Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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5. Chapter 4

A new day, a lot could happen. Allison stood up wit ha smile on her face to make her ready for school. Just like Sophie, she was in love. Harry made her mind crazy. She hoped to see him again today. Making her ready for school wasn't that simple as first. 

She decided to go by bike to school, but when she got her bike, someone familiar poked in her hip. 'Alli, wanna carpool?' Harry proposed. 'That was my hip Styles, but if you insist on it.' She laughed. She put her bike away and followed Harry to his car. It was funny that ride with his car. 

When they arrived at college , they said goodbye for a while. When college would be done for the day, she would ride back with him. Just like Nialls and Sophies system but they sat in the same class now, thanks to Niall. Sophie enjoyed the attention she finallly got from Niall. She never got a boyfriend who cared for her like that. 

Always the bad boys, and the bad things were Sophies relationships before Niall. Niall was different, something special. It was a new beginning, without mistakes, without misunderstandings, just Niall and her. Lessons were too much for Sophie now when she got Niall in her class. Now Niall was the distraction in her lessons. Why would he be in her class? He wouldn't concentrate either. 

After school Sophie decided to cook a day for Niall. He did a dinner yesterday so it's her turn now. 'Come at 6 PM, not later, not earlier.' She laughed and run to her room. She wrote a list of what she needed and ran to the supermarket. An advantage for her that it was a few minutes away. So she didn't need any help of her boyfriend. 

'Hey beautiful.' Harry yelled when he was outside, seeing Allison. 'Thank you.' She said and blushed. She followed Harry to his car. 'Got a good day?' Harry asked. 'Yeah, how about you?' 'Quite fun.' He just answered and his eyes were focusing on the way. When they arrived, Allison thanked him. She gave him a hug. 

Harry was doubting, he had a feeling to follow her and tell her his feelings. Deep inside, he had to. Allison went to her room and smiled a bit. Harry discovered that he had to follow her when the door closed from Allisons room. He ran to her room and knocked on her door. 'Harry?' she said surprisingly. She never thought he would follow her again. 

'Allison, I need to speak you.' He said serious. He want to made her sure what he felt for her. 'Sure, come in. It's kinda serious according to your voice?' She questioned. 'Sit down please.' He said and put his hands in his hair. 'Okay, I'm not good in this but I can't put it away.. I can't hide it either.' He said and walked around Alli's room. 'Harry, just say it. I don't bite.' She made a little joke. He smiled a bit with it. 

He went closer to her and took her hand. 'Dear Alli, since you walked into the building.I saw something special in you. I don't know what. And I tried to be hard to get, I thought you would like bad boys like I did the first time, but it was a mistake, a big one at all.' He admitted. Alli wanted to say something but Harry was faster than her. 

'I love you Alli. I really do. I know you're maybe thinking what a stupid boy loving me but I really love you, I can try to be a better boy. I just want to make you happy, Alli. I just want to.' He said and begged. Alli was insecure. 'Harry, I'm speechless. I don't know how to react... It's the first time someone loves me. I never got a relation.' She admitted and was ashamed of it. 

'Look at me Alli.' Harry said and took her chin in his hands. 'I will give you the time you need. I'll give you 'love lessons' if you want. If you don't know what to do with your love. I'll help you. I'll promise.' Harry promised. 'Give me time to think about it Harry, please.' Alli begged; 'I'll do that Alli. But can we meanwhile this being friends, until you have decided?' Harry asked. 

Alli nodded. 'Can I gave you a hugg then?' Harry whispered a bit ashamed. 'Of course.' Alli said happy and hugged him thightly. Then he left her room, Alli was thinking about it. Could she go to Sophie for it or was it just too late? She went outside for some fresh air. There she saw a girl with curls, Danielle. 'Hi.' She said to the girl. 'Hi.' She lit up a sigarette. 'I need to stop with this but I can't.' she laughed. Alli nodded. 'Heavy addiction.' She said to Danielle. 'I'm Danielle, first level here one of the last rooms.' Dani said. 'I'm Allison, but say Alli. I'm from room 3, ground level.' She smiled. 

Smoke came trough the air. 'I have got so many problems so I started smoking. My only passion dancing couldn't stop it at all, unfortunately.' 'Dancing is nice. In the past, I danced in a sportclub. I miss it.' 'Really? I can help you to dance again. I dance on my own and I dance for school and I dance in a sportclub too if I have the time.' Alli was thinking about it and there was no way to say no to it. It was a good distraction. 

'If you can, then yes.' She smiled. 'It's not problem, you seem to be nice girl.' She said and put her sigarette on the ground and put her shoe on it to made sure it won't lit it up again. 'You can come to my room and I'll give you all the information you need.' Dani proposed. 'Sure that's great I need some distraction.' Alli said and followed Dani inside. 

