The Bully Blog

Laura Richardson has been bullied ever since she started her new school in Salem, Oregon. Her blog helps her with the pain of all the bullying, but writing is never enough. Even though her blog only gets a few views a week, she continues to write. What happens when she finds out who that one person is that always reads her blog?


8. The Giver

We got to the movie theater around 12:20. We walked in, got some soda and popcorn, and went to Theater 13.

We sat all the way in the back corner so we could be secluded. Surprisingly, the theater was empty except for us.

I said to Dylan, "Wow, I thought there would be more people."

He laughed, "Maybe the other theater filled up right before we got here and nobody else wanted to come."

I asked, "What's so funny?"

He said, "My family owns the theater and I have my own theater to watch movies."

I said, "Cool. Ooh, the movie is starting." I held his arm and cuddled up as close to him as I could. He lay his head on mine and we watched the movie.

In the middle of the movie, I said, "Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who sees certain things."

He asked, "What do you mean?"

I said, "Like, when people are sad, I am the only one who sees it truly."

We were silent for the rest of the movie.

When we left, I said, "I thought I wouldn't like the movie all that much."

Dylan looked at me, "Well, I am glad you liked it. Off to get hair dye." I laughed as we hopped into the car.

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