The Impossible Girl

Valentina Zuniga has problems in School and in Life. Her new friends are keeping secrets from her. Valentina's mother wants to keep her from everything that was going on. Let's just say someone's taken. WHERE IS SHE?!

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8. Oh Shit…


"Johnny I'm leaving!"

"Okay Angi!

I haven't heard from Valentina ever since the day we met. I wonder if she's okay. Today I'm going to visit her to see how she's doing.

*Violin music plays*

Where the fuck is my phone??? Oh here it is! What the hell? "You have received 15 missed calls from James" I was shocked. I even received 20 text messages from him. I called him back.

"Hello? James?"

"IM FREAKING OUT!"James said

"Why James? It's just going to be you and Valentina. "I said

"That's why! I've never been in love before! What should I do? Wear? Say? "James said

"Just ask her questions, be chill, and wear something modern. " I said

"Okay thanks…"

"No problem"

As soon as I ended the call, Johnny called me from inside my home. "Angela, Valentina will be here in 40 minutes" he said in a exited voice. "Okay" I went back inside and started to cook with Johnny, and by 'cook' I mean order 6 pizzas, 100 monzarella sticks and go to the grocery store to get some ice cream.


I got home and decided to change into something more comfortable. When I got done the doorbell rang. I opened the door and James was standing there. He looked so much more handsome.


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