The Impossible Girl

Valentina Zuniga has problems in School and in Life. Her new friends are keeping secrets from her. Valentina's mother wants to keep her from everything that was going on. Let's just say someone's taken. WHERE IS SHE?!

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3. Why Am I Here?


They were still silent. Not saying a word. Well, I met one of Jen's friends. She works for the FBI. Well, not the FBI. It turns out, it wasn't them. It was a team called TFM (Taken Family Members). So I asked them who was taken. They told me that my Dad was taken away; he was kidnapped.

I dropped on my knees and started to cry. They told me that he was being held hostage with three other people. Then, they introduced me to three people. They were my age, and David's friend Angela introduced me to them.

The group consisted of two girls and a guy. "Valentina, this is Stella, Amy, and James." Stella had turquoise hair and blue eyes with pale skin. She was wearing a black coat, jeans, and boots. Amy had brown hair, brown eyes and she had tan skin like me. She had on a pink t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

When I looked at James, he was so....well, he was just amazing. He had black hair, gray eyes and he was kinda pale. He wore glasses. When I got up, Amy said hello to me. She was so nice and sweet. Stella was just telling me that everything will be fine. James was pretty nervous, since was stuttering; but he was overall nice.




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