Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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27. Chapter 26

Everyone got the time to say goodbye to Niall. Months passed. Sophie settled her in Mullingar, in Ireland. She moved into Mauras house. Everytime she goes to the city, she saw Niall. She thought that, at least. Waiting for him, even when he's dead. It was a hopeless thought.

She went to gynecologist to see the baby growing in her belly every month. The little boy in her belly was a big boy, a Niall junior who was waiting to come out within a few weeks

'How was it?' Maura asked nervously. 'It's okay. He's like his dad, eating a lot en growing a lot.' Sophie tried to say that without crying. 'That's nice to hear love. Can I do something for you?' Maura asked since Sophie lived with her. Sophies parents weren't the best parents to get her on the rails now so she decided to live with Maura. The same sadness can connect people and Maura looked forward for that bundle of joy. She was willing to help Sophie a lot with the baby since Niall couldn't take his responsibilities as a parent.

'I'll make some food for us. 'Sophie proposed. 'So I can keep my thoughts out of my head.' She smiled a bit when she said that. 'That's okay for me.' Maura said. She laid the table while Sophie was making some dinner.

When they were done, they ate some food. Together they did the dishes. 'I'm gonna shop for the little baby.' Sophie said to Maura. 'Have fun girl. But rest enough now.' Maura warned her. Sophie just nodded and grabbed her jacket to go to the car. 'Bye Maura!' She said and left.

- around a strangers environment- Quite mysterious I know (the ones on the funeral)

'Riley we can't chase her everywhere.' Toby said. 'I need. I promised myself that nothing's gonna happen with her.' Riley said and drove the same way as Sophie. He was sure, he wanted to protect her. 'I can't follow Jessica . We can't protect them even if we want that Riley... You need to forget her...' Toby said. 'I can't Toby, when I joined the army, I let her down. Even when I'm dead for her, I want to protect her even if she doesn't know that.' Riley said and put a hand on his black dyed hair. 'I have to say black is a nice colour Riley.' Toby laughed.

Riley pushed him to the window of the car. 'Your blonde hair is fantastic as well.' Riley teased Toby. 'Yeah... it's your fault boy.' Toby said. Riley stopped the car and followed Sophie. 'She's shopping for the baby.' He said when she saw her going into the baby shops. He hid him while she was looking for baby clothes.

When Sophie saw Riley, she realized something. 'Niall.' She shouted but Riley ran away for her. 'Niall.' She shouted again while running after Riley. 'Dammit!' Riley said. 'I told you, this plan was ridiculous' Toby said to him. 'I think we're far enough. With a big belly, running is not efficiently so she won't follow us.' Toby said but before he said that Sophie stood there. 'Niall?' She asked Riley. 'No, I'm not him. I'm Riley.' He said and shook with his hands. 'But ... you have the same voice... the same appearance....' Sophie could not believe that. 'There are double persons of each person.' Riley said convinced.

'Don't tell me that. I know that but this isn't a coincidence. I saw you at the funeral of my boyfriend as well and then I said Niall to you and nobody believes me. Why were you both there? Don't lie to a pregnant woman.' She said and pointed with her finger to Rileys chin. 'We ... were .... there because of a friend of us who told us that Niall was gone. We had to pick him up after the funeral... ' Toby lied for Riley. 

'I still don't beIieve you both... But one thing: stay away from me. I have enough pain especially when I see you like my boyfriend Niall. I still miss him and he won't be a parent of this lovely boy because of that stupid war there...' She pointed to her belly. 'Congratulations.' Riley tried to slip it out of his mouth saying it for him and her.

'Thanks but I rather share it with Niall then doing it alone...' She cried. Riley wanted to break the ice and hugged her. 'It's gonna be alright.' He whispered in her ear. And from that moment she knew it was Niall. 'You're really Niall.' She whispered. He was a bit shocked but after all he confessed the secret. 'Don't tell anybody. It's a secret between us. I'll explain it later on love why I did this but this secret needs to be safe. Even my mom and everybody doesn't need to know this only me, you and Toby. Even his wife didn't know this.' He pointed at Toby.

'Toby's Ronan.' Sophies eyes went wider and wider. Toby nodded guilty. 'There's a reason love. I will visit you when I can if you want me to or are you mad at me.' Niall said.' (I say now Ronan and Niall now that she knows the secret, normally I wanted to let her know after the birth but now the idea came up)

'I'm a little bit mad but I love you too much.' She said and cried. To show him some love, she grabbed his hand to lay it on her belly. 'That's you baby boy.' She said and then the baby kicked. 'He's alive and kicking.' Niall smiled. 'I'm gonna be a dad.' He said again. 'If you want to take your responsibilities army soldier.' She smiled a bit. 'Well... I promise to take care of you and little baby boy.' He said and hugged her.

'It's time.' Ronan said. Niall let a tear down. 'Sorry Sophie to let you in this mess....' He hugged her again and gave her a paper with his phone number. 'Then you know my number when I send you a message to see each other again.' He smiled. 'Promised.' She smiled and she gave him a quick kiss. 'I love you dork. Letting me in tears and lie to me. That's so evil.' 

She left him with a weird feeling. Happy and mad at the same time. She went to her car with the things she bought and drove home.

'Why couldn't you let her go Niall? Now you're having the problems....' Ronan said. 'I'm sorry that I did this for my girlfriend. Fake my death... being with you here in Ireland.... I can't leave her... I made a mistake for choosing the army above her.' He shouted in the car. 'You don't need to rude to me Niall.' Ronan shouted back. 'I lost my family as well... But I didn't followed her... My kids were the most important to me but I have to let them go thanks to the army and thanks to you now....' He said mad.

'But we can start again Ronan.... Sophie knows it so maybe she can call Jessica and we can explain it together and be together with our wives but with the passports of Riley and Toby. How we do it with the kids I don't know, my child would say Riley then but yours know you as Ronan. Maybe you should train them.' He proposed.

'It isn't that simple Niall... My family? My mom and dad. Now you can said to Sophie that it is a secret but when you live together, she can't hid you for your mom or dad or brother....' Ronan said. Niall was a bit shocked about the idea. 'We'll find a way Ronan. Believe me. You and Jessica and me and Sophie and our little kids.' He hugged his best friend when he arrived at their place. A place to be undercover. Nobody knew about this only Sophie a bit now.

- Sophies environment -

'I saw him finally again. I'm not crazy.' She said in her head when he left her. Tears came out of her eyes of happiness.

She looked at the picture on her phone. Reunited. Her Niall. He could be daddy. And she knew he wanted that even when he's 'officially' dead. Maybe she could make him as dad when he has the name 'Riley'. But what with Maura? She couldn't tell she's happy because of Niall? She has to be sad the whole time because he's 'officially' dead. It was a weird feeling. 

'Hello love. How was shopping?' Maura asked when she came back. 'Good, got some clothes for little Nialler.' She said and showed the clothes. 'Oh so cute love.' Maura said and made some place for the clothes. 'I can't wait for him.' 'Me neither.' Maura said.

Dear fans, sorry for letting you wait so long for a chappie. I thought this long chappie would help. But I'm sure I will finish this and Lillybelle one day, but when I don't know. I owe you that. I owe you the chance to have a good end of this book but when I don't know . After how much time or how much chapters I don't know. I don't think a lot read this anymore but I hope I few do. I will try to make more time for this. Sure when I will work. Now I study until June. But in July I normally work so maybe I can write then in the evenings or weekends hopefully. 

Love you all! xxx Eline

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