The Hopeless Truth

Joanna Elise Tailor is your down to earth, relaxed girl. That just happens to live next door to a sarcastic, egotistical guy named Eric Logan. The pair have hated each other for years. He thinks she is boring and needs to live a little whilst she has held a grudge for 5 years. Now both near 18 a mutual friend comes back into the picture. Its time to air out old secrets but everybody will like what they hear.
Will life turn out like the movies or will it crash and burn around them...


1. You Could Pratically Write A Book


Joanna's POV

 All my life I have lived here. This same house, the same street and with the same exact neighbours. Only not once in 5 years has that jerk of a neighbour said one nice thing to me. Eric Logan is the most sarcastic, egotistical, loud mouthed player I have ever met.

If its not a party or him and his friends playing video games and listening to loud music its a girl over. I mean for god sake have some dignity. I should have known to expect it though. His brother was like it but he moved away last summer. I know that sounds hypercritical of me after I say all the time to never judge before you know a person.

Its not easy to not judge him as that's all he seems to do is judge. He judges how you dress, how you walk, how you talk and how you even breathe.

I mean you could practically write a book on the stuff he does.




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