Saviors,Angels,And Life

Kajal A Girl Waiting To Be Saved From Her Dark Past.


3. WHAT!

Sitting on the bathroom floor, crying, holding a blade in her hand, Kajal silts her wrists. It Hurts at first but it eases the tension in her. Blood Dripping to the ground, all she can think about is death and her depressive state." Every day i go through the same crap. Deal with the same people. This should be routine right, i shouldn't be fazed and depressed by it, but what am i doing... being depressed and cutting" she says to her self. The tears create streams on her face constantly flowing. She puts the blde under the sink faucet and cleans the blood off of it and puts it on the shelf. Then she cleans the blood off her wrists and puts rubbing alcohol on it, she cringes at how it feels. She flods up several peices of toilet paper and cleans the blood off of the floor. she pulls down her sleeves and rushes out of the bathroom and goes to check the mail box.  She opens the latch on top of the mail box and takes out the delivered mail. "Bills,Bills,Bills,Coupons, Niall Horan, Bills....Wait NIALL HORAN!"  She runs up to her room and stares at the Envelope. She Carefully opens the Envelope and reads  Niall's Hand writting.

Dear Kajal, 

Don't Worry You'll Be saved... Pack a Suitcase and look out for me and the boys Every night

Love Niall

What does that mean at all. Look out for him and the boys. WHAT!

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