Abandoned and Forgotten

Jill and Alexa are dropped of at their grandmothers house after their fathers death. But what happens when grams health goes down the drain.


3. Morning Light

Jill's POV

        I woke up to the beautiful sunrise and Alexa's head on my lap. My back hurt really bad from sleeping on the concrete. I went to check my phone but the battery was dead. I thought that it couldnt be happening but it was dead. If my mom texted me back I wouldn't know. It looked about 6 am. Alexa would not awaken for another hour or two. So I sat quietly and watch the morning traffic on the road. There wasn't much though. Slowly the hour ticked by. 


Alexa's POV

          I saw JIlls face when I woke up. I excepted that I had a bad dream but no it was true. It was as real as it would ever get. We skipped breakfast and went back to "Isabelle's" room and knocked. 

Old Man's POV

          Two little girls came to my room at 7:00 am again like they had done the night before and asked for Isabelle. I said "Go to your mommy, she is probably worried sick." The younger girl said "She is gone." So I let them inside my apartment. We sat and talked for a bit and I let the girl charge her phone.


General POV


       Jill used the old man's, who's name was Phil, phone to call her grandmother. 

       When she picked up all the grandmother said was "HI Isabelle, can't talk right now. Hope the girls are being good."  Jill said "Wait Gran" and their grandma hung up. 

Author's Note

Hi what do you think is going to happen next. Sorry I havent posted lately. I have been busy with school



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