Abandoned and Forgotten

Jill and Alexa are dropped of at their grandmothers house after their fathers death. But what happens when grams health goes down the drain.


1. The Death of a Great Man

       Jill quietly sobbed into a small tissue as her father slipped away from Earth. The dead cancer filled body sat on the hospital dead, cold, and motionless. But more importantly, lifeless.Her was wrapped in a baby blue blanket that she had made him for Christmas. She wanted to break through the wall standing between her and the best man in the world. But yet they would let her in the room. Instead her grandmother gripped her tightly around the waist.

         "I want to say goodbye to daddy!" screamed Jill crazily. 

          "Daddy can't hear you he is dead." said grandmother

          That made Jill even more mad. She pulled her grandmother's hands off of her and ran in the door. She sat next to the bed and help his hand. It was cold, lifeless. 

          "I love you daddy. I will see again in heaven" sobbed Jill.

          Jill walked out of the room only to she her grandmother  with her suitcase and her sister Alexa's suitcase.

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