The Bully Blog

Laura Richardson has been bullied ever since she started her new school in Salem, Oregon. Her blog helps her with the pain of all the bullying, but writing is never enough. Even though her blog only gets a few views a week, she continues to write. What happens when she finds out who that one person is that always reads her blog?


11. Two Weeks Clean

I woke, Dylan's arms wrapped around me. I rolled over so I was facing him to realize he was awake.

I said, "I love you."

He smiled, "I love you too. Hey, what do you wanna do today? It is your two weeks clean."

I smiled, "Oh yeah, uh we should get food, go on the trampoline, you can play your guitar, uh, we can also go out for dinner."

Dylan laughed, "Okay, one thing at a time. Do you wanna go get breakfast?"

I giggled, "Okay." I kissed him lightly before slipping away to go get ready.

When I got out of the bathroom, Dylan was sitting on his bed ready to go.

We went to this local diner place that had been here for ages. I had never been there before and I really liked their food.

I looked down and smiled thinking of what Dylan had done for me. I love him and nobody can change that.

He asked, "What are you so happy about?"

I said, "You." He held my hand and we got up to pay and left.

When we got in the car, and Dylan asked me, "What do you wanna do now?"

I said, "We should go on the trampoline." He smiled and drove on to his house.

Sat on the trampoline, I said, "I should ask my mom if I can move here. If I move her before I turn eighteen then we won't have to deal with all the legal stuff. Unless your parent's name is on the house."

He said, "Their names are on the house. They might sign it over to me though. I don't know when though. I hope after you move in if you do move in."

I sighed, "Well, I am gonna text her. Practice your flips now." I went over to my phone and quickly texted her. When I got back to Dylan, he was practicing his twisting layout. I got up and said, "Let me show you how this is done."

He put his arms up in defeat and stepped away. Right as I landed, Dylan tackled me to the ground and I broke out into laughter. Right then, my phone went off. It was my mom.

Her reply to my question was: After his speech, I am will to let you two do almost anything together. You two love each other and that is very evident. I told your father and his only condition is that he gets to visit once a week. I will come along on the visits too.

I showed Dylan my screen. He pulled me over and kissed me. Words can never explain how it made me feel to know what was happening. I felt like I was going to puke but at the same time not. Like I was going to, I don't know. It was better than words.

Dylan pulled away and said, "Well, we should probably get your stuff. Mainly your clothes and other personal items because it wouldn't make sense to bring all of your room when you have a room here."

I laughed, "It is so cute when you sound like a nerd."

He smiled, "Thank you. Come on. We should get going so it will be a shorter process."

We both got off the trampoline and headed to the store to get boxes and tape for my stuff and went to my old house.

When we were about to leave, my mom and pulled me in for a hug while my mom said, "Be safe. Don't do anything until you are sure you are ready. Please don't go back your old ways. Visit often."

 I laughed, "Mom, I am still in the same town, not in England. Calm down. you know where to find me. Make sure you file those papers that change my address tonight. Bye." Dylan and I slipped away before the conversation got any longer.

Dylan asked, "Do you wanna get some sushi?"

I said, "I have never had sushi. Is it good?"

He said, "Yeah, it tastes great. The vegetable sushi and the seaweed salad are the best there is.  I love them. Trust me hun." I smiled and squeezed his hand.  

We walked into the sushi place and it smelled of fish. Not very surprising considering that the sushi was made with fish."

When we walked out, I said, "Can we get something to drink at the market.?"

He said, "Of course." I laughed as we drove off.

We finally got home. Like it was the first time in my new home that felt like home from the start.

Inside, we sat down and took out the sushi. I took a deep breath  and bit into the vegetable sushi. It tasted so good. I said, "This is amazing. Mmmm..."

He laughed, "I knew you would like it. Try this one. It had cream cheese and cruchy bits inside. It isn't as good as the vegetable sushi but it is still great."

I tried it and it was pretty tasty. Good thing we both got our own sushi.

When finished, Dylan asked, "What do you wanna do now?"

I smiled and said, "Can you sing to me?"

He got up and grabbed his guitar from the stand and sat back down next to me. He started playing Blink 182's Miss You.  I smiled and hummed along. He went on to play some 5 Seconds of Summer, more Blink 182, One Direction. He played a whole set like he was performing at a concert.

