Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


4. Chapter 3

Let it go, Sophie, all the stress you have. She thought. Waking up and thinking about : what to wear, mascara maybe apply eye shadow, how does my hair look. Looking in the mirror was already stressful. A normal morning wasn't it. She ran trough kitchen and bedroom and bathroom. Eat some food while running, having her coffee while running. She had a lot to do. 

Curls or straight ? It was now a dilemma for Sophie. What would Niall love? Does he love me more with curls? It was ridiculous to know but at least it was helpful. When she was finally done, Niall stood there, knocking on her door. She opened happy the door with a smile like she never had had for a long time. 'Ready?' He asked. She just nodded and followed him with her requirements. She locked her door and just enjoyed the ride of life. 

Niall was a careful driver at least. Sophie was happy how he was, laying his hand on her thight when he could. A warm feeling overwhelmed her. Sometimes he winked at her. A smile could appear again and again. When they stopped the car, Niall looked at her. 'What do you do now in university?' 'Engineering?' 'The same, maybe we can ask to be in the same class because we carpool.' A smile on his face couldn't hide his plans at all. What could she say at all, in his mind he already had decided, even without any permission of Sophie. 

'Shall we do it?' He asked with puppyeyes. She will never regret this decision. She just nodded. She just accept it. Niall organised everything with college for the classchange so Sophie doesn't have to bother about it. 

While that organising thing was going on, Allison went to college before she knew it, Harry passed her way. 'Hi neighbour.' He said with a smile. 'Hi neighbour.' She answered. 'Which class do you have?' He asked. 'General Accounting' She just answered. 'I have rights.' He said. 'So you're following rights?' 'And you accounting?' They both laughed. 

They both nodded after session of laughing. 'Maybe you can help me if I got rights, I got a few subjects with rights so if I need help , can you help me?' She proposed. He nodded. 'For beautiful girls. I do that.' He winked. 'But I have to go, see you soon Alli.' He said and walked away, going his own way. Lessons were long for both. 

After school Alli hoped to see Harry again. Could she be in love? She doesn't know. She never have felt the feeling of being in love as well. Never got a boyfriend, but Sophie she always has. Now she got Niall. Allison got a message from her that she got a relationship with Niall. She wishes her best friend good luck but was scared for the consequences. 

She asked Sophie to come to her room, doing their hair. Sophie said yes, Allison was surprised with that answer. She had expected that Sophie wouldn't come now that she got Niall. After dinner, Sophie arrived in Allisons room. She already went to Niall, had eaten there because Niall invited her for a dinner. He made some spaghetti. It was delicious. Niall was a good chef.  

'Hey!' Sophie said and hugged her best friend. 'Hey, I'm happy to see you again before your tongue got stuck again in Nialls mouth.'Allison joked. Sophie couldn't laugh about it. She stepped into the room with her stuff and made a place to do Allisons hair. 

While Allison and Sophie made everything ready, Harry decided to think about his love life. Could he ask Louis' help? Louis was his neighbour and since he had met him, he could talk about everything with him. His doubts, his faults just everything. 

He decided to walk to Louis' door. A hesitation went trough his mind. But he changed his mind and knocked on his door. 'Hello Harry.' Louis opened the door. He gave him a bro hug. 'Come on, mate. What's wrong?' They both sat down. 'Well.' Harry went trough his curls, stressing out as well. 'I think I'm in love with the girl next to me... Allison from room 3... ' He said honestly.

Louis smiled. 'Harry in love... so ... go to her, instead of going to me? Or do you need advice from me? ' Harry nodded, looking with a guilty face. 'Does she have friends here that you know? So you know how to treat her. ' 'I think so, but I'm not sure.' He didn't know a lot about Allison. 'Maybe Niall can help us.' Louis said to him. He opened his door and went with harry to Niall. 

Arriving at Nialls room, the stress started more. Harry haven't met him at all. 'Louis mate!' Niall said happy. 'Niall, bro!' Louis laughed. 'I think you can help my friend. This is my friend, Harry. Can we come in?' Louis asked. 'Uhm... Of course. Welcome Harry, I'm Niall and come into my room.' They both came into Nialls room. 'So what's the problem?' Niall said to break the silence.

'Harry is in love with someone here in the building. Allison. Do you know her or do you know some friends of her? He is insecure about how to get her and maybe you could help us.' Louis explained for Harry. Harry was happy that Louis took over the conversation with Niall. 'Allison.. I think I've heard something about her from my girlfriend Sophie. I have a relation with Sophie since yesterday and she told me something about Allison. That she lives next to Sophie and that she's her best friend.' 

'Can I speak Sophie?' Harry asked nervously. Looking trough the ground, he hoped for a yes. 'I'll send her a message to see if she's in her room.' Niall said and grabbed his phone to send his girlfriend a message. After a few minutes he got the answer that she's at Allison but that he could come. Allison wanted to meet Niall. Wanted to know how he is, as the new boyfriend of Sophie. 

