Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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29. Chapter 28

'Please Sophie stay here.' Maura begged. 'It's better for me to be there with my friends. Sorry Maura. It's my place there. I build up my life there with Niall when he was alive. I can't do this anymore. I really love to be here but my place is in England.' Sophie tried to explain. 

Maura nodded but couldn't accept it at all. 'Let me bring you to the airport.' She proposed. 'I need to do this alone Maura. I'm sorry.' she said and packed her bags. She texted Niall.

Pick me up now. I need to go to the airport to London. You can go to London as well. I have booked a ticket for you if you change your mind.

She instantly hoped he would change his mind when he could bring her to the airport. When she was ready to go, she could wait for Niall. A range rover arrived. It was Niall. She stepped in.

'Thanks for picking me up.' She said. 'You're welcome. It's the only thing I can do.' Niall sighted and looked very sad. 'You don't go with me?' She asked. He shook his head. 'I can't Sophie. You know why. You can't ask that.' Niall sighted. 

'I can ask that Niall because you left me there alone... You promised me something. You promised me to support me, to be with me... even before you proposed me.' Sophie said mad. 'I know but if you want a man in prison. You should keep going and ask me that... If I put one step in England, they will get me.... It wasn't easy to come to Ireland either... We got almost caught at the airport.' Niall explained. 

'Almost got caught isn't getting caught.' Sophie tried to convince him. 'Come on Soph. You mean a lot to me. The baby means a lot to me as well. But don't try to ruin our hapiness now. England had more security than these countries in Africa. Ireland almost recognizes me... ' 'Ireland? You know that you're here safe.... So if it can here, it can be in England too. Don't make me that mad Niall.' She said and stepped out the car. They had arrived at the airport. He grabbed her luggage. 

He grabbed her hands and dropped the luggage. He looked her in the eyes. 'I love you Sophie Van Houten. But you can't ask me to go to England. I will look at you from a certain distance. I will follow my mom here in Ireland to know if the baby's there... I promise. I promise to send you a letter when he or she is born.' She cut him off. 'It's a boy, Niall junior or just James.' He smiled. 'You thought about me.' He smiled. 'I thought the whole time about you... But I don't think you would think about me.' She looked still mad.

She grabbed her luggage and walked away. He locked his car and ran after her. 'Soph.' He yelled and kept yelling. But it was hopeless. He called his friend. 'It's hopeless... I lost her.' He looked to the ground and cried a bit. 'No, she put me into something I couldn't get away... I couldn't go to England. You know that, she knows that. We all know but she doesn't accept that... What should I do?' Niall was devastated inside. He went into the car to drove back to his place.

Sophie cried when she went to the entrance to go to her plane. Why could he do this? It's the only thing she wanted. She stepped into the plane and thought about her future. Within some months she will be a mommy but the daddy wouldn't be there... 

When she arrived in England, Alli and Harry waited for her. 'Soph.' Alli said and ran to Sophie. 'Your belly is enormous.' She laughed. 'You know James is coming soon.' Sophie answered. 'I know, I'm going to help you, you know? Studying and working and taking care of the baby.' Alli answered and grabbed Harry's hand. 

'Harry and I will be married soon. He proposed me.' Alli said happy. 'Oh my god. Alli Summerhood is getting married soon with Harry Styles.' Sophie yelled happy. 'You do like he's that popular.' Alli said and laughed.

'I'm happy you're back Sophie. Alli missed you.' Harry said and grabbed Sophies luggage. 'I'll carry that. A pregnant woman doesn't have to carry that.' Harry winked. 'Come let's go to the car.' Harry said and let them follow him.

When they came home, Alli made sure Sophie had everything like food,... Baby stuff will be there soon. 'If you need something, you can call me.' Alli mumbled when she left Sophie. 'I know.' Sophie said and made sure every thing was on the same place as before. 

A little chappie again. I hope I can write more soon and better.

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