Abandoned and Forgotten

Jill and Alexa are dropped of at their grandmothers house after their fathers death. But what happens when grams health goes down the drain.


2. Dropped of at Isabelle's house

        They walked to the bird poop covered gray Mazda. Jill and Alexa jumped in the back seat of the car. Alexa put in her One Direction "Midnight Memories" CD on full blast. Grandma wept quietly and drove them to a friend's apartment.

        "Who's house is this?" said Jill.

        " My friend Isabelle. Just go to her apartment 6c. She is expecting you two. I will be back in a few hours. 

          " Can i have my CD" said Alexa softly.

         Once grandmother had handed her the disc they walked tho the apartment complex. It was very small from the looks on the outside. They walked up all the stairs to the 6th floor and went to the apartment labeled C.

          "Knock!" said Alexa as Jill hovered over the door with her fist.

          "Knock,knock" pounded Jill's fist.

           The door creaked open slowly. "I don't want Girl Scout Cookies." said an old man as he shut the door.

             "We are looking for Isabelle." Piped up Alexa.

             "There ain't no Isabelle here!" screamed the man. "Now go back to your mommy I'm trying to watch football!" 

                The two girls walked away  from the door. They sat on a staircase and called their mom. No answer. They called their grandma. No answer. They texted there mom hoping that she would receive the message. Hopefully quick because The sun was setting and they were officially homeless.

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