When they arrived into the room, Dani took her papers and her laptop to look it up for Alli. She wrote something on a paper and gave it to Alli. 'Monday, Wednesday  and sometimes Friday we dance. But Friday I took it as a practice day extra but most of the time I do it myself. If you dance, you can do shows as well.' Dani explained to Alli. 

'Can we go together then the first lesson?' Alli asked. Dani nodded. 'That's good for me, monday I'll see you at 7 PM outside the building.' Alli wrote it in her pocket dairy. 'See you monday then?' Alli said goodbye to her new friend and went to her room. 

Days went faster and she got on well with Harry as just best friend, not more until she's ready for it. He would give her the time she needs. He had respect for her. But he was curious en nervous. He wanted to be sure. It killed him inside. He hoped it would be over within a week, so that she had decided then. 

Alli was always thinking about it. Was she in love with him or was it just an illusion. Will she grant him a chance ? She was confused. Only love could tell it, Sophie said to her. But she's in love, got every boy she could, said everytime your time will come but is it her time at all ? 

Everyone said that her time will come, that it just will come when it's an unexpected moment but everytime she doesn't believe it. But now it is, unexpected and expected at the same time. She fell in love with him but didn't expected he would feel the same. Maybe she would go to him and tell him everything, her feelings, her fears to be in love,...

Maybe Sophie could help her. She knocked on Sophies room and Niall opened the door. 'Oh hey Alli.' Niall said with a smile. 'Can I come in, I need Sophie a bit ? Or isn't it the time to talk to her?' Alli said like she came on an unexpected moment. 'Oh I will ask her it.' Alli could hear Sophie and Niall talking out loud and she could hear with the tone in Sophies voice that she isn't welcome now. 

'I heard she doesn't want me there, I'm gone.' Alli screamed to both and slammed the roomdoor of Sophie. She was devestated, her only friend doesn't want her. She went back to her room, thinking about her feelings, with nobody's help. 

Friday the last day until weekend, finally decided to get her chance. After college she invited Harry, who was absolutely happy about it. 'Come in.' Alli said and smiled a bit. She was nervous. 'Sit down please.' Alli said to Harry and made some walk around the room. 

'Alli, calm down.' Harry said with a sort of groan in his voice. He came to her when she lay her head in her hands. Tears are almost appearing. 'Hey , what's wrong?' Harry tried to comfort her a bit. He hugged her. 'I love you , I really do I think. I was thinking about my feelings and everything what's going on then. I wanted some advice from my best friend but she was absolutely busy with her boyfriend and I wasn't welcome there to talk... I needed someone to help me with my decision. I never had a relation, I never had someone who fell in love with me. I was nothing before you.' She said and cried. 

'Hey, you were someone and you are someone.' Harry tried to cheer up. 'And it doesn't matter you have never got a relation.. It's okay, I'll give you the time to get used to it. If you want you can learn it. We can do it, only if you love me too.' He said and smiled to her. She put a step away so she could look him in the eyes. A little smile appeared on his and her face. 

'Give me a hug, I wanna see your smile again.' Harry said and took her in his arms. 'Thank you for being a perfect friend.' She said to him. 'I wanna be a perfect boyfriend if you want.' He whispered in her ear. Alli held him longer in her arms.

She let him go again and looked him in the eyes. 'I don't know Harry, I'm so scared what will happen. My best friend don't wanna give me advice, only busy with her boyfriend and I still with doutbs, can't do nothing to tell that I love someone. I'm scared, I never had an relation...' She sighted and cried. 

'That doesn't mean that we can live in the moment. ' Harry answered. 'Come here, we will sit on the bed , that's maybe better to talk.' He proposed and they sat on the bed. He calmed her down with a song. His voice singing made her calm again. 


She smiled weakly and Harry's arms made a wall around her body. 'Harry?' 'Alli?' 'I wanna try.' 'What do you wanna try?' He was confused with that sentence, was it try a relation or something else?  'I wanna be us. Be together.' She smiled a bit. He was the happiest boy ever when he got that answer. He hugged her thightly. 'You don't have to kill me now.' She laughed when she even got any breath. 'Oh sorry Alli. I was just so enthusiastic.' He said as an excuse. 

'It doesn't matter.' She said calmly. 'I'll teach you how to kiss, how to love, I'll do everything you need.' He whispered and hugged her again. He let her go. 'I'm tired, is it okay to see you tomorrow again?' Alli said. 'Okay, but can I get a kiss?' He asked softly. She stood up together with him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. A kiss on his mouth was too quickly for her at all. He left the room and could sleep with a wonderful dream that came out in reality. 

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