I said, "I wish this could last forever but we need to put my stuff in it's place."

He said, "Yeah. You're right." We got up and went to our room where my stuff was. We put my clothes away and took out my laptop and chargers and ear buds while keeping my personal items in a box in the closet.

I looked at the time and said, "Wow, it is already five. It hasn't felt like that long."

He said, "Really? Wow! Time goes by quick when I'm with you." I blushed and smiled when he said that. He then asked, "Would you like to go out to dinner soon?"

I smiled, "It would be my pleasure. I should start getting ready soon though."

He laughed and kissed me before I got up. I got all of my stuff it would take to get ready and went into thee bathroom in the guest bathroom. I wasn't sure what to wear so I wore some black strappy heals, black skinny jeans, and Green Day shirt. I took a shower and got dressed before I blew my hair dry. I then curled it with my straightener. Finally, I put on some neutral eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. I put my hair back and walked into out room where Dylan was sitting on the bed.

He turned around and said, "Wow, Laura, you look amazing. I feel underdressed."

I laughed, "Well you look rather dashing yourself. Where are we going?"

He nervously said, "Well, I was thinking that we could go to the movies. I then wanted to go to the park and sit on a bench. Just talk for a while, just you an me. Unless you want to do something else."

I smiled, "Sounds lovely. What movie will we be seeing?"

Dylan said, "I thought that The Maze Runner sounded good. The book was so great."

I took his hands and asked, "Dylan, why are you so nervous?"

He whispered, "I want to impress you. A beautiful girl, the girl of my dreams, needs to be impressed. A guy like me only gets this chance once in a lifetime and I want to make it good."

I put my hand to my mouth and started crying. Guys have never wanted to impress me.

I said, "I need to go take my make up off."

He said, "You are more beautiful without it anyways." I smiled and walked off to the bathroom where I left my make up.

When I walked back out, Dylan asked, "Are you ready?" a faint smiled across his lips.

I said, "I am ready and you need to cheer up. C'mon we need to get to your truck so that 5sos music can cure you. He smiled bigger when I said that. I said, "What do cars call trucks that use pick up lines? Pick up trucks!"

He laughed, "You have such cheesy jokes."

I smiled, "Well obviously they are good because you laughed."

He said, "I love you," as we hopped in his truck. I leaned over to kiss him before he drove off.

At the movies, we got some food and went into the theater and sat down in the corner like we always did. It was nice to be in the theater alone. It felt more romantic that way.

The movie started and I cuddled up to Dylan as we watched the movie.

When we left, I said, "That was really good. I have to say the book was way better because they got some things wrong. But then again, I always like the book better anyways." 

Dylan said, "Yeah, you are right with that." We went to his car and left.

At the park, we found a candle lit bridge. I asked, "Dylan, what is going on?"

He kept quiet. He lead me to the middle of the bridge and took both of my hands, knelt down on one knee, and said, "Laura, we have only been together for a little bit but I can already tell you that I am in love with you and I don't want anything to change that," he pulled out a silver ring with diamonds covering it, "I want you to promise me that no matter what, you will stay with me. I love you Laura and I want you to know that. Will you promise me that you will stay with me?"

I started crying and said, "Yes, I promise." He put the ring on my finger and spun me around while kissing me.

He said, "Wow, I sure have a way with words. I made you cry twice in one night." I laughed and hugged him once again in the darkness of the night. He said, "Let's take a walk."

I said, "Okay. Where did you get this?"

He said, "I got it at Swarovski. So you are turning eighteen Monday? Wow, there's only one day between now and then."

I said, "Yeah, I know. I will be eighteen. I will be legal. I will have to wait a few years to drink but I don't plan on doing that any time soon anyways so, yeah."

He laughed, "Yes, Laura, you will be legal. I can't wait to see what we got on the SATs. I hope you got a good grade. I will feel accomplished to know I tutored someone who got a good grade on the SATs."

I said, "Woah, smart guy, calm down. I am sure we both did great. Now let's go home. I am getting tired." We turned around and went to his truck and headed home where we fell asleep in each other's arms, like we had been together for forever.

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