Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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1. Prologue

Every building or kind of house has its guests. The guests make the house special, even bad or good, it doesn't matter at all. Before you enter the building you'll see most of the times a doorbell with names of the people who lives there. Individuals, couples, families, it's all yours, it's the type of building. But between the walls of this building, there only will live individuals, students, working for a carreer in college or university. 

When you enter the building, you see the doorbell, kind of logical... Every individual has its own doorbell and number. Let's take a look ? 

On ground level:

1. Louis William Tomlinson

If you hear the name, it's british. You're right. He's a british man, 20 years old. He's here almost 3 years but still hasn't finished a study he wants to do. Kind of bad boy. He's loud, funny, sassy and a lot more. He had never find the love he needs. He lives normally in Doncaster until the schoolyear starts. He has a lot of sisters and got 1 little baby brother. To go to university, he has his own car. Will he finally grew up as an adult?

2. Harry Edward Styles

Styles, the stylish boy. Always curly hair, it's his personal touch, the curles. But he can be flirty, be aware of that. 17 years old. Has one sister, Gemma Styles. His mom Anne send him on his own sake to college because if she didn't he wouldn't be independent and looking for any work. Can he survive it for the first year and let the girls go and work for college ? Or will he just stick on his habits?

3. Allison Summerhood

17 years old, short name Alli. A sort of nerd but can be a party animal. Lived everywhere in England since her birth. Only child. Strict dad and a mom who obeys her dad. First year in college so first year here. Half dutch , Half English (Mom is Dutch, Dad is English), has experiences as hairdresser and make up artist. Loves to dance as well. She had a lot of passions and loves to talk to people.

4. Sophie Van Houten

Allisons best friend, first year college and decided to live in the same building. 17 years old. Has a sister Yasmine. Loves shopping and being with her best friends. Hairdresser, photographer if she has some time to spend. Half Dutch, half English. (Dad is dutch and Mom is English)

On the first level

5. Niall James Horan

Only Irish in the building. Kind of weird person according to a few but he's a special boy with a big heart. Dyeing his hair blonde is monthly/ 2 monthly/ 3monthly thing for the hairdressers in the environment. Has a brother Greg. First year here. 18 years old. 

6. Eleanor Calder

She lives as long as Louis lives here but it's her last year in college. She has a crush on Louis but doesn't dare to say it. Almost 20 years. Friendly, social. Loves to meet new people. 

7. Liam James Payne

18 Years old and the first year he lives there. Shy but is a good one to talk with. Has two sisters Ruth and Nicola. Lives normally in Wolverhampton. First year in college.

8. Danielle Peazer

First year in college, 18 years old. Loves dancing, has curls. Studies to be a good choreographer. Loves to meet new people. 

This is the end of the doorbelltour. 

 Interesting enough? Sometimes with just a name you can find a whole history, or sometimes not. But not everything is readable thanks to names on a doorbell, you just have to go into the story. And maybe we're going to do that. Follow the 8 people. Looking how the future goes for them. Love, friendship, carreer or just nothing? Maybe we find a history behind it all? 

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