Two Years // l.h

Luke Hemmings used to bully Alicia Brooks, not because he didn't want to admit himself that he fell in love with his enemy of 7 years. Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin left to finish their dream, of course Alicia didn't mind that at all.

But what happens when 2 Years have passed? When 5SOS are famous. What happens when Luke returns and drop dead when seeing how gorgeous Alicia was, will she ever forgive the pain he'd given her? Or will she deny his apology?

It took Two Years to change.


2. One


Two years can change someone so drastically, that's how long it took Alicia Brooks and Luke Hemmings to change, two years.


                                                                                        ☾ Alicia ☽



When I was in high school I had one enemy, just one. I usually got along with everyone but this one boy pissed me off almost everyday, he didn't have much friends but he would always try and hurt me. He would say things like 'She's so ugly' or 'I'm a geek and I would never ever hook up with Alicia' and that really hurt me bad, I decided to ignore his comments, safe to say I was pretty happy when he left to do whatever the hell he was doing with Calum, Michael and this guy from another school. I never seen Luke Hemmings ever since he left, I didn't care, nor will I. 


"Ali can you help me with that?" my best friend, Layla asked, I nodded and looked at the object she was eyeing at, it was her phone, I sighed and grabbed it before tossing to her, she caught it and smirked, 

"Thanks Al," she smiled, I let out a small chuckle before taking out my phone and scrolling through Twitter, 

"Hey do you remember that nerd that hated your guts?" she asked, 

"Um?" I asked, 

"Luke," and I simply nodded,

"He's back." and I sunk down, what? Why back? 

"Wait what? Um how do you know?" I babbled, 

"Well it's all over Twitter, his name, his band's name." She rolled her eyes. Layla was probably the only person in the world that hated Luke Hemmings more than I did because she knew how much he used to torment me, Layla and I were friends ever since we learnt to walk and talk, we're that close. 

"Oh?" It sounded more like a question, 

"Well then," I bit my lower lip, which Layla knew I did only when I'm nervous or frustrated, 

"Hey, hey, hey don't be nervous, it's Luke Hemmings we're talking about, how intimidating can he be? He's the guy who insisted on wearing the exact same neon green glasses everyday to school," she chuckled and that made me comformtable. 

"You're right, I'm overreacting," I brushed it off, 

"Mhmm," she nodded and then the entire day we spent in my house was wasted on watching Disney movies, what can I say, we're such kids. I'm 17 by the way. 



                                                                                        ☾ Luke ☽


"Mate let's go," Calum snapped his fingers, 

"Huh? Oh sorry I was in a daze," I chuckled,

"Yeah, we can tell, you're drooling all over yourself!" Ashton teased, 

"Am not," I played with my lip ring. 

"Do you remember Alicia Brooks?" I asked nervously, Alicia and I never really were friends, okay that was an understatement, we despised each other for most of highschool and middleschool, I mean I don't know why I was so mean to her, looking back it all seemed so childish. I didn't mean what I said to her, I mean if you meet Alicia Brooks yourself you'll drool over her, she's hot, cute, pretty and has the best personality, I don't know if she changed, I mean it's been a little over 2 years

"Yeah I do, god Thomas says she's smoking hot," Michael laughed, 

"Do you think we'll run into her? Because I don't really want that to happen," I didn't want to see her and feel guilty of my torment for the passed years.

"Sydney's a large place, I doubt it," Calum assured, I nodded and took a deep breath before leaving the van and entering our flat. 




"Calum, chips or..?" I asked, 

"Duh chips," Michael replied for Calum, I shrugged and tossed a bag of chips on top of our tower of food, what can we say? I walked to the frozen food aisle when I noticed a hot girl from behind, she looked tall, she looked my age, she had the prettiest hair, it was blonde and looked soft, she was wearing ripped black skinny jeans with cropped top and a plaid flannel and vans, she looked like she was my type, I tried to scoot closer to her and I listened to her on the phone, 

"Hey babe, sorry they don't have cotton candy today, guess it ran out," I heard her chuckle, holy shit, I'm pretty sure that sexy yet sweet voice belonged to Alicia Brooks, my supposed 'enemy.' 

"Fine, fine I'll look at another supermarket," wait who did she call babe? Did she have a boyfriend? God she was smoking hot, then she turned around and my blue eyes connected with her gorgeous green. I don't think she recognized me because she smiled before turning away, her dimples showing, god she was gorgeous. I sprinted to the boys and babbled, 

"I ran into Alicia and hotdamnshessogorgeousandhotidonteventhinkicanhandleit," I spoke fast, they had puzzled looks, 

"Okay, I ran into Alica and hot damn she's so gorgeous, I mean seriously she's like BAM," I spoke in a rather slow speed, 

"Alicia? Where?" Ashton asked and I looked around and noticed her, I pointed to her direction and with that Michael, Ash and Calum sprinted there, I laughed and might as well follow them. 


                                                                                        ☾ Alicia ☽


I recognize the 2 boys that ran to me, well I think they did, I then instantly recognized Calum Hood and Michael Clifford, along with that one boy who used to pick them up after school, Ashton I think? 

"Hi Alicia! How are you?! It's been forever!" Michael babbled, Calum nudging him softly, I let out a giggle, 

"Your giggle is adorable," Michael awed, 

"Oh, erm, right." I didn't know what to say, I mean we weren't exactly friends? 

"Hi!" I managed to cheer, they smiled and we started a little chat when I see a familiar face, the one I saw while getting Layla what she wanted (where I failed at) he had the prettiest eye color, he was tall, he had a quiff and he was blonde, a black lip ring that was hot and he himself was hot, he was like 8ft tall. 

"Hi Luke, you remember Alicia right?" Calum asked, holy shit. Luke, Luke Hemmings? I dropped my trolley full of snacks and just stared at him, 

"H-hi Alicia," he stammered, I ignored him and rolled my eyes, 

"Nice meeting you, Calum, Michael and Ashton!" I smiled widely, I walked out- more like sprinted out of the grocery store into my car and unlocking it. 


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