking out the men quickly stood up and stopped her. One of the men quickly tried to hit her, she blocked. Sending a kick at the mans way, hitting him to times, one in the head other on the chest. Grabbing him and smacking him down on her knee cap. Making him black out. A slap made it across her face. She quickly looked at another man hitting him three times in his stomach, making him fall in pain. And the last man fled. "Woaw. Where did you learn that?" Desmond asked. "When i was thirteen and bored i practiced self defence." She answered, and quickly walked over to Desmonds giving him a piece of paper with her name and number on. "Call me if you're bored" She said and quickly walked out. Starting the music again. As she made her way to her flat, little did she know she was being followed by another man with other intentions. As she reached her flat, loudly singing along to the songs playing. "Why won't you just talk to meee? Theres a universe inside your head.." she sang along. Pluging the key into the key-hole. Turning the key and a click noise was made. As she opened the door and stepped in and was about to close it, a foot stopped it. She quickly plugged out the earbuds. "Why did you follow me?" she asked continueing to look at the shoe, obviously it was black. She followed the leg up and looked up at the man's face. High cheek bones, oval face, blue eyes. "Good question. I saw your fight. Impressive. But you pulled it of like it was nothing, no problem. A average human could not do that with getting some kind of stra-" "I am not average." She interupted. "But i invite you inside." She said opening the door and politely showing him the way to the livingroom, closing the door after he entered. "Tea or caffé?" she asked him. "Coffee" He answered. She she stepped into the kitchen she heard another person enter. "Who's there?" she yelled. As the water finally boiled, she found two mugs. "And tea" another male voice said. She looked behind her and almost dropped the mugs. "Oka. On the way" she said taking another mug and some green tea. She took some coffee powder (?) and poured some into two of the mugs and put the tea bag of green tea in the third. Pouring the warm water in all of the mugs. She took a serving plate and put off of the mugs on it and walked into the living room. Placing the plate on the coffee table. "Any of you want sugar?" she asked. "I am sure Sherlock wants some sugar" the blond haired man said. Alice quickly jogging into the kitchen with some sugar cubes. Placing them on the plate. Taking her mug. "Do not expect me to put the sugar in the caffé" "And you should stop expecting people to understand your Italian." the dark brown haired man said, or what his friend called him. Sherlock. "Well obviously you know Italian. So i do not see the problema" she said. "So who's your friend" She asked, hencing at the blond haired man. "John Watson" Sherlock said. "Well good evening or good night John. Or Doctor Watson" she said. "How did you know?" "Well you hold the deamanor of one." She pointed out. "If you know where to look everything is obvious" She said. "Like with you. You're a halfway through medical student, have five siblings. One of them is almost the Swedish govourment-" "Like your brother" "Yes. The youngest is thirteen. Oldest is thirty. And both your parents are old. Other siblings i do not know. You have a big family, and your parents left all their money for their favourites. Being your oldest sister, you and the youngest. And they fakes their death. Only so they wouldn't get killed. Or worse you killed. So the only way you have the money for this flat is through that. You also have three cats and a puppy. All asleep." "Please stop deducing me" She stopped Sherlock. A scratch sound was heard from behind her. And a meow. She turned around and saw one of her cats. "Aurora. What are you doing?" Alice asked the cat, picking it up and petting it. "He was correct. He always miss something" John said. "Well the second youngest is fifteen and my older brother is 27. and is in the Italian mafia. Hate i him for it" She said. Drinking some of her coffee. "What do you want with me?" She asked. "And why" she said. "Well. Someone is after you. He thinks you have information about a murder that happend not that long ago. Something that will kill him." "What murder. You know what. forget that question." She said. "And why. Becuase we want you safe." Sherlock said



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