Blog-er-net (A Solitaire Competition Entry)

My name is Sophie. Yes. I know what you're thinking. An ordinary name for an ordinary girl.
I'm in year 8 at Rosten High. I hate it there. And everyone there hates me. It is a private school. A private school that I privately despise.
And I'm obsessed with a website. A website named Blog-er-net.


2. Blog 1

I'm a bully.

I'm a bully.

I'm a bully.


What are you going to do about it?

A voice asked inside of my head. Wait. What? Inside of my head? Now this thing's sending me insane.

I'm not coming off of this. It is part of my life now. Part of me.

But you have to!

What? I'm talking to myself again. Oh, how silly of me.


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