Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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28. Chapter 27

The days passed by until Sophie got a message. '1 PM bus station.' Sophie looked at the message and smiled. Finally meeting him again. Thinking about him was like a salsa dance. Being happy and that you can't stop moving. 'I'm going to the supermarket and the city. Do you need something?' She asked Maura.

Maura said just 'no' and then Sophie left the house. She made her way to her boy. When she arrived, she saw him. She couldn't stop touching him. 'hey love.' he said. He kissed her passionately. 'Ronan let me go for one time.' He smiled. 'we should go to our home again Niall. Show Harry and Liam that you're alive again. I want back to them. Alli missed me... I moved here for the baby because of you.' She explained.

'It can't Sophie. I have to stay here in a mysterious house. When the army knows our secret we can go back.... We broke our contract. We let someone die in our place to get back to our families... I did this for you love...' Niall said sad.

'What you did this for me? You could quit the job? You could listen to me instead of going to the war?' Sophie said.'I'm sorry for not listening to you....' Niall said and sighted. He grabbed her hands. 'Don't say this to me... You damn left me here... Now saying we can't do what we want even if you gave up the war...' Sophie yelled. 'sshh... keep quiet a bit.' Niall said and calmed her down.

'The only way is hiding myself here and a bit seeing you. I hope I can go to you and the baby.' He explained. 'That's not answer for me...' Sophie sighted. 'Maybe it's the best that we don't see each other again and that I'm going back to England to Alli, Harry, Eleanor,...' Sophie said and cried.

'Don't ... please Soph. I love you this is the only to be connected with you. In England it would be hopeless... I don't find a way to be in England. Even with a false name...' He said desperate.

'If you really love me, you should come to England even if it's difficult or not... ' She said. 'I'm leaving soon here. I expect you to visit the little boy when he's born.' Sophie threatened him. 'But...' 'No but Niall... You ruined my life enough for telling me you're going to the army and being dad... If you really want to show me that you're loving me...' She said.

'You can't Sophie. You can't do that. You know that I love you... You know that in the deepest of your heart.' Niall said and almost cried because he knew he couldn't do what she has asked him. 'I understand that. You wouldn't go after me.' Sophie said and walked away.

'Soph.' Niall said and took her hand again. 'I would go trough fire for you but what you asked me now... I don't have the things for that. If someone sees me and recognizes me... I could be arrested... Do you want that?' Niall said. 'No but you could do that for me what I ask now.' 'No Soph.' 'It's goodbye now...' She said and walked away.

'Sophie! Sophie!' He yelled again. 'I don't hear you.' Sophie yelled back. Niall gave up. He couldn't get her back. He ran to the car and laid his head in his hands. He drove back to Ronan.

Ronan stood outside the house. 'And?' He was curious. 'I should follow her to England... she's mad and she expect me to come with her to England and visit her when she delivers the baby.' Niall said and sighted. 'That's impossible.' Ronan answered him.

'I have to go to England Ronan. There is no option.' Niall sighted. 'And what about the army and the police? We are here unsafe... say you will be more unsafe there.' Ronan warned him.

 'I know but I don't wanna lose her...' Niall sighted and cried. 'Hey! We're together...' Ronan said to cheer him up a bit. 'I don't know what to do Ronan. I mean I want to be with her...' Niall said.

Short chapter but what do you think? Will Niall follow her back to England or not? 


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