The Impossible Girl

Valentina Zuniga has problems in School and in Life. Her new friends are keeping secrets from her. Valentina's mother wants to keep her from everything that was going on. Let's just say someone's taken. WHERE IS SHE?!

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4. A New Start


"Stella, Amy, can you get Valentina a uniform? Please?"

"Okay Angela." Amy said.

"James, why won't you show Valentina around?" 

"Okay Angela."

"While your doing that I'm going to fill out some paper work."


"Isn't Val nice?" Amy said.

"I guess Amy..."

"What do you mean you guess?"

"Well, we just met her."

"True." Amy said. 

"You carry the boots and I'll carry the uniform." I said. 

"Okay." Amy said.

"Angela, we're back with the uniform."

"Thank you girls." Angela said. "Would you girls like to go to the mall?"

"Sure." We said simultaneously.

"Ask Valentina and James if they want to go." She said.



"Thanks James for showing me around."

"No prob Val." He said.

"Hey Val." Stella said as she walked towards us.

"Oh hey Stella."

 "Do you guys want to go to the mall with me and Amy?"

 "Sure. Sounds like fun!" I said.

"But first, we need to get you out of that uniform." Amy said.

"Here, try this." Stella said handing me black thin tights, black denim shorts, a white turtleneck and boots. I changed in the bathroom.

"Do I look good?" I asked as I returned from the bathroom.

"Yup." Amy said.

"You look fab hon." Stella said. "Now we just need to do your hair. I'm going to flat-iron your bangs and add a red bow to your hair. Is that okay?"

"It's totally fine with me, Stella."

15 minutes later...

"OMG Valentina! You look so FABULOUS!!!" "Thanks Amy." ________________________________________

Hey guys. I hope you liked this chapter. I will be later on co-authoring with mochabear511 on her new movella called Complicated love <3. Make sure to read her movellas. I will be publishing a new movella called Keep Your Hands Off My Girl. Please like, favorite, share, and become a flower (fan). Byee! -Curlyflower21

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