Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


7. Chapter 6

Alli waited for Danielle outside. Finally, she arrived. 'Hey!' Danielle said cheery. She was kind, gave Alli a kiss on her cheek. 'Come on, do you have everything? So we can drive to the dance session.' Danielle said and walked a bit to her car. She unlocked it, sat down and started the car when Alli sat down into the car. 

They drove some minutes. Then they arrived at a beautiful building, quite modern, quite nice. They stepped out of the car and went inside. Alli looked around, nervous and curious as well. 'Hi girls, this is Allison and she wants to follow a session.' Danielle said loudly around the room. Five girls came to them and greeted Alli. 'Say Alli, I rather prefer Alli then Allison.' Alli said. 

Alli couldn't remember all the names of the girls but it doesn't matter. She'll know them later. She enjoyed the dance session and promised Danielle to come back if she could. Danielle really believed that Alli could dance. 'Maybe you can do the solo dance!' Danielle said. Alli waited for Harry to pick her up. 

It was cold outside, freezing actually.Where is Harry, he should pick her up? After 15 minutes he finally arrived. 'I'm so sorry love. My car was doing weird.' He said and kissed her forehead. 'It's okay.' Alli said. Harry gave his jacket to her if he saw she was freezing. 

'You're freezing.' He said and brought Alli to the car and let her take a seat in the car. 'Love?' His voice was breakable. 'Yeah?' 'What's wrong? You seem to be nervous, cold, weird?' he was worried. 'No, I'm not nervous, cold or weird.' she said. 

When they arrived at the building, Alli ran inside gave Harry his jacket back. 'See you tomorrow?' Alli asked and placed quick a kiss on his cheek. Before she could leave, Harry grabbed her arm. 'What's wrong with you, honey?' Harry asked. He saw she could already cry so he brought her to his room. She cried and Harry hugged her thightly. 'I'm so stupid... insecure... I see you're waiting for me until I give you a kiss on your mouth. You want all these things like saying sweet things, kissing me, doing funny things. I want to go further with our relation but I'm scared for the things like being used... Everytime Sophie got someone, she let me go, didn't want to do something with me. I'm scared for that too, letting my friends go. If I see her sometimes it's like the usual thing to have a boyfriend to kiss... to love.' Alli was really insecure. 

Harry wanted to do something for his girlfriend. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered: 'You don't have to compare yourself with Sophie. You're Allison, you're not Sophie or someone else. I understand that you're scared. It's your first time in a relation and I respect that, absolutely. Maybe I'm sometimes disappointed but that's my mind. That isn't your fault at all. You have to take your time with everything. If you still want to kiss me on the cheek, it's your choice. I'm not mad about it. I will stay by your side, even if it takes long to kiss you on the mouth, to sleep next to me, to go to family with you. I promise, you'll never lost me because of that.' 

It made Alli think a bit. 'Really?' 'Really Alli. I can wait because you're worth it. You're the person I want to spend my whole life with. ' He said. Alli hugged her boyfriend. She got a motivation to get rid of her fear. She let him go and tiptoed. 'Close your eyes.' She said to Harry. She came slowly to his mouth. His lips touched hers. She dared it! Finally! A smile appeared on their faces. 

'I can kiss you finally!' Alli said like a child. 'I'm proud of you honey.' He said and placed a kiss on her hair. She finally enjoyed the kisses on her head, her mouth , her cheek. Just every kiss she got from him. Harry laid his face on hers and looked at her. A smile appeared on Alli face. 'Come here.' She said and kissed him again. 

'Don't be so naughty now.' He joked. 'I won't.' She answered and laughed a bit. 'But I'm going to my room, going to bed. Tomorrow we will see each other again.' She said and kissed his cheek and gave him a hug too. 'See you tomorrow babe.' Harry answered and let Alli leave his room. Harry was happy she could trust him a little bit more. 

Sophie decided to go after she had eaten, so when Alli went to her dance session, to go to Niall. He must know that the friendship between Alli and Sophie was excellent again.Alli ran upstairs to Nialls room and knocked nervously on his door. He opened the door and got a kiss on his mouth before he could realize who it was who knocked on his door. 

'Sophie!' He said happy. 'How could I deserve this kiss?' He laughed. He let her in. 'You are amazing Niall, thanks to you I didn't loose my best friend, I talked with her!' Sophie said happy and kissed him again. 'I should do that more.' He joked. 'Why?' 'Then I would get more kisses.' He laughed and Sophie tickled her. 'Hey!' He laughed.

'Soph. Please stop tickling I have to ask you something.' 'What? What? That sounds serious.' Sophie started freaking out without knowing what it was. 'Calm down babe it's something not that important like you think it is.' He tried to calm her down so he could ask her what he wanted to ask. 

'I'll listen.' Sophie said and took a breath. 'Maybe you didn't know it, but I have a brother, Greg, his wife is pregnant. Yeah he got married a year ago and now their baby is coming and I would like to ask you when the baby is born that we go together to them so you can meet my family. It's in Ireland but if you can't pay your ticket I'll pay yours.' He tried to convince his girlfriend. 'You're overwhelming me. Your family isn't the baby not a family moment not for strangers? It's not that I didn't like your idea but it's weird to be a stranger when we visit that baby.' 

She was right but Niall already solved that problem. 'I got a phonecall from my brother today and I already asked if you could come with me. I explained that I got a girlfriend and he totally agreed that you could come. My mom is already happy to see you. They are all happy to see you for the first time. Please Soph.' He begged. 'I have to ask it my mom but if it's okay for her, I would like to come.' She said and hugged her boyfriend. 

Niall was so happy about it. 'But I think my mom would rather see you before we go to Ireland. My sister Yasmine will be freaking out when she knew I got a beautiful boyfriend.' Sophie said and put her head on Nialls head. 'I got a beautiful girlfriend.' He answered and kissed her mouth for a moment. A smile appeared on Sophies face. 

'I never wanna lose you.' Sophie whispered. 'I never wanna lose you too. ' Niall hugged her and before they knew it they lie on Nialls bed next to each other. Nothing done, only looking, hugging , kissing, still clothes on. 

Niall wanted to let the naked part happen when he knows that Sophie is the one, when they were both ready. The special one could get his virginity. He was not like the other ones who let their virginity go when they saw a girl who makes them crazy in love. He was absolutely crazy in love but he could let his mind and heart speak together not like a lot of them who could only let their hearts speak. 

Sophie laid her head on Nialls chest and looked to his face while Niall stroked her hair. 'You're so incredible.' She smiled and kissed him. 'You too.' He said. Sophie saw that his hair was turning brown again. 'Should I dye your hair before you go back to Ireland or do you want to be brown again?' She asked.  'Can I trust you with that?' He laughed. 'Of course, I don't wanna ruin your hair.' She went with her hands trough his hair. 

'You're too special for me Niall and if I could I would be with you my whole life, every second, every minute, every hour.' She had a special feeling only when she was with him. Hours passed and it became late so Sophie decided to go to bed, she wanted to stay and sleep there but it was too fast to do that. She needed time to get used to that. 

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