The Bully Blog

Laura Richardson has been bullied ever since she started her new school in Salem, Oregon. Her blog helps her with the pain of all the bullying, but writing is never enough. Even though her blog only gets a few views a week, she continues to write. What happens when she finds out who that one person is that always reads her blog?


1. About Me

Hello. I am Laura Richardson. I live with my step-mom and dad in Salem,Oregon. We moved here from Denver, Colorado because my dad got a good job here that paid a lot more than what he used to get.

I write a blog call The Bully Blog. It is about getting through bullying and what helps me. That's right, I am bullied. I have been ever since we moved. I don't even have one friend. The closest thing I have to a friend is the one person that reads my blog. 

Writing has always been one of my favorite things to do. I have always written stories since I was little. But the thing is, it doesn't completely help with the pain of what I'm going through. I also cut. I hate to admit it but I do and that's what gets me through the days. 

The worse part about it is that my parents have no idea.

Okay, aside from who I am, I wanna tell you what I look like since you can't see me.

So I have purple hair that is also curly but since I always have it straightened, nobody knows that. 

So, uh, I guess that's all I have to tell you about myself. Now delve into the adventure I call my life.

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