The Sexual Experiments of Alphonse Elric

Brother Love


2. A touch of gold

It was winter, and a storm was raging outside the small hotel we were staying in. Despite its size, we were grateful for the shelter.

Brother never stopped in his journey. He didn't give a damn about the weather, even though he was the one that suffered because of it. I take good care of my metal body. If it accidentally started to rust despite that, we just fixed it with alchemy.

But then, even my obstinate brother had to stop. We supposed that we had to stay there for a while; the storm was a violent one so the railways would be useless for a couple of days.

We couldn't tell if it was night yet, because of how dark and cloudy the sky was. Brother picked up his silver watch from the nightstand and, examining it, sighed.

"Uh, it's already nine o'clock. Maybe we should go to sleep. I'll just check on my clothes."

He stood up and went to the stove. Brother's clothes had been soaked by the snow, so we hung them up by it to dry. The heat from it was so strong it warmed even my armor. His coat, however, was still a bit damp.

I watched him kneel in front of the stove, the light from the flames illuminating his face. Suddenly, he turned towards me. His eyes seemed to glow.

"Yes, brother?" I asked quietly. He stood up and walked to me. I was sitting on the floor, so he leaned down and placed a kiss on my helmet.

"Tonight again."

Just two words, but they meant so much to me. Brother knelt down and smirked.

"Undress me?"

If I had a heart, it would have leapt from joy. Gently, I pulled off his sleeveless shirt and, when he straightened to give me better access, his underwear too. He stood before me completely naked. I loved to watch him. My hand rose by itself to run over his side, his thighs; I couldn't feel the texture of his skin but I felt him, that he's there, and that was enough. Brother sighed and shifted a little, indicating that I could touch him more. His manhood began to harden as I carefully traced my fingers over the sensitive inner side of his thighs.

"Al…" I heard him whisper. "Touch me there too."

"B…but what if I hurt you?"

"Don't w

orry; I'll stop you if it hurts." He smiled encouragingly. "Just do it gently and everything will be fine."

My fingers brushed against his member and Brother gasped.


I applied some pressure and Brother was soon trembling with pleasure. Before he had the chance to come, he stopped me and knelt down.

"Give me your hand."

I obeyed and he wrapped my fingers around his length.

"Okay, now squeeze it a little… enough. Just hold it right there."

I nodded. He grabbed my shoulder with his automail arm for support and thrust his hips forward.

"God, so tight!" he panted.

"Should I…?"

"No, no," Brother chuckled, breathlessly. "It feels wonderful. I love you."

"I love you too, Brother."

His flesh hand joined my metal one on his arousal. His moans and his heavy panting told me how he felt, and it made me proud that I was the one that made him feel this way. I watched as expressions of pain and pleasure mixed on his face. His slender body moved gracefully, his back arched, his fingers unconsciously caressed my hand. I lifted my other hand and placed it on his shoulder, then slid it down his back. Brother gasped and his metal arm creaked as he clutched me tighter.

It only took him a few minutes to reach the peak. His seed coated my fingers and again, I wanted to taste it. I looked at him lying in my arms; he collapsed after he came, his strength totally spent. He looked so vulnerable, so fragile… His golden hair stuck to his sweaty forehead, his breathing was heavy and he was clutching me like a drowning man clings to a rock. I lifted my hand and traced his pink lips with my fingertip. Brother opened his beautiful golden eyes and took my finger into his mouth, sucking on it gently.

"I love you." I just had to tell him over and over again.

"Al… You're my everything." He smiled. "When you're restored… I'm going to embrace you for a whole day. I'll never let you go."

He rose then, and placed a kiss on my faceplate.

I watched him to drifting into sleep that night and I had the feeling that he was dreaming... about me.

The end

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