The Hopeless Truth

Joanna Elise Tailor is your down to earth, relaxed girl. That just happens to live next door to a sarcastic, egotistical guy named Eric Logan. The pair have hated each other for years. He thinks she is boring and needs to live a little whilst she has held a grudge for 5 years. Now both near 18 a mutual friend comes back into the picture. Its time to air out old secrets but everybody will like what they hear. ************ Will life turn out like the movies or will it crash and burn around them...


2. You Could Barely Write A Page


Eric's POV

She is the most boring person in the world.

She needs to live a little. She is quiet and won't let anyone in. She is a spoilt brat.

She is nearly 18 but acts like she is turning 85. She does so little I can't even write much.

I mean you could barley write a page.








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