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"Listen, Bailey. Just try to take a breath and let the rest come easy," Calum sighed. I nodded and sniffled slightly.


1. Chapter One

I looked out the window, taking mental pictures of Edinburgh. 

I was finally leaving this place. To be honest, I like it here, but I don't. Does that even make the slightest piece of sense? It's a washed out place, I've been everywhere and seen everything. I basically know everybody that lives here. 

Yet, I hold a soft spot for Edinburgh. Not just Edinburgh, I hold a soft spot for Scotland in whole. Though...I'd do anything to get away. Meet new people, see more things, go more places and learn more things. You can't exactly learn about places from a leather sofa, eating countless amounts of ready salted crisps, watching re-runs of 'Friends' and 'Two and a Half Men'. 


For the first time in my 17 years of existence, the furthest I had been away from Scotland was Wales. So only like, a 7 hour drive. I haven't lived much. Have I?

"Are you going to miss us?" my mum asked me.

Oh god, I have to be careful with this.

"Umm...ye-yeah," I say, my mind drifting away from the rain that splashed slightly onto my forehead because the car window was open by a inch. My mum raises her eyebrows. I have no idea if she was convinced by my tone. If I were her; I wouldn't. 


She turned her head back to the road. "Bailey. You know that in Australia, there will be boys, and you may want to be...intimate with them-" Mum paused. My face was red. I puffed up my cheeks and I nodded. 

"When you be...intimate....with them, use protection. I didn't do that when I was your age; and your brother was born," she said rather harshly. My brother was in the car with us, but he was in a world of Tupac, Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown and Eminem. 

"Oh-kay," I sighed. 


I got out my ear buds and I plugged them into my iPhone 5. I scrolled through my playlists, stopping at 'I'd Rather Make Mistakes' by Mayday Parade. 

I have no idea, but whenever I listen to music In the car, I feel like I'm in a movie. My mum drove into Edinburgh airport's carpark, I swallowed. Soon, I'd be on the plane to Australia. The land of...things. I think. My brother looked at me and smiled slightly. 

One thing about my family:  we come from the posh part of Edinburgh. We don't have posh accent; we have normal, broad Scottish accents. Though, unlike half the population of the whole UK, we don't have acne covering our faces. Also, we have a lot of friends. And my parents have their fair share of money. 

By the time we'd gotten into the airport, I was at some Guns N Roses song. I pulled out my ear buds and shoved them into my misfits backpack.  My mum and brother walked me into the airport. My dad didn't bother to come, he has work to do. My dad is a doctor, my mum's a wedding designer and my brother, well he works at McDonalds. 

(I'd rather work at McDonalds out of all)


We stumbled towards the line for flight 370. When I get to Australia, I will be living with my parents' friends. Stuart and Liz Hemmings. They're cool people: Stuart is funny and Liz is a queen. (Not literally.) They have three sons, Ben, Jack and Luke. Ben and Jack moved out a long time ago, so, I'd be taking one of their old rooms. 

The plane was due to leave in half an hour. "I'm gonna miss you, Bail,"  My brother, Leon, told me, hugging me. I shrugged. 


"Don't. Touch. Me," I bit. He rolled his eyes at my usual stubborn self. I wasn't the most easy going person. Yet, I cared for people's feelings. Just not Leon's. I looked down at my black 'Van Halen' tank-top. I wasn't exactly the 'daughter-of-a-wealthy-family' strerotype. I was a 'punk'. Obsessed with black and dying my hair. I had never gotten a single piercing like most people do. Not even my ears pierced. I guess I'm too scared if it hurts. 

My mum started to sob a little. I sighed in heavily and hugged her. "It'll be okay, we'll find a way to speak. We could FaceTime, Skype and call," I smiled patting her back. 

"My little girl," she sniffed. 

I smiled weakly. 

I didn't like seeing her upset. We pulled away.


"Oh, by the way, Luke is going to be picking you up at the airport." Her voice was all happy due to the fact Luke was one of the boys she trusts me around, though if she saw his tweets and Instagram posts,she wouldn't be thinking that. 

Luke's a nice person, I guess. Kind of hot, he's sweet and funny.




I fluttered my eyelids open. Yawning, stretching slightly. The plane was getting closer to Sydney airport. I could literally see it just underneath the nose of the plane. Beside me was a tanned looking man that stared out the window, intently, very intently. He was in so much wonder. Just staring, pondering, looking weird. I'm geussing he's in his late thirties. 

I heard a ding from the speaker. The pilot spoke in a muffled voice. The plane started to go down, my ears popped and them the plane became like, 6 meters off the ground. I yawned again. The plane finally landed. 


A roar of cheers and claps went throughout the plane. I didn't clap, or cheer. I just rolled my eyes and stood up. My seat was closest to the door, so I was first out of their. I only brought my rucksack, so no suitcases were needed. 

I just walked down the steps, trying to find Luke's face in the bunch of zealous one's. "Bailey!" I heard a Australian accent shout. I looked around confused. That was until I was squeezed into somebody's chest. I looked up. "Oh hey, Luke!"  I grinned hugging him back. I was still a little stiff from like, 10 or 12 hours in a boiling plane. 


"How are you?" he smiled flinging his arm around my shoulder. I hummed. Let's see, I've been on the plane for a long time, the back of the chair been kicked for hours and only a half hour or two of sleep. "Nope, how about you?"

"Uh, I'm great I guess. Long time no see!" He flashed a grin to me. I chuckled slightly. 

"Cools..." I pursed my lips. 

He bit his lip and looked behind us before walking away. 



Hey lovelies!! I hope you like this fanfiction. Me and E.W. Hemmings are writing this together, it's her first 5 Seconds Of Summer fanfiction but not her first story. She's an amazing writer! Oh, and she loves 5SOS :) 


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Love you baba's!:)xX

~ Shari





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