The Model

Kailen is a teenage model. 5 Seconds of Summer is a singing teenage heartthrob band. What happens when Kailen does a photo-shoot with 5sos and accidently falls in love with a band member a few years older than her? Read 'The Model' to find out!


2. Chapter 1

Kailen's POV





I peel my eye lids open and stretch my arms, arching my back. I turn my head and see that it is 8:35 in the morning. That is WAY to early! I usually don't wake up until 2:00 in the afternoon if I don't have anything to do.

I hop out of bed and walk to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see my hair in a messy bun about to fall out, acne about to form, sleep in my eyes, and a tired me. I grab my face scrub and immediately take care of my forming acne. Then, I re-do my messy bun on the crown of my head. I walk out of the bathroom and over to my rack of bags.

I grab my favourite shoulder bag that has multiple pockets. I grab my make-up bag, book, phone, and money.

I walk down the steps of our empty home since both my parents have left for work already. I walk into the kitchen and find a note on the counter. It reads:


Your father and I will be home around 1AM tonight. There is money on the counter to order some take out. Have a girls night with your friends! Ben will be here tomorrow around noon while we're at work. He'll call if he is coming earlier. Have a good day at the studio! Love ya, dear! Stay safe and call my work if something is wrong.

XOXO Mommy

Well, it looks like I can have Skyleigh and Melanie over tonight.

I slip on my white vans and tiredly shuffle out the door, locking it behind me. I retrieve my phone from my bag and pop the earbuds in my ears, setting my music to play shuffle.

Finally, I come across the beautifulness of my favorite small coffee shop. I have been coming here since I was a little girl. I would always get a small danish with juice since I wasn't allowed any coffee. Now, I get a small danish with coffee in the morning. If I don't have things to do once I get up and am bored, I walk over here to read and do such things like that.

I walk in the door and up to the counter, to see Mrs. Rose.

"Hi, Mrs. Rose. How is your morning?" I ask with all the cherriness that I can scrap up.

"It is lovely, Kailen. I take it you have to go into work today, since you're in your usual morning work attire." Mrs. Rose laughs.

Like I said, I come here almost everyday. If I come in the morning looking like this, it usually means that I am heading to work.

Mrs. Rose is the owners wife and is the kindest elder lady I have met other than my grandpa. Mrs. Rose is at my shoulder in height with curly short white blonde hair. Her eyes are a beautiful carmely light brown. She was born in Italy along with her husband. They are super sweet to me and like my own family by now.

"You know me so well. Now, can I have my usual?" I ask her.

"Of course, dear. One coffee, four creams, three sugars, and one blueberry sourdough danish." She smiles at me.

I smile back and hand her the amount that I have come to remember in my head.

"Bye, Kailen. Have a good day at work!" She calls out as I walk to the door.

"As do you, Mrs. Rose." I call back as I exit the little coffee shop.

I snack on my breakfast while I make my way towards the studio.

Finally, I arrive to the studio building and walk in the front entrance. I walk past the front desk, saying hi to the front desk worker that I know, and to the elevator. It closes and climbs up to Level 5 which is the one that I need. The doors open up and I walk out to the office of Melissa, which is where we always meet up before.

I walk in to see Melissa grabbing her things.

"Good, you're here. Let's head to the place we make magic." Melissa says in a preppy voice like always.


We head down the hall, into a door, down another hall, and find the room that we always take the pictures.

We walk in and what we see strikes me with something.


There you are, 'Pickles'! Sorry about the shortness of it and everything. The next chapter has not yet been started but will be. Got to go, 'Pickles'! Love each and everyone of you.


P.S. People of Movellas, I greatly apologize! This has been posted on Wattpad for awhile and I was looking at this book and saw I only had the introduction posted. The next chapter will be up soon.

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