The Model

Kailen is a teenage model. 5 Seconds of Summer is a singing teenage heartthrob band. What happens when Kailen does a photo-shoot with 5sos and accidently falls in love with a band member a few years older than her? Read 'The Model' to find out!


3. Chapter 2


"Good, you're here. Let's head to the place we make magic." Melissa says in a preppy voice like always.


We head down the hall, into a door, down another hall, and find the room that we always take the pictires in.

We walk in and what we see strikes me with something.


Kailen's POV

I see 5 Seconds of Summer, standing in front of the green screen, making weird yet hilarious faces.

Ashton is standing, looking into the camera, body facing their right hand wall, with a pouty expression across his face, all the while houched a little bit.

Luke is standing normal, everything facing the camera, with an almost blank expression on his face.

Micheal standing a behind yet on the side of Luke, with an undescribable face that is really funny.

Then, Calum is on an angle, making a puff cheeked face.

Laughter, excitement, and everything good strikes me.

IT'S 5SOS!!!!

"Boys, quit goofing off. Now, this is Kailen. She will be working with you for your shoot. Behave and don't goof off, escpacially, you, Ashton. I love you, dear, but, you need to pay attention sometimes." She says.

"Yes, Aunt Melissa." they groan, most likely in annoyance.

I laugh.

"Oh Kailen, dear, you know who 5 Seconds of Summer is. I have seen your phone wallpaper that is a picture of them. Just incase you were wondering, Ashton is my nephew yet they all call me Aunt Melissa. They have ever since I met all of them." She tell me.

I nod.

"Hi, Kailen." they announce in their beautiful Austrailian accents.

"Hi." I smile at them, most likely looking like an idiot or a five year old on christmas morning or both.

"Now, let's get started! Boys, you are already so you can come along while we get Kailen ready." Melissa smiles.

"Alright." Ashton smiles at me.

The five of us follow behind Melissa to my area. My area is a portable make-up station with a director's chair with my name on the back of it in green.

The boys grab other directors' chairs from around and stylist comes over to me. Melissa talks to her about somethings while I talk with the band. Once they are done talking, Shawna starts up on my maek-up. I bet Melissa told her a certain style to do. She finishes up with my make-up and I love it!

Shawna gave me a smokey eye with red lipstick, along with other things. Next, she goes to my hair. She parts it done the middle and straightens it, putting red hair chalk on some areas. Shawna grabs a pair of earrings out of its container and places them in my right hand. I look done and notice that it is my favorite earring pair for my helix piercing and two pairs of matching ones for my standard and upper lobe piercings.

The ones for my helix is a gold arrow while my upper lobe and standard earrings are gold studs. They are my favorites! I slip them in and secure them. After that, she hands me a change of clothes with a pair of plaid fold-over combat boots and black beanie that says 'WHATEVER' on it.

"I think you will like what was picked out for this photo-shoot." She smiles warmly at me.

I return her wiht one and walk into the fitting rooms. I unfold the bottoms and see that they are light denim high waisted shorts with an almost whole in it. I slip them on once taking off my pants and shred off my shirt. I unfold the top and see that it's a gray 5 Seconds of Summer crop top. I quickly pull it on and examin myself in the mirror.

This is the most PERFECT outfit for this certain photo-shoot, or my stlye at that fact! I zip up the boots and walk back out.

"Lovely, now, for accessories." Shawna smiles.

She puts a 5sos necklace on me and places some 5sos buttons on me.

"Done." Shawna says as she clips the last of the buttons on my shirt.

Melissa, then, shoves all of us in front of the green screen. The photographer yells over to us for different poses and we accomplish each one of them successfully.

"Last one, I want Kailen sitting on Luke's shoulders, Micheal needs to stand on this block next to them, Calum should stare off into space that way, and Ashton, hold your drum sticks up over your head in a 'X' formation."

Luke kneels down and I get on his shoulders with Calum helping me and making sure I don't fall. I get steady on his shoulders and we all get in our places. They snap that picture a few times to make sure we have a good one.

"Great job, everyone!" Melissa yells as they help off Luke's shoulders.

"Now, Kailen, I know you're really good at singing so I talked with the boy's manager. You guys are going to do an album together. Their next tour is going to be for your album so you'll be going on tour with me. Also, you and Melanie will be doing a song together as well." Melissa tells us.

What?! OH MY GOSH!! I'm going to be doing an album with them and a song with one of best friends! This is awesome!

"I already spoke to your parents about it and they love the idea." She adds.

"This is soooo great, Melissa! Thank you so much!" I say while giving her a hug.

"We're going to be doing an album with you!" Micheal yells jumping up and down.

We all laugh and the boys pull me in for a group hug. I can't wait!


Hi there! Sorry it has been a while. School has started to get a little hectic and family things have come up along these past month.

I do not know if Ashton has an aunt named Melissa. This is just added in and I didn't think of it until I was writing this chapter up. Oh and Kailen's Wattpad username changed to @Kacooper and her twitter is still the same one it was.


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