Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


6. Chapter 5

Weekend went fast. It's sunday evening again and that means: Harry and Alli saw each other again , just like Niall and Sophie. Niall and Sophie hugged each other when they saw their other half again. 'I have missed you.' Sophie said and hid her face in Nialls chest. 'I've missed you too love.' He answered and held her thighter. 'I've heard that Alli got a relation with Harry.' Niall said. Sophie was shocked and disappointed she didn't hear it from her best friend but from her boyfriend.

'What's wrong honey?' Niall said when he knew there was something wrong with Sophie. 'It's just... Alli didn't say nothing to me about it...' Deep inside, she knew it was her own fault but admit it, never. 'It is quite normal babe, you have sent her away when she wanted to talk about her feelings... you let her go just because of me. She had nothing except you to talk about things like love,...' Niall explained. 

Sophie cried but was mad at the same time. How could he say that? She ran away. 'Soph, wait!' Niall said and followed her. 'I'm not your Soph anymore. Let me alone!' She yelled into the hallway and slammed the door. Niall was a bit disappointed in his girlfriend, letting go her bestfriend, being mad about it and put her responsibility to him. It was a lot. He went to his room. 

'Alli!' Harry smiled when he saw Alli again, knocking on his door. He hugged her again like it was a long time again. Like it was more than a year that they saw each other. Then Alli came into Harry's room. He wanted to kiss her on her mouth but she avoided it and gave him her cheek to kiss. A little smile and a little bit disappointed Harry appeared. 'Sorry, I need some time to get used to it.' Alli explained. Harry just nodded. He was already a bit happy that she's his possession. 

'It's okay.' He said and placed a kiss on her forehead. 'It's okay that I do that?' He asked, to be scared that she would react badly on it. She nodded. 'I love it, tarzan.' She smiled a bit and could make a joke. 'Tarzan?!' He did like he was mad. 'Sorry.' She felt badly about the joke now and looked to the ground.  'That's great to be called Tarzan but you're my Jane then.' He laughed and a smile appaered on Allis face. 

'I would like to be your Jane then.' Alli said softly and proud. Harry took her in his arms. It was an amazing feeling again for them. 'Tomorrow I'll go to my first dance lesson, will you pick me up then when I'm done? I'll send you tomorrow the adress.' Alli asked her boyfriend. He just nodded. He never would miss something if he could do it with her. 

'Then I will take you on a date?' He proposed. 'I rather stay here after dance lesson, maybe another time. I would rather spend a day with you here then.' A little smile of Alli appeared on her lips. 'Selfie time!' Harry said when he got his phone. He wanted a picture on his phone to prove she's his. 

Big smile from Harry and unexpected smile from Alli. 'I like it, it's my background for my phone now.' Harry said and send the picture to Alli too. 'I love you Alli.' 'I love you too Harry. But I have to go it's time for me to go to my bed.' She said with a smile. 'I'll dream about you.' She said with a wink. She gave him a big hugg and then a little kiss on his cheek. 

He waved to her when she went to her room. He was happy with the thought he would see her tomorrow again. Niall was still thinking about the argument he had with Sophie. She was mad about something she did and put the guilt on him ? Please don't be dramatically Sophie, he thought inside his mind. 

Sophie cried in her bed. Maybe she should visit her best friend but maybe she's with Harry. She tried to knock on Alli's door, no answer... She will wait until she could hear a sign that she's in her room again. When she heard that, she took the chance to knock on her door. A little stress, frustation came up. 'Hi.' Sophie said. 'What can I do for you best friend who dumps me if I need some advice?' Alli was still mad. How could Sophie let her go like past week. 'You hadn't told me anything! Like that Harry boy! When do you want to tell me that at all ? When I'm dead, well thank you then!' Sophie yelled even she was wrong. 

'How could I tell you that?! If I wanted to come, you have sent me away. You rather spend all your time with your Niall. How could I tell it you then? Explain it me how I could it? Sending you letters, texting you ? You will always give your attention to Niall. You could forget your friends, and you're doing it now. Don't you see that in your mind?' Alli screamed and it didn't make a sense if somebody could hear her yelling to her best friend. 

Alli closed her door and put her back to the door. Just like Sophie. Sophie laid her head in her hands. After minutes, she left the door and went to her own room. Alli her tears were unstoppable. She wanted to go to Harry again but it was a bad idea when she thought about it. 

