Saviors,Angels,And Life

Kajal A Girl Waiting To Be Saved From Her Dark Past.


1. Hi

"NO! WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. WHY DON'T I JUST RUN AWAY?" Kajal screams at her famliy while walking up the stairs to her room, fighting back tears. She goes straight to the back of her room... where she has her shrine... her own independent shine hidden from anyone who dares to enter her room. Full of posters, albums, dolls, perfumes, and un sent letters, her shrine was the only place she could go to, too find peace and comfort and to feel loved. "I mean i do everything in my power to make them proud... but i guess everything isn't enough" Kajal says facing the posters. If you haven't guess already, her shrine was full of One Direction Knick-Nacks. One Direction- her Savoirs,Her Angels,Her Life. They were there for her when she needed to be picked up from the darkness cornering her making her droen in depression, intoxicated in tears.

           This Girl...Kajal, has written so many heart felt letters to her saviors about her life and that she wishes that they can take her away.... but she has never mustered up enugh courage to send them... But today she felt was the day to do so. Currently she knew the boys were on Vacation.

To: Niall Horan, Mullingar Ireland

"Why Did I decide to put Niall?" Kajal asks hereslf as she walks away from the mail box in the Chilly October Weather. "Oh Well... I'm just praying he will take some time to reply" She says with tears filling her eyes.

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