He wanted to do that, absolutely but decided to go a step further. He called Sophie and asked if 'a friend of him' could come too. That friend would be Harry. Louis agreed with that idea, it was a wonderful idea. It was good for Allison and Sophie so Louis left Nialls room to go to his own and Harry could go with Niall to the girls. Room 3, Allisons room. The stress became bigger for Harry. 

'Niall will come, he texted me. I said yes, so you'll meet him.' Sophie said to Allison when she was washing Allisons beautiful hair. 'Okay then. I have nothing to say in my own room?' Allison was disappointed in her best friend. She even didn't ask it... 'Oh I got one back from him, wait a bit.' She said and washed her hands a bit to answer her boyfriend. 'He comes with a friend.' She said and laid her phone down again and washed Allisons hair further. 'What a party.' Allison whispered sarcastic.

After a couple of minutes, someone knocked on their door. Of course, Niall and Harry. 'Niall!' Sophie said when she opened the door and left Allison with her hair wet, full of shampoo. Allison was a bit mad. The world was always for Sophie. She wanted that, she gets it... Everything... And if Allison wants something, she will never get it... A boyfriend, she never got it. Nothing could go right in her life, she thought. 'Hi I'm Harry.' Allison heard Harry in the hallway saying to Sophie. Her heart made a jump. Is he really a friend of Niall? Is it Harry from room 2? Or is it just a dream? 

'Come in. I'm in the bedroom/bathroom busy with Allisons hair. If she's done, she does my hair.' Sophie explained happy. 'Oh nice. So you're both hairdressers?' Niall asked. Sophie nodded. She walked with the boys to the bedroom/bathroom. It was a bedroom and behind a door was a bathroom, it was an open door now, because of the water they need or electricity. Harry laughed a bit to see Allison like that. 'Nice to see you too, Harry.' Allison said sarcastic. 

'Hi I'm Niall.' Niall said friendly to Allison and shook Allisons hand. Allison smiled a bit. 'It isn't the Harry you talked about, a few days ago?' Sophie asked. 'Yes, I thought he would be more friendly but I think he can't changed.' She said out loud. 'Sorry Alli , it was just a crazy view how you look with a lot of shampoo in your hair, sitting there.' Harry apologized.  'It's okay then.' Allison said and smiled a bit. 'Take a chair or go and sit on my bed boys.' Allison proposed. The boys sat on her bed. 'I hope Sophie won't cut my hair bad now , you're here Niall because she only talks about you. Nobody else or nothing else can change the subject if I talk to her.' Allison said. Sophie looked a bit mad to Allison. 'Alli that's not true.' But Sophie her cheeks could tell that Allison got it right. 

 After washing Allisons hair, Sophie tried to cut it a bit. Harry looked constantly in Allisons eyes or just her whole body. Niall was just looking around or looking at Sophie. Sophie tried to concentrate a bit. Finally Allison got a good cut , better than she thought. 'Now my turn.' Allison said happy and smiled to Harry. Sophie sat down on the chair so Allison could wash Sophies hair and cut it too. 

They all talked while Alli was doing Sophies hair. Harry got to know Alli better and better. He got a new friend Niall. And he could get some help from Sophie about Alli. After doing all the things, Sophie and Niall left the room, only Harry and Alli were in room 3. 'Well... maybe I should go.' He said but he don't wanna leave. But it was the best according to his thoughts. 'You don't have to you can stay a bit if you want.' She proposed. She loved that he was there. 

'Oh okay.' He said a bit amazed. 'Nice hair actually.' He said. 'Thank you.' She said with a little blush on her cheeks. She laughed a bit. 'You have beautiful long hair too, beautiful curls at least.' She said quickly.'Thank you, when it's long enough I wanna let it cut for wigs for cancer. I know people who had cancer and it's one thing that I can do back.' He said with a proud smile. 'That's a good idea, a beautiful idea and gesture.' Alli answered. Actually, Harry wasn't a bad boy but she never knew him this good. 

'Can you help me with it?' He said a little bit shy. She was a bit astonished. She never could believe he needs help from her. She nodded. 'Of course. So how can I help you?' She said. 'Cutting it when it's long enough. I saw you doing Sophies hair and I trust you with my hair.' He said. It was a big honour for Alli she only did her best friends hair and her parents and sometimes her grandparents their hair. 

'Thank you for the faith.' Alli said. 'You're welcome.' He said and went through his hair. 'And how was school today?' He asked. 'Good good. Yours?' ' I missed a neighbour actually today, you.' He laughed. 'Oh, really?' 'Yes, Alli.' He said. 

'But I'm going now. See you maybe tomorrow at school? ' He proposed. Alli nodded and let him go. Is she in love? No, yes, her mind made her confused. She never got the feeling to be love.

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