She hoped she could fall asleep today. The next day , she was happy again. She could take Harry in her arms again. She put some clothes on, did her hair, ate some breakfast,... And after all her rituals, Harry knocked on her door. She opened the door. 'Hey beautiful.' He said and spraid his arms for Alli. She ran into his arms. 

A little kiss was placed on her hair. 'I missed you.' He whispered. 'I missed you too.' She said. 'Let's go to college?' He proposed. She just nodded and locked her door and got everything she needed. While Harry drove with Alli to college, Sophie needed a talk with Niall. She was mad at her boyfriend without any reasons to be mad at him. 

Niall knocked on Sophies door to be sure if she want to carpool with him or not. 'Hey.' He said softly, scared to be judged by her. 'Hey' Sophie said to him and looked to the ground. 'I'm sorry okay.' Sophie said to break the silence. 

'It's okay, baby but don't do that again.' Niall said and put his arms around her. She cried a bit. 'I'm so sorry, I thought only that she left me, I never thought that it was my fault.' Sophie said 'Hey, it wasn't both your faults, your fault and Allis fault.'  Niall said. 

'You all make mistakes, have flaws, it's in our lives and that makes us how we are. Maybe you should take a few days or evenings for Alli to get closer again. We'll do something together another time.' Niall proposed. 'You're amazing Niall. I have to do that! Maybe it's time to go to university?' 'Yeah, come on.' They locked the door, took all the things they need. 

'Maybe you can spend two or three days with her a night?' Niall proposed while driving. 'Maybe but when can I see you?' 'You can see me everyday at school, when we carpool, and if it can I'll promise you will see me in the weekends too. ' He winked. 

'My brother will have a baby with his girlfriend, maybe I can take you there if they have their baby. So you can meet my parents, my brother,... I want to let them know that you're mine.' He smiled. 'That's great. I hope your brothers girlfriends will give birth to her baby when it's a holiday.' Sophie answered. 'I hope so too!' He stopped his car and stepped out and helped Sophie out of the car. 

They went to the right class. While that happened, Harry said goodbye to Alli until it's time to go back 'home.' When it was time to go home, they saw each other at the parking lot, Harry drove again. 'When do you get your driver licence, so you can drive instead of me?' He teased Alli. 'You drive good, so I don't need a licence.' Alli joked. Harry had a fake sad face. 

'You know, when we have time we will practise your skills on an empty parking lot.' Harry proposed and put a kiss on Alli's forehead when he stopped the car. Alli went to her room, made some food, while Harry just relaxed didn't even look into his books. 

Alli made her ready for the dance lesson. While doing that, Sophie grabbed all her chances and knocked on Alli's door. Alli opened the door. 'Hi.' Sophie said like everything was okay again. 'Hi.' Alli said astonished. 'Sorry for everything. I was selfish. I never imagined how I was to you. I only thought about love. ' Sophie looked to the ground, scared to get a mad reaction of her best friend. 

'Come here!' Alli said and hugged her best friend. 'I know that... I knew that you always were in love when you got your boyfriends, and now since I have Harry I can agree the feeling...' Alli said guilty. 'That's great to hear. So... congratulations with your first boyfriend. I hope he could make you happy.' Sophie said. 'Don't stand there , come into the room.' Alli laughed. 

'But you can't stay so long, I have a dance session for today within an hour but tomorrow we can do something together if you want?' Alli proposed. Sophie her heart made a jump because she felt the friendship between her and her best friend again. 'Of course. Niall and I need a break for a day, I see him every day at school, we carpool so it will be boring to see him every hour of the day.' Sophie joked. 

'That's my best friend again.' Alli smiled and yelled. She hugged Sophie again. 'So tomorrow after school our time?' Sophie asked. Alli nodded. '6 pm ?'  Sophie proposed. 'of course, let's make together dinner? If you say the ingredients, I can buy them, and we will cook them here? Or at your place?' 'Your place is okay for me.' 'So I will see you tomorrow.' Alli said, hugging her best friend and let her leave the room so she could prepare herself for her dance sesssion. 

And then she got a call from Harry. 'Babe?' 'Yeah Harry. Why do you call, I'll see you later on after the dance session?' 'But when does that session end?' '8 pm.' 'Okay I'll be there at 8 pm, see you then baby, I love you.' 'Love you too Haz.' Alli tried to be more a couple , she had to get used to that feeling , but slowly she could do that. 

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