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"Listen, Bailey. Just try to take a breath and let the rest come easy," Calum sighed. I nodded and sniffled slightly.


3. Chapter Three

Luke and me go back into his beaten up car; our shopping on the backseats and our coffee in the cup holders.

"So, do you like Calum?" Luke asks me, putting on the music from his phone. The song playing is 'Feeling This' by Blink-182. Song of my drunken hazes. 

"Yeah. He's nice; I guess." I shrug, not too bothered by the boy. Luke raises his eyebrow at me. I sing along to the song quietly; he turns the music up and puts our car windows down. I'm pretty sure half the people going by are pissed off with us by now. 


Just estimating. Or I could tell by their sour faces and sly words.

"You guess? C'mon Bailey. I need your thoughts, you will probably end up as a close friend," Luke explains. I still don't want to change my reply; though, I still end up changing it. 

"Luke, it doesn't matter."

"Yes. Yes it does matter, you're my friend. My soon to be housemate, so yes. Yes it matters." How many times could somebody say 'yes' in a sentence?

"He seems like a nice person. I like his personality, so far anyway, uh and he's got a good taste in music," I roll off my tongue, taking in the priceless view. I like Australia better than I do Calum, I should have said that. It's true after all. That way, I'm not offending him at all. 



So my first day in Australia is going grand. Calum is a nice boy, the coffee here is great and Luke is my best friend from over here. He and Calum are my only friends from over here.

"Mum! Can Bailey and I go for a walk?" Luke puts his hand over his stomach; he has just had three batches of spaghetti while I only had one and a quarter. 

Liz nods."Here's some money for you kids. Have fun," Stuart, Luke's father, placed 20 Australian dollars into our hands and winks.

"Thank you, Mr. Hemmings," I smile politely. He grins.

"Please. Call me Stuart," He still grins. "And call Liz your majesty."

Liz chuckles and shakes her head. "Just call me Liz."


I nod and follow Luke out the door.

"Bye!" we both yell.

The sky is an orange-reddish colour.  Luke's keys jangle in his pocket.

"I'm going to take you to meet Michael and Ashton. I guess you could also meet Michael's girlfriend if she's back in Oz," he rambles.

"What's Michael's girlfriends' story?" I inquire, curious about her, she might end up being my friend or foe, so I'd need to know. That rhymes. Sweet.

"She's from Scotland but she moved here when she was two. She is pop-punk, she can play guitar, her dad left her mum after she was born. Also, her name is Shari-Ann, you'd love her. She's super nice. Oh, but call her Shari," Luke smiles.

"She seems interesting."

Luke bobs his head up.

"Michael! Ashton!" he shouts, pulling my hand, running closer to the park.

There are Calum, two boys and a girl. "Hey, Calum," I chirp, wrapping my arms around him. He kisses my cheek, causing me to flush. "Hi, Bailey."

Luke ushers me to the other people. "Bailey, Ashton; Ashton, Bailey; Michael, Bailey; Bailey, Michael; Shari, Bailey; Bailey, Shari." Luke says as he points to us all. I grin.


"Hey guys." My Scottish accent is coming off broadly. 

"Oh my god. You're Scottish too. I already fucking love you!" Shari giggles.

Luke hovers his mouth over my ear. "She may or may not be higher than Kurt Cobain."

"Are you joking?" I whisper back at him.

He nods.



"I think Calum like, likes you. He keeps talking about you, like non-stop." Michael says, sitting beside me and Shari. I scoff.

"But Luke likes you as well." Shari adds.

Then they both pause and take time to read a tweet or something.

"Yeah, according to Ash's status, he also like, likes you." Michael smiles.

My cheeks go red. "Why? I'm not pretty or smart, or pretty smart."

They both chuckle. Shari and Michael put their arms around me.

"Who do you choose?" They both whisper like creepy twins from the shinning.

"Uh. They're all amusing boys but I need to know them better to choose, you know?" They nod, they know.



I lay in bed. Were Michael and Shari telling the truth about the boys?

                I should be happy, but to be honest, I'm not the slightest. I came here to work and meet new people, not to be the Scottish chick that is smoking hot. Then Luke walked in. He was shirtless and in boxers. His hair was scuffed up and his piercing wasn't in.

"Hey, Bailey. How you doing?" he whispers in a muted tone.

I smile back at the tired grin appearing on his face. "I'm  a little nervous and tired. Please don't leave me alone tomorrow," I whined. Luke chuckled at my kid like attitude.

"Okay, by the way, apparently I'm in a 'bad'  gang, even though we have better grades than any other gang in the school," he said softly.

I smile showing my dimples. "Get some sleep now. You'll need it." Luke says, wrapping his arms around me and pecking me on my head. I blushed.

"Okay, and goodnight, Luke."

"Night, Bail."


Hey guys, so this is a longish chapter, hope you like it! 

Believe it or not, this has taken me a looong time to do (a week). 

I love you guys, please like, fave and leave a comment!<3

- Shari